Monday, 29 May 2017

Half Term Family Activities

I'm currently on route to the office for a few short hours and I've just realised it's half term. Mother and Auntie duties will certainly be taking up my whole week, but it's dawned on me, what on earth are we going to do, but don't worry I realised I planned for this weeks ago and made a little to-do list for this halftime term.

Flip Out
Flip Out quite literally you will flip out! A few weeks ago Leanora, my nephews & I were invited to try out the new FlipOut branch in Brent Cross, what is it may I ask! Think old school Gladiators, just minus the tackling the warriors but an indoor bouncy castle-trampoline-assault course for kids and us big kids too! You get to spend 90 minutes jumping for joy, all whilst leaving you in a fit of giggles trying to get out of the foam pit.

Get crafty
Nothing like a little creativity with the kiddos, not sure on what to create don't worry I've got loads of ideas over on my Pinterest page.

All week, the majority of the cinemas have kids am screening, showcasing not the latest movies, but recently released ones at a fraction of the cost from £2.00, that's for adult tickets too, so why not check out your local cinema to see what is on offer.

Eat out
We love to eat out and try new foods, being in London there is so much to offer, with the weather nicely warmed up, why not get something to eat out and dine alfresco. Dining out for dinner try going before the mad rush of dinner service, so maybe try a 5/5:30 pm slot or if out and about and in the Clapham area I certainly recommend Baba Boom, they have an awesome menu loads of tasty meats and veggie options for you to try, plus they have a great kids menu. I did do a post about them, but deleted it like a muppet, but trust me, it’s good!

Bike Rides
You can not be cooped up all day, so get some fresh clean air into your lungs, head down to the park and go for a leisurely bike ride with the kids, a great source of exercise for the whole family.

What do you have planned this half term?

London Mumma xx



Sunday, 28 May 2017

Delightful Lemon Curd

Take one great ingredient and you can make wondrous magic with it - Yep that's right, Lemon!

Ever since I was a kid, I loved lemon curd, that sweet lemony jam spread all over a mountain pile of toast every Saturday for breakfast all whilst binge watching cartoons. Now an adult, armed with some basic tools, kettle, pot, glass bowl a few key ingredients and every day could be a Saturday, totes living the dream!

This delightful lemon curd is totally effortless and can go on anything and can be used for a variety of desserts too, which I will make for you soon I promise.

125 grams unsalted butter
Juice and zest of 3 lemons
220 grams of caster sugar
6 egg yolks

  1. Boil some water in a pot and place a heat proof glass bowl on top, make sure the bowl does not touch the hot water.
  2. Melt the butter in the glass bowl, whisk in the lemon juice, zest and sugar.
  3. Add the egg yolks and whisk until the Lemon curd is smooth. Continue to do so for 15 minutes, taking care not to let the curd boil. The consistency you are after is one the will coat the back of a wooden spoon.
  4. Remove the curd mixture from heat and pour into your jars and set aside to cool before placing in the fridge. Or if in a plastic container store in the freezer, it will keep for 2 months.
Told you that was easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

The greedy piggy I am, I like to slather this on a nice slice of cake immediately or some toast whilst it's still warm. These lemon treats also make great little gifts to friends and loved ones too.

Will you be trying this Delightful Lemon Curd recipe? I hope you do! Let me know in the comments below. For more tasty recipes, don't for get to sign up or follow me below.

London Mumma xx 



Friday, 26 May 2017

2 Lunch Time Facials

Busy lives? hectic schedule? Check and check! With being on the constant go and at times lacking the quality beauty sleep we need, it can take a toll on our skin, leaving it a little dull and in need of some golden glow and a bit of TLC. 

Well, I can certainly help you achieve just that, all whilst in your lunch break! I know sounds so get out of the stuffy office or break free from the dreaded office air con and enjoy a fabulous spa treat facial all whilst in your lunch break. 

