Friday 31 March 2017

Orange, Carrot, Ginger And Turmeric Booster Juice

With new seasons, brings new colds and snotty noses and low immune systems,  and what better way to fight it than by drinking a fresh orange, carrot and turmeric juice.

Since I accidentally broke my last blender, thankfully grandad who doesn't live far away was able to loan me his in return of some of my health boosting natural juice.

With so many colds flying around and Leanora and I both been unwell we needed something that was natural, full of flavour and packed a punch to help fight any nasties and not one for medication unless we really have to I like to combat and fight off illness the natural way, by flushing it out with a tasty juice.

I whipped up this great booster juice, packed with orange, carrots a little bit of ginger and turmeric.

Turmeric is something I never thought to put in drinks, I normally add a dash into a curry, but as I am on a health kick and trying to get my Mumma Tum down and fight off this early spring cold, my grandad said it's perfect to drink in a juice to help battle.m a cold! With that information, I decided to investigate further, not that I don't trust him!

I was astounded by what benefits Turmeric has, so imagine my delight whilst investigating I was sent a pack of Crazy Jack Organic Turmeric and just in time too.

The benefits of Turmeric it that it increases antioxidants in our body as well as being a natural anti-inflammatory compound and is a natural liver detoxifier (great after a weekend)! Mix that with ginger, and you are off to fighting that cold, the natural way! Add a bit of Vitamin C from some large juicy oranges and carrots and bingo you've got your own homemade pray to get quick drink all at your fingers tips, well your juicer that you've borrowed from your grandad at least.

For those who are parents or have young siblings, this is a great way to get your kids to consume more vegetables and fruit. Leanora has been struggling a little with vegetables especially carrots she loves her some broccoli and cauliflower, but carrots, it's a real struggle, she tells her dad and I that it's for bunny rabbits not for Leanora, Mummy, Daddy or Milo! So what better way to trick her! I know bad parenting, I shouldn't be doing this, but a Mumma's got to do what a Mumma's got to do folks!

Ingredients (serves 4-6)
4 large oranges, peeled

1 bag of carrots, peeled

1 thumb sized, peeled and chopped ginger

3tbsp of turmeric

3 cups of water

1. Peel oranges, carrots (chop or grater) and ginger and place in the blender with remainder of the ingredients and pulse until happy all is blended together and give it a whizz for 10 seconds. 

2. Pour Juice into a large glass and enjoy, for Leanora I trainer over large bowl and pour in blended ingredients. Use spatula or back of a large spoon to push the "flesh" down and get all those scrumptious juices out and into the bowl and poured the pressed juice in to her cup.

Do you guys have a great tasting juice, to help you? If so leave your tasty recipes below. 

London Mumma xx



Thursday 30 March 2017

Nail It

With so many trends out this year, we at times can neglect the most important part that we share all the time.

Yep you guessed it, our nails! If you are not sure what may be on trend, then look no further as I
"I've the perfect coffee table book by to inspire you this season, or head over to their website to check them out further.

What trends will you be applying to your nails, this season?

London Mumma xx


Wednesday 29 March 2017

Spring Bag Edit

An outfit is incomplete without that perfect bag it would be so wrong to not have one, no matter the season. No matter who you are, you will always need a bag and if you are honest you cheeky lot you will admit you love a brand new spring bag as much as I do!

With so many styles on the high street to designer bags, we are literally spoilt for choice. But fret not I've scoured the web and I can now present to you my favourite affordable Spring Bag Edit. Happy shopping lovelies, you can thank me later.

Shop Items Under £75.00

Shop Items Under £100.00

Shop Items Under £300.00

London Mumma xx


Thursday 23 March 2017

Giving My Skin Some Love With Caudalie VINE[ACTIV]

I recently attended a beauty show and there I meet the lovelies from Caudalie. We had a great chat and an introduction to the french beauty brand, created by a humble family based in Bordeaux, who own a vineyard and one day were visitors by a doctor and were told not to cast out the vat of grape seed treasures, but to create something magical with them and shortly after, the first grape extract-derived antioxidant skincare came to life, leading to the creation of Caudalie a paraben-free, natural, environmentally friendly, active ingredient company.

