Friday 6 March 2020

Benefits of Dating In Your Area

We’re well aware that I am back on the dating scene, whilst with this grey wet weather I’d rather be in my sweats, but thinking about it dashing in this rain to meet a date could be very fun and quite exciting and it’s feels like it could be off a scene from sex and the city, just not looking like wet mess.

If you want to start dating, get out there to meet that special someone or simply meet new people, you gotta work at it! I’m the type of person that I can easily put myself off and talk myself out of doing something, it’s a pet peeve of mine! Once out there and on route I feel stupid even thinking why did I talk myself out of it, not only do I get to go on a date and see if I have a connection with someone, I’m also out of the house not in sweats and kid free evening, so if it doesn’t work out I can leave the date early, grab some pasta and prawns a nice bottle of wine and scoff the lot on the sofa whilst watching a movie.

I have fallen in love with the area that I live all over again and I find that I am enjoying meeting my dates in and around the area, not only does it mean less travelling, I also get to spend more time getting to know that person, the added bonus is that I get to eat out in my area which is perfect as there is always something new popping up.

No matter where you live what’s better than dating in your area, there loads to do in your area and great sites too see and explore, such as Love Shropshire Singles to Love Devon Singles! Yes don’t worry there are some in London too. But imagine out in Devon Dating that beautiful scenery and idyllic beaches you can get to explore or have a picnic date on, but not only are these sites solely for Shropshire dating site you can meet friends too.

If you find that you’ve out grown the apps and dating sites, I can’t stress enough the treasure trove that is your area! You are absolutely guaranteed to meet people on a night out with work colleagues on a Friday night or on a brunch date with friends. Shaking up your normal routine is great way to get you out there mingling and meeting new people, to even taking up a new hobby in your area to joining your local gym and definitely say yes to social events and new opportunities how else are you going to meet someone be it for a relationship or someone that you can flirt and have drinks with.

A few weeks ago I went speed dating, yes that is still a thing, can you believe! It was the funniest of nights that i have had in a long time, unfortunately I did not meet anyone but I did have a great night with friends over a few cocktails and nibbles and toasting to new dating adventures.


Disclaimer: this is a paid collaborative post but all words are my own

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