A busy morning of preschool run, emails, opticians and meetings the list grows, I was in dire need of some r&r and was very much looking forward to the best appointment of the day at the Sarah Chapman Beauty Clinic in Chelsea, for my Dermalux LED Light Therapy Treatment, which you may remember from my Instagram

As I sat down, in my comfy chair, faced cleansed, red LED Spaceship of wonders whizzed to life, I kicked back and relaxed, even snoozed a little whilst this non-invasive treatment took shape. I reluctantly opened my eyes 30 minutes later but was dying to see the outcome, I could feel it,  my skin felt tighter, my eyes felt wider, dare I say it, it felt SHAMAZING! And by freaking heck it looked it, my sensitive, blotchy red skin, looked alive, gone are the red blotches, my skin was glowing and hydrated and lapped up Sarah Chapmans Skinesis skincare line. I looked like a woman who was well rested with not a care in the world, it was great.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I headed down to Marshall Street Spa at Everyone Active, just off Carnaby Street, to try out a new treatment department with Caudalie, with some fabulous blogger babes, for an evening of pampering. Yes, I said evening, but the facial I went in for takes up 25 minutes of your lunch break, enough time to still pick up some lunch. 

Robe on, I headed into the dimmed treatment room, a quick application fill in and a lovely chat with my beauty expert to find out all about me and my skin and what I like and don't like and a few cheeky giggles too, then the facial commenced! With Caudalie's natural products worked into my tired face and learning all about the new Vinoperfecct range, which I am dying to get my hands on, especially as I could not stop having all about the Vino[Activ] range.

I have not been sleeping very well for the past few weeks, due to stress, which has left my face dull and lacklustre, bringing out those dark circles in full force and was doubtful that this 25-minute facial would help restore my face. Whilst these Caudalie potions and lotions are left to absorb into my face, I was given a much-needed hand and arm massage to my delight. It was result time! My complexion was healthier and glowing, dark circles diminished, face smoother and tighter and pores reduced on my sensitive skin! I actually looked like a normal human being again.

I think both facials are perfect for a lunch time pick me up, still leaving you with time to spare to pick up some cheeky products in the spa or some Percy Pigs from M&S.

Will you be heading for a facial this lunchtime?

London Mumma xx


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

5 Things To Do When Life Gets Tough

There is no such thing, as an easy route to life, even the richest, powerful and strongest people, will still face issues and tough decisions when it comes to life and I should know, I recently had my own tough time, but with support from friends, the love of my daughter, I was able to get through it and let me tell you I wanted to just give up, but that's not me, as scared as I was, I am and always will be a fighter and you can too.

Dress - H&M
Sandals - New Look (Similar)
Bag - Zara - (Similar)
Sunglasses - Camden Market (Similar)

Here is how to bid farewell, to tough times and when life gives you lemons' I'll show you how to make lemonade, with this helpful list of 5 Things To Do When Life Gets Tough.

Let It Out
First things first, in order to get through the situation when life gets tough, you need to let out that emotion to be able to move forward, you need to be able to be calm and be rational, in order to think clearly. So be it a much-needed cry or a run around the park to even hitting the gym, to baking, whatever calms you and allows you to let it out do it!

Don't Play The Blame Game
You are in this situation 9/10 because you put yourself there, willingly or not! So own the situation, do not let it own YOU, so just stop and put it to bed! You've got bigger fish to fry and that's the next stage!

Make A Plan
Now you are able to think more clearly a little more relaxed, grab a pen and paper and list what you need to do, doesn't matter the importance, the first important bit is that you are making that list, after that you will know what needs to come first, to get you to the end result that you are after.

Put Your Plan Into Action
Man up, face that list, no time like the present and put your plan into action, only YOU can do it know one else, so instead of twiddling those thumbs and waiting for the dust to settle, it is time to take the bull by the horns and get shit done!

Never Give Up
We can all be afraid to face our fears, but you can do it as tough as it is, you will persevere you will go on for another day, not matter how tough it is, but the key is to try, just try one more thing and never give up.

Dress - H&M
Sandals - New Look (Similar)
Bag - Zara - (Similar)
Sunglasses - Camden Market (Similar)

I hope you found this list helpful, and maybe this if you are a parent 5 Things I am Doing To Be A Better Mumma, or if you are a blogger I've got 5 Things To Do If You Are In A Blogging Slump as well as being productive or achieving patience

London Mumma



Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Holiday Beauty Prep With MINTD

With the holiday season in full swing, your going to need a pre-holiday beauty routine, unless you are one of those perfectly groomed golden goddesses that don't need anything other than a spray of parfum and ready to board the plane and land right on the sandy beach with its beautiful crystal clear blue ocean views! If this is not you, then you are in the right place as this is for you!

