Tuesday 27 June 2017

Day Date With Me And My Girl

This little beauty brings me nothing but smiles and giggles, ok, ok, ok I admit she can be a little madam, you remember some of the stuff that I've had to say to her. But in honesty, she is a babe!

As a working parent I make sure that I set time for our girlie day dates, to get to know one another, to grow and learn from one another, after all, special time, leads to a special bond, between parent and child, plus before you know it, my threenager, well in actual fact be a teenager, so I want to get as much time in with her as possible, before she runs off, gets married and leaves me with Milo!

Day dates are the best, we literally get up to know good, but dare I say it on unhealthy food, which normally consists of crepes with lashing's of chocolate and strawberries, after all, we gotta get in one of our 5 a day in some way. To running around in the park to burn off all those calories, to a leisurely stroll around the park, normally a day ended in Waterstones to pick up new books to read or tiger to stock up on painting supplies which if I'm not careful ends up on my wall (thankfully B&Q and Homebase are 20 mins down the road).

But the best part about our Day Date's, no not me having to carry her because she has zonked out and I'm laden with goodies from the day (note to self, buy a rucksack!) but that she makes me feel like the luckiest Mumma in the world and that my little Cha-Chi is growing up and you know what, as hard as I am on myself, I've not done too bad, she is happy, healthy and loving life, well unless she is arguing with the cat, God knows why, oh yeah because he is not putting on her Frozen dress, then has a pop at me, because he is ignoring her, God forbid she realises that he is Cat and just wants to be fed and wants cuddles!

How are your day dates with your kiddos and what do you get up too. Would you like a list of what to do or, maybe what's on throughout the month?

London Mumma xx



Thursday 22 June 2017

5 Things To Do Each Morning

The early bird catches the worm and all and what better way to start your day than with sunlight streaming in and bright blue skies. The key to boosting productivity and getting the most out of your days is being proactive from the moment you wake up in the morning, you won't get things done lazing around.

Pull back the curtains and open the windows
Nothing like bright blue skies and fresh air to kick start your day, so vanish the darkness from your slumber and let the morning glow flood in.

Make the bed
I know it can be a daunting task, but this simple routine will make you and your room look so much better when you arrive home later in the day. Always get this done, before leaving the room to get ready, well unless you have a sleeping toddler and cat inside it, but should be done before leaving the home. Nothing quite like jumping into fresh spread bed after a long day.

Brew time
I am a big time coffee lover and what better way, to get the day going than with a hot cup of Joe to start your morning, so before jumping in the shower fire up that bad boy coffee machine, so by the time you are out you are good to go. But whilst that's heating up it is important to keep hydrated so down a glass of water, water fires up your metabolism and helps flush out toxins.

Eat brekkie
We all know the importance of breakfast, so why should we skip it just because we are in a hurry, which can leave to bad choices which can lead you to eating junk. A great way to make sure you get breakfast is to prep it the night before, one of these tasty breakfast pops can be made in advance, just pop one out of the freezer and off you go. A bit more time in the house, from waking up earlier, then why not have avocado on toast, sprinkled with some chia seeds, all great sources of energy and will keep you filled, well until elevenses at least.

Tidy up
Nothing like coming home to a clean home, a clean tidy home is a happy home. So washing up and putting it away, to setting the laundry in the washing machine, so it is all ready to whizz up when you get in later, saves you time from doing it when you get home later, making you and your home more stress-free.

Doing these 5 things each morning, will leave leave you in a state of Joie de verve.

Do you have a morning routine?

London Mumma xx


Wednesday 21 June 2017

How To Achieve Happiness Every Single Day

Happiness is not hard to find, it is within us all! Some days granted we can wake up on the wrong side of the bed, trust me I know, my daughter sleeps next to me and sometimes I feel like I've just slept next to a character out of mortal combat whilst I have had Milo (the cat) sleeping on top of my head! But clear your mind and let go of any negativity and open your mind to happiness, after all, it is a stat of mind and a choice.

So feeling down, angry or sad! Here are four tips to achieve happiness every single day.

Write a gratitude list
No matter the time of day, list 3 things that you are grateful for, be it the shoes you spied in the shop window to the Nando's meal you are about to have later in the day, to watch your child running around playing and laughing. A gratitude list is a great step to achieving happiness and be grateful for what you have.

Surround yourself with those that make you happy
Need I say more! Negativity comes in many different forms and sometimes you can get so deep into it that you do not even realise that you are surrounded by it. So change it up and have those around you, who make you happy and have a positive impact on your life.

Do one act of kindness every day
Do not over think it. The gesture does not have to be grand just spontaneous, be it the moment you step out of the door and the first person you see, smile and say good morning to buying a coffee for the person behind you, to helping someone cross the road who is less able on their own, to calling your grandparents and wishing them a wonderful day, these small gestures of happiness does not just elevate your day but others too.

