Wednesday 22 July 2020

Dating During COVID, The Possible Next Step

Meeting new people, going out more and dating, was on my bucket list this 2020, but other vital world life issues took president!

This year I planned on getting out there, back on the dating scene, meeting new people having some me time, whilst I love being a mother, I didn't realise the importance of a little me time. Before COVID I worked a long 9 hour day at work, so the time me & L got home was like gone 6pm, we would be out the house for a goof 11 hours, so I felt that I needed to give her all my time, but what about a bit of me time.

Gearing up to have just that a little me time, meet new people, go on dates, a little no strings dating, have a little fun and catch up with friends lockdown happened. not allowing myself to be put off by COVID I decided to invest my time, download a few dating apps, check out a few websites and set myself up a cute little profile. 

Dating apps and your profile are big investment, this is where you get to show off you and put yourself out there, in hopes of meeting that new special someone, I mean don't get me wrong you will, hear or read all of the cheesy one liners, to some seriously funny ones,but I've found now more than ever during this time is when you can really get to know someone before you meet up.

First things first, be it an app or dare I say it, if you are just looking for a little fun, a hook up say on a sex dating site, make sure you fill out your bio completely! Secondly don't be afraid to put yourself out there, nothing wrong with making the first move, take the plunge after all who say's that a woman can not make the first move! You are strong and independent woman, besides how else are you going to meet that person, because if you don't scoop them up and get in there first guaranteed someone else will!

I've found that during this period, you are really getting to know someone, whilst not every match is a success, I have gotten to know my potential matches, I am finding people are actually talking more it doesn't just feel like a quick chat then meet up and going for a few drinks and connecting that way, not that we could!

society is certainly changing and speaking to a few friends the other day over zoom and finding out there views, we had a discussion about if we can talk over zoom why not,date virtually! It was a thought which I think would be great, in a safe environment of course, how dating apps would evolve and I think that a virtual date would be the natural next step for dating apps or sites! Would I be up for that, of course I would, but as I said as long as you are in a safe environment.

What do you think about dating apps going virtual, do you think it could be a thing, would you go on a virtual date? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment below!


Disclaimer: this is a paid collaborative post but all words are my own
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