Wednesday, 19 April 2017

School Run Style

I have to say, mornings, I've got the routine, down to a T! Coffee, washing up, shower and dressed, oh and I make sure Leanora is ready too! But getting out of the actual door is an actual struggle, making sure you have got, the right outfit, shoes that actually match since you have been up since 5 am, your keys, oyster and bank card, sod it, the mobile can stay in and charge! But most importantly, we all want to do look good at the gates, so before we leave the house we want to look good! 

As we walk to preschool 8/10 I want to be comfortable in what I wear as well as looking good. Be it in a pair of trusty jeans, athleisure and the satisfyingly sweet striped top, that my wardrobe has come accustomed too and which I slip on, like welcoming an old friend home.

We all have a wardrobe staple, Mumma's or not and that's something we all love and passionate about no matter who you are and where you live in the world we share one passion that connects us all and that is a striped t-shirt, white shirt, perfect jacket, the ultimate perfect pair of jeans and some comfy trainers to get us from A-Z. 

The perfect striped top is a must-have essential wardrobe piece, so if you spend a little extra on it, it will certainly pay off as it is easy to wear in multiple fashionable ways, be it  worn dressed up with a skirt, or laid back with chinos or looking like a Parisian paired with a skinny jeans or dungarees.

You can not go wrong with a pair of jeans, they hold lots of movement, so perfect for chasing after the kids or getting them to make a dash to school or sitting crossed legged in the middle of the hall whilst at ballet lessons. No matter the style as well being not ironed in my case it is a sure school run style essential we all need in our wardrobe.

There is nothing like a comfortable pair of trainers, especially for those days when you are pounding the pavements, you want to make sure you can get the kids in swiftly whilst your feet are feeling great and looking good. I do like to opt for a classic pair or trainers such as Converse or Stan Smith's, but I do like a good pair of leopard or star print. 

School run style is not complete without a jacket, especially for those crisp mornings. A quick slip on of a biker jacket, will automatically edge up your look and can even be thrown over a light knit or layered under a warmer jacket in the winter months, but it even looks great teamed with a dress or a Friday night out with friends for drinks worn with a boyfriend jeans teamed with some heels. A biker jacket, no matter the colour is a certain wardrobe staple.

As you see I like to keep it simple, but with some good classic pieces, that can withstand, the coffee stains, the chocolate sticky fingers and crumbs from the croissant on the go in the mornings, but somehow I always find in my hair! My main thing is not just being fashionable, but comfort is key, so be it a suited momma heading into the city, the athleisure mumma who is sodding off the gym and meeting other Mummas and friends at the coffee shop, or are you a dreamer like me and wish you could just turn up in your pyjamas?

Do you have a school run staple? If so I would love to hear below in the comments below. don't forget you can see more of Mumma style over on Instagram or you can save my posts over at Bloglovin.

London Mumma xx



Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Meringue Delight

What better way to celebrate Easter, than with a delicious tasty sweet treat and sharing the joy with loved ones. My Easter Meringue Delight is perfect for parties or a sweet treat after lunch or dinner and what better way than to share it with family and friends.

Leanora and I have been whipping up a storm and leaving the kitchen in need of a revamp, all in aid to create our scrumptious Easter Meringue delight.

It was my first ever time making a Meringue and after going through over a dozen eggs, on the 6th try, I've finally cracked it! Yes and eggcellent pun!

For me I want to create memories, be it a family Easter Egg Hunt or starting a family tradition now that I have my very own, something that each year I  and Leanora too can improve and perfect and hopefully, pass on from generation to generation. And what better way for me to start, than with something totally new that I have made with my little Leanora.


4 egg whites
225 grams of caster sugar
1tsp of vanilla extract
1 can of cream
1 packet of mini eggs


1. Heat oven to 140C/120C fan/gas 1. Line out a sheet of baking parchment on a baking tray.

2. In a clean bowl, whisk the egg whites until very stiff (I learnt the hard way and thought I could be slick by doing it by hand!) The egg whites should stand stiff, not floppy, peaks when the beaters are lifted out. Once you have reached this point, pour in half the caster sugar and the vanilla extract and whisk again until the mixture becomes very thick, firm and shiny. Add the remaining sugar and whisk again until thick, firm and shiny. 