Do what you love and love what you do
Be it at work, to cooking and parenting too. Make sure it is right and works for you because doing something that you do not love will not lead you to your happiness.

I hope these tips will lead you to your happiness.

London Mumma 


Tuesday 20 June 2017

The Perefct Jumpsuit For Any Occasion

Occasion wear shopping can be a total headache, especially if you are a last minute person such as myself. With days away for my first wedding of the season and the weather being such a babe, I was stuck between a dress or dress! Never did I think I could get away with a jumpsuit, that's was not until I stumbled across this £25 beauty! Yes, ladies £25 you read it right, all the way from H&M.

A jumpsuit is the perfect way to stay cool and still look sassy and is a great alternative to a dress and is super easy to wear and feel relaxed in, plus its an all one piece look, so no hunting to find the perfect accompaniment, except for earring shoes and a bag, not too much! Paired with my new mule's, wicker bag and a woven straw hat, it is a comfortable look, which required minimal effort all whilst making a chic statement. I kept my makeup to a minimum, just a touch of cream, golden cheeks by Laura Mercier and a nude lip from Too Faced.

Weddings can be expensive, so when you find an affordable gem such as this, it certainly makes it work while, especially when it is something a little unconventional and something you actually was not even looking for. But what I love about this jumpsuit, is that it is not just for one special occasion but it can be work multiple times throughout the summer period and plan on wearing more than once and even for next year too.

I took these photos right here in London can you believe, because I absolutely can not. Thankfully I did not have to travel too far for beauty and came up smelling like roses when we found this enchanted garden. Nothing better than exploring your hometown and it makes it worthwhile when you find a garden as beautiful and colourful as this.

Will you be wearing a jumpsuit for a special occasion? Have you found any tranquil locations on your doorstep? If you are in need of some dresses, I have 25 fab ones for you.

 London Mumma xx

Monday 19 June 2017

Bedside Essentials

Sometimes, all you need is a few bedside essentials within reach or neatly tucked away in your drawer.

Be it in the middle of the night, to when you wake up and before you lay your head down of a night, there is always a few things you need to help you relax, be it a book, a few potions and lotions, to your glasses. After all, we know the importance of being relaxed of a night, to feeling refreshed in the morning to a little pick me up on a lazy afternoon with a much-needed siesta! Know matter what time you are in bed a few carefully lined up bedside essentials all neatly information are all you need to help relax and feel comfortable, so there is no need for you to get up out of bed, as all you need is a roll away.

Lamp, the perfect mood relaxer before going bed to bed, it is great for reading to helping you find fish something our of the drawer, to even navigating your way around in the middle of the night. Plus it is a great way to add a touch of style to your bedside table.

Hand cream, a must bedside essential, it is perfect for keeping your hands silky soft and hydrated throughout the whole night to first thing in the morning and I am a sucker for hand creams and I am currently loving this one by Bliss, it smells absolutely heaven thanks to the macadamia oil and grasped extract.

A good smelling candle such as this one from BlinkBrow, Indian Rose is all you need to help relax soothe your soul, bringing you to a tranquil state of zen whilst you prep for a blissful night's sleep to a busy working day in the morning.

Submerge yourself in your favourite book or magazine, whatever you choose it is the perfect way to unclog your mind of the day's activities all whilst getting lost in a thriller, fiction or magazine to find something to inspire your wardrobe or home.

We all need something to hold our most worn jewellery, so purchasing a little dish to hold your most treasured and worn jewellery is a must. So once ready for bed or in the morning, all your jewellery you have taken off, is easily accessible and all in one place.

Water, keeping hydrated throughout the day and night is a must, especially in this heatwave we are currently having, (I am not complaining) waking up at night with a dry mouth is not cute, so why not invest in a refillable water bottle to keep you hydrated from AM to PM.

Are there some bedside essentials that you need to have at hand? Anything that I am missing?

London Mumma xx



Tuesday 13 June 2017

Lemon Curd, Mascarpone, Raspberry Tarts

Well hello, lovers, the past few weeks have been mental, but with things finally slowing down and filled with new found inspiration, I decided to get on with making that treat with the lemon curd that I promised you weeks ago. So here it is my new obsession these lemon curd, mascarpone, raspberry tarts, they are super quick and simply delicious summer treat. 

I am totally living in a lemon siesta at the moment, from my Instagram page to my lemon curd recipe, for now, these gorgeous little tartlets and take less than 30 minutes to make and in my case share out and gobble too!

1 pack of filo pastry, left to one side so that it adjusts to room temperature 10-15 minutes
150g of Lemon Curd (find here to make your own)
50g of melted butter 
15g of mascarpone cheese
150g raspberries (extra for you to eat)
Mint and icing sugar for decoration

  1. Preheat your over 180C
  2. Melt your butter
  3. Grease your 6 hole cupcake tin
  4. Take two pieces of your filo pastry, one at a time, brush one sheet after the other with your melted butter. 
  5. Cut your pastry lengths Ways, then into 3 square, large enough to be able to fit into and cover the sides of your cupcake tin.
  6. Pop your tin into the oven for 6-8 mins or until lightly brown and crisp.
  7. Remove from the oven and place each filo casing on a cooling rack.
  8. Mix together your lemons curd and mascarpone.
  9. Spoon in your delicious lemony mixture and top with raspberries, dust with icing sugar and finish off with a piece of mint each.

