Saturday 22 May 2021

Parent Your Way With A Little Help From Mothercare & Boots

These days, I feel like I can be in limbo, part of me is still trying to adjust and I think jeez, I'm actually a parent, a parent to a beautiful healthy, recently turned 7 year old girl! Then I can believe it, as I am currently sat here eating her birthday cake, all whilst keeping one eye on my new fave TV series, Succession whilst Leanora is fast asleep tucked up in bed. 

The time has totally flown by and I've embraced every aspect of motherhood, I mean it on felt like the other day I was buying a baby car seat , baby push chair and Leanora's baby clothing! Motherhood has enabled me to grow, learn, understand and even actually learn about empathy and I am so grateful and thankful for all these beautiful opportunities and memories, that Leanora and motherhood has bestowed upon me. 

Whilst sitting here, it has given me an opportunity to reflect of my life, our life and the worlds. This past year has been hard for us all, we've lost our loved ones, we've become sick ourselves, which happened to me throughout Christmas to even people losing their jobs. 

Last year Christmas was probably the most difficult time in my whole life and parenthood, in all honesty I didn't see any way out, I felt even like a failure, not physically being able to look after my daughter. Luckily I have an excellent support system, from family and friends to even the company that I worked for. I knew that if I was going to beat COVID I was going to have to beat it first and not let it get me. 

I couldn't smell, walk or even breathing was a real struggle, just lying there and thinking about getting up to go to the bathroom was hard task. I mean sleeping was no where in sight, due to tall the pain that I was in. I remember looking over Leanora snuggled up in bed and one night and just had to dig down deep and find a strength that I never knew I had, or could have and knew that I just simply to had to beat this.

I stocked up on Vitamin D, some Mothercare essentials for Leanora from BOOTS, which is the perfect one stop shop for expectant parents, especially if arranging the baby nursery and current parents!  A tonne of orange juice & water and all the healthy ready made food from family and friends. I realised how blessed I was having my friends and family rally round me to give Leanora and I the support we needed, and in time I started to slowly get better. 

Whilst now dealing with long term COVID affects, my life  and routine has certainly changed, I had to adjust to a new normal! I now work part time, first in my life time, but this gives me the time to really heal and spend quality time with Leanora and I have realised how important parenthood and family are, and I am truly humbled by this, but most importantly to enjoy them and in order to do that I have to be healthy, we all do. 

I thank you all for your support and love to Leanora and I. Thank you. 


This is post is in conjunction with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own

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