Our summer skin requires extra attention and love and this month MINTD Holiday Beauty Prep box has certainly for you covered from your head to your toe, which you can start with a few weeks before, even to calm and relax those pre-flight nerves.

We spend all our time on our feet, it is the most abused part of our body and one that we should take most care of, I mean no one wants to get their tootsies out all battered and unkempt, so with Pathology's 'Posh Peel Pedicure' 60 minute treatment, it restores your feet to all it's glory and it certainly does the trick, not just by removing all the dead callused skin, but by leaving it feeling baby soft and your feet looking and feeling hydrated. To get the most out of this, especially for first-time use I certainly recommend pre-soaking feet of 10-15 minutes before first-time use. 2 treatments come in the MINTD Holiday Prep Box, which is full and sized priced at £32.00.

What better way to kick-start the day with a refreshing invigorating shower, with Miller Harris, Lumiere Doree Body Wash. Its scent, one bursting with fresh citrus, floral notes encompassed with intoxicating ingredients of neroli and jasmine, will certainly leave you feeling as if you are on cloud nine and already landed at your holiday destination. Any left over with this full size costing £24.00, I certainly decanter into a trade; size container to take with you.

You know I am a major fan of oils, especially face oils! So imagine my delight to find Kahina Giving Beauty Body Serum Essaquira, (super deluxe size £32.00 - Full Size £85.00) in this month's box. So after my refreshing shower with Miller Harris, I pumped out a few drops and warmed in my hands, a quick smell and I only feel on the bloody floor to my knees. MINTD have answered my prayers those bloody angelic angels at the office certainly know how to keep us happy! My favourite or favourite scents of all time geranium takes over this rich nourishing and hydrating body oil! Now can you see why I suggest only using it twice a week! It packs an intoxicating punch and I would happily dowse myself in the whole bottle, but I've a review for you to do and I am also helping you prep for your holiday! I wouldn't be doing my job if I wasn't doing it properly, after all, it's not all about me, maybe that's how I mastered the art of patience! But not a fan of germanium (who are you) do not fret, this crisp fragrant body oil, combines the perfect sophistication of floral notes, with a hint of exotic from, rose, lavender and sandalwood, a perfect blend for spring and summer.

Before I say anything and go any further, I have to let you know the price of this product.....A whopping £75.00, phew it is out there, off my chest and in the open! Now, this is why I freaking love MINTD, because while this product is expensive you may think the others too, you are actually saving massively, £118.00 massively, but we will come to that later! I am a tad bad a looking after my nails, I am forever washing and at times forget my gloves, which leaves my nails and cuticles, fragile, parched and straggly and in dire need of some TLC. With Lauren B. Beauty, Botanical Nail Treatment Twin Pack, the Nail & Cuticle Balm, restores my nails and cuticles to it's prime and the amino acid and biotin promotes healing around and on the nail itself. The Nail Serum promotes growth in those pesky brittle nails, thanks to the perfect blend of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamin E and C, peptides and the biotin sinks in instantly boosting the nails natural growth and strength.

Soveral, Mandarin Kiss Lip Restore Lip Balm, protects and heals those winter chapped lips, just in time for some summer holiday fun, leaving you with the perfect pout. Soveral, lip balm is great even after your flight, as flying at high altitude can leave you feeling a bit dehydrated. So restore some hydration with this lip balm with it's nourishing mango and cocoa butter blend. You can snap this up from net-a-porter for £17.00.

As a bonus treat, MINTD has added for those taking out a subscription of either 3 or 6 months Argentum's, Illuminating Hydration Bar. This facial cleanser, may look like a bar of soap but guys this luxurious cleanser will give you a natural glow and leaving you not needing any foundation, this is a true bare-faced beauty and a fabulous free gift for those signing up for a longer subscription and saving you, even more, dollar to spend on your holidays £104.00 dollar to be precise. 

Be it going on a summer holiday, near or far MINTD Holiday Beauty Prep is certainly the package that you need to see you through and leaving you looking like you've never left that holiday sun. 

Another great priced box, costing £65.00 you certainly won't be braking the bank, leaving you with an extra £118.00 to spend on your hair, nails and tan.

Do you have a pre-holiday beauty checklist? I would love to hear your thoughts, so leave your comments below!

London Mumma xx

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