3. Grab a spatula and in a circle add a dollop of the firm meringue on top the parchment paper (I did not have a nozzle bag, thanks to L taking it into the garden earlier and filling it with soil, then trying to feed it to the Cat/Milo) once all dolloped on top, grab a fork and add in your swirls. The meringues will spread slightly as they cook, so leave enough space between each one. Bake in the oven for 1 hr, turning the heat down to 120C/100C fan/gas ½ after 30 mins. Before placing in, I did add a drop or two here and there of yellow colouring and once swirled the colouring came up prettily and perfect for an Easter table.

4. Remove from the oven – your meringue should peel easily away from the parchment, then leave to cool on a wire rack. I would like to say I made my cream, but that's a lie, I used shop bought in a can and squeezed in circles like a mad woman and popped on top all around some mini eggs.

5. There you have it an eggcellent sweet Easter Meringue Delight for you and your family and friends to enjoy. 

Do you have any Easter traditions or dishes that you make each year?

Happy Easter.

London Mumma. xx



Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Upkeep with MINTD Box

I find myself at the window watching, tapping my foot in anticipation for the gate to open, looking longingly like a puppy waiting for its owner to come home!  Well, that's a big fat lie! It's that time of the month and I'm waiting on Mr Postman, to deliver this month's MINTD Box, if he thinks he has got to 'be aware of the dog' there is nothing like a savage Mumma waiting to bite his hand off for some luxury beauty goodies!

Postman departed, hand safely intact, anxiety levels dropped I can now tear open the latest MINTD Box.

The Upkeep, this is what MINTD are helping us to maintain, the Upkeep of our skin and body, right from the inside out. Helping us harness our beauty with 5 luxurious products.

So for the past 3 weeks, that's how long I've been using all of the products so that I can give you an honest review have been tried and tested and I am eager to let you know how I got on. 

I have been taking Potion London, The Beauty Formula, supplements to promote healthy hair, skin and nails every day and 1 a day after I have had lunch for 21 days now. These little supplement tablets are bursting with 19 vitamins and minerals all to help with hair growth,  clear skin and strong nails. For those that have had a child will know that after giving birth and for those who were able, but now no longer breastfeed, your hair breaks, your body loses all those nutrients, your skin is looking a little lacklustre and those glorious long nails that grew wonderfully strong throughout pregnancy now brake, just looking at them. My daughter who is now, dare I say it 3 in a few weeks, I still find that I am suffering from the aftermath of pregnancy, but honestly since taking these little beauts, my hair, skin and nails are are a little longer, clearer and stronger. You get 60 tablets in the bottle and is reasonably priced at £25.00, not bad for a 2 month supply.

I have only recently heard of these Lip Loofas and I've been wondering what all the hype is about. So when I found APA Beauty Lip Loofah, in this months Upkeep box I was eager to give it a go. This little tub I carry everywhere and I use daily. I dab a small amount onto my lips and gently massage in, as soon as it hits you, you get a blossoming hit of the orange peel, the smell is truly divine, it is such a shame that you have to rinse it off, but you can't have the scrub derived from sugar and sweet almond seeds on your lips all day, but it is fine, because your lips and honestly left smoother, clearer of all dead skin that sits on you lips, but most importantly of all, your lips are left feeling as smooth as a babies bottom and highly moisturised thanks to it bursting with jojoba oil and shea butter, if on the move I always carry wipes with me so wherever I am always pout ready. It costs £16.00 and can be purchased from Net-A-Porter and considering I have been using it daily for 21 days, I still have a good, say 10 days - 14 days of usage. 

Now I have been dying to get my hands on some Sunday Riley products, so was chuffed I didn't bite off Mr Postmans hand and did not get done for abuse or cannibalism, as tucked away in my MINTD Box their lye Sunday Riley's, Martian Mattifying Melting Water Gel Toner. After my face was cleansed, I squeezed a little on the gel toner into my hand and gently massaged into my face (dry skin) and the fresh aromatic smell, of the Manuka, cucumber and the sweetness from the marshmallow, leaves you feeling uplifted, cooler. This is ideal for those, who have oily, combination and acne-prone skin and it is great for those like me who suffer from redness and sensitive skin. In your MINTD Box, you will find a deluxe size priced at £18.46 from Space NK or you can grab a full size at £48.00.