Serve with, champagne, flowers and great company and if you are really lucky, a sunshine filled day.

London Mumma xx



Monday 12 June 2017

How To Have A Stress Free Home When Working

Whether you work from home or in an office (I do both) you want to come back to your safe haven, not stress over things that need to be done in the home, to paying bills, cleaning, cooking etc. It should be a place of tranquility, but don't get me wrong life can throw you some curve balls and things can get disastrous and anxiety can get the better of you, but with a few key ingredients and positive mantra put into action not just repeatedly said in your mind, or whispered under berated breath, a few key things is all you need, to put in place to have a stress free home when working.

Stack up on stationary
I am a stationary junkie, I am always buying new notebooks, pens, post-it notes and my new fave purchases have been coloured document wallets. They are great for storing and sorting all your important documents, be it for taxes and bills and keeping everything safely together.

Know due dates of bills
Before I paid no attention to bills and their due dates and that can at times lead to trouble. So it is vital, to know what is coming in and especially going out of your account and knowing when things need to be paid. The perfect way to keep up to date is storing everything on your calendar on your phone, that way you can keep check whilst on the go.

Dad will fix it
I am fortunate enough to have my dad live down the road, so anytime anything needs to be done, I am grateful dad comes running with tools in hand, be it reluctantly on a Sunday morning. If your dad is not local, utilise YouTube, you can literally find anything on there to help you! How to paint correctly, how to garden, to even how to put up a shelf, (if you can't be bothered to read the instructions, and are a bit of a more visual person.

Food prep
Planning on what you are eating throughout the week is great and does not have to be stressful, with a little forward planning That way you can save yourself a bit of money and there will be less food waste. A great example of a bit of prep is to make a batch of Breakfast Pops, perfect for those hot mornings or to keep fuelled up throughout the day is with some seedy-oat bars or make a big batch of lasagna

Get the washing done
With a busy home, a number of clothes are expected to get dirty, thanks to an active toddler! The washing can just pile up. But by making sure to keep on top of it, does help. Another sure fire way, if your bathroom or laundry room is large enough, have a twin laundry basket one for lights and another for darks, so when it comes to separation it is much easier. Another great feature, if you have the function available is to pre-set your washing machine, so when back from work, it all already done and just requires you to hang it up.

Get your kit out
Now you've noticed I've not said off! You filthy minded lot, I do mean have it ready the night before and prepped, you may remember the importance of this form my 5 tips on how to not be late post.

I hope these tips have helped. What do you do to have a stress free home when working? I would love to hear about you manage and get organised in the comments below.

London Mumma xx


Monday 5 June 2017

5 Tips On How To Stop Being Late

I have talked about being productive, but I've yet to share with you how not to be late! Let me say, being late sucks and it totally upsets my chi! So to give me inner peace I put into practice a few things to be me be on time, instead of jumping or falling out of bad and running like a mad woman around the house, this is not a great way to start your day,

Alarm - set me, baby, one more time Nah!
Goes without saying, you need an alarm to get you up in the morning. If you are not a morning person who jumps out of the bed, whizzes up the coffee machine, shower, dressed and out, I suggest setting your phone too along with the alarm by your bedside. Don't get me wrong no two clocks are the same, for instance, my computer in the office is completely different to that on my phone and on the wall, but with some forward planning, I'm kicking times butt, instead of it kicking mine. I certainly suggest, for those who need a little time to get up, set your alarm 30 mins earlier, to help prepare you mentally for the day.

Forward travel planning
Going somewhere new and unsure of the route, get online and track that route master, have it on lock so you know how long and what time you will reach your destination! Granted this can change you can never foresee a delay, so don't let it delay you and plan your route.

Switch of from the distractions 
We all get caught up, being it a quick flick through Instagram to see what is new in the social media world, thinking oh I will send that quick email, before leaving the house, or let me just check X, Y and Z, it can wait, do it on your route your destination even. These little things are what slows you down and can cause you to be late.

Don't look back
7 out of 10 reasons why we can be late, is we are totally forgetting something, get organised the day or night before, or as I said get up an extra 30 mins to make sure you get yourself together so when you hit the road you are good to go.

Clothes Prep
Be it for the next day or an event, set out options, think of those options that you have and what you want to wear, think of the weather and what is needed and have it laid out or hung up so you are not frantically looking for something.

Time management has helped me achieve the art of patience, no more stressed out mornings, thus leading me to have a better day.

I hope these tips help you on not being late, do you have any tips? Please let me know in the comments below.

London Mumma xx

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