Skyn Iceland's, Brightening Eye Serum, I am just going to jump in and say it,! I LOVE IT, it truly makes me happy. I use it day and night and boy do you feel the effect immediately and you can see your eyes brightening and feel them tightening.  This super lightweight gel, is packed with Artic Peptides and once you have gently patted this daily treatment under the eye area with your fingertips, you feel those little magical peptides working and it is super fast absorbing, as you instantly feel as if it is freezing those wrinkles out (feels that way too) and  tightening the eye area thanks to the advanced cosmetic drone peptides bursting in this full sized bottle costing £30.00 and if you pop into your local Marks and Spencers, you will find it in the beauty department.

Rosalena, what can I say. I love the ladies from this company and I recently meet one of the lovelies Helena from the brand and can you believe we live roads apart, totally small world. I love their products and I was grinning like Cheshire cat when I spotted their Beauty & The Beast Face Oil was inside this months box. This is great for both men and women, so father's day is not too far off, you can bag them this super loaded antioxidant face oil, suitable for all skin types. The bio-active ingredients are instantly absorbed in your face and neck, do not forget your d├ęcolletage too and filled with vitamins, will leave your face super hydrated and moisturised, so much so that during these spring months or on hotter days, I find myself not having to apply moisturiser. You can snap this up from the Rosalena website at £42.00.

If you haven't yet, I certainly would recommend subscribing to MINTD Box here, which you can snap it up for £65.00a massive saving of £76.46 so you can treat yourself to the new top or shoes you have been up eyeing up and it is FREE Delivery for those in the UK and those who are not, I have a FREE delivery code on your first box with code WELCOME17.

Have you tried this month's box or MINTD before, what are your thoughts?

This is NOT a sponsored post but does contain referral links. 

London Mumma. xx



Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The perfect look for relaxing at the park

With Leanora at Preschool, the sun shining and I am not running around like a crazy woman, O decided to have a bit of me time to chill, and smell the roses.

Instead of going to get my eyebrows done (slowly I am morphing into a mountain goat) and having my nails done which I really need to, I just felt that was too much effort and did not want to waste the day away, travelling from place to place.I decided with the Spring sun and semi warm air, to grab a coffee and the latest edition of Porter magazine and head to the park for a read by the river.

Blending into my background with this H&M green cargo skirt, a colour which I have been drawn to of late, maybe it is my inner earth mother coming out, but I have a true love affair with a safari look! It was actually one of my first ever blog posts. This cargo skirt is so easy to wear and style, if it is cold why not wear it with a slouchy jumper and trainers. 

You can not beat a white shirt, be it oversized, fitted, boxed, draped, you name it, but I have to say, I hate ironing, so if I can get away with not having to I won't! Or I'll sneakily pop on over to my granddads for a visit, so he can help me out lol! But truly you can not beat a crisp clean white shirt, the only downside, after a few washes I always find it looses it shape, or if like me with a toddler in tow, it normally ends up stained, no matter how much vanish you have rubbed into it and glow whites you have popped into the washing machine, those toddler sticky fingers just won't budge for love or money, plus I am tad lazy to send them to the dry cleaners.

I opted to wear heels, why you say well I need the practice and it is my day after all, plus it adds extra height to my look. I have bow legs, so I can look a bit stumpy, especially with this length of a skirt that I am wearing and I have to say they are one of the comfiest heels that I own! I went for a nude pair as anything too bright would not have gone with what I was wearing and black can darken the outfit and with the weather shining bright I wanted to keep my whole look light.

This embroidered denim jacket also from H&M I am currently living in, it goes with everything and I never want to take it off, if something fits and suits you just right, I am one of those people who will wear it death! But saying that I am on a hunt for a new denim jacket, one encrusted with pearls, so if you know of one, let a Mumma know. 

What your favourite look for relaxing in, be it a day at the park, doing what you want or running errands? 

London Mumma xx


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