Caudalie are always developing new products and they finally have a new beauty line, so I was pleased as punch when they sent me their new VINE [ACTIV] range.

The new VINE ]ACTIV] range is for the person be it male or female who lives an active life, who is always on the go, starting to sound a little familiar no?! 

It's aimed at a person such as myself, who is a busy working mum, constantly on the run be it for preschool, ballet, swimming lessons you name it, I'm probably doing it! But what I do want whilst doing all the day to day life activities is to have smooth soft skins but with a natural glow and this is what Caudalie's VINE [ACTIV] range promise and does it deliver, well slow down don't be in such a hurry, I'm going to fill you in, but first I want to tell you that in this range, comes four products a serum, moisturiser, eye cream and a night oil.

I suffer from dark circles due to lack of sleep and a busy life and I have to say I truly adore this eye cream, it's been my life saviour, it totally refreshes my eyes. once patted in I feel and look more awake. It's not a heavy greasy eye cream but light, and silky and absorbs from the moment you apply. Now I've only been using for 10-11 days and I have to say for that time period, I've noticed a difference.

The self-defence Serum is super lightweight like water, but don't let that fool you, this concentrated serum, is jam packed with antioxidants to protect your skin from ever day aggressors such as pollution to keep your skin silky smooth and to add a natural glow. It also is there to help combat those first little signs of those pesky wrinkles and leave the skin plumper now tell me, who doesn't want to banish those wrinkles, even delay them a little while longer?

Moisturiser an important and vital part of anyone's beauty routine, I recently found that some friends don't moisturise and no offence , they wonder why they have dry skin and enlarged pores. It's so important to moisture daily and twice a day! Caudalie's 3-in-1 Moisturizer helps fight and protect our skin from the smallest of pollutants floating around in the London air, so we do not absorb all that dirt and grime, sounds gross right? It's not just a protective barrier, but it's velvety texture upon application just seeps into your skin helping smooth out those wrinkles day and night whilst giving your skin a natural glow, now tell me who does want their skin to glow? 

I give you the final beauty in the lineup Overnight Detox Oil now I'm a major fan of face oils so it's no surprise as to how much I would love and appreciate this overnight wonder especially come morning. I wake and my face as weird as it sounds feels clean and not heavy from products. But wake and my skin feels refreshed, relaxed even, don't get me wrong I don't want to wake most mornings, always crave an extra 30 minutes in bed but with this dry oil infused with anti-oxidant grape-seeds, regenerating rose hip and soothing lavender it's not a bad way to wake knowing that this 100% plant based formula promotes cell renewal and toxin elimination leaving me with healthier looking skin.

For me, it's truly important to have healthy skin more so than to have great makeup (well let me be honest! I'm pants with it, but working towards rectifying that), yes I was gifted this new Caudalie VINE[ACTIV] range but all thoughts are my own, of use and learning and seeking out the knowledge that I've informed you of. When it comes to skincare, your skincare always ask questions, find out more about the brand and it's history instead of diving in, protect your skin with the right ingredients and you'll find the brand will take care and protect your skin.

The whole of the Caudalie VINE[ACTIV] range is suitable for all skin types, so no matter the type you are covered.

The only downside about this whole range is that I know I'm going to go through bottles of the blasted eye cream, it's that good!  Now, do I just buy a gallon and not pay for Leanora to go preschool this month?

Have you purchased the new Caudalie VINE[ACTIV] range yet, if so what are your thoughts?

London Mumma xx



Sunday 19 March 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas For You

Mother's Day is fast approaching kids, have you organised something special for your loved one yet? I'm so excited, I've got a lovely day all planned out, for Leanora, my Mother and I, just us girlies having fun, do not want to say to much as it is all top secret!

But if you are still searching for the perfect gift, I've got some great Mother's Day Gift Ideas For You!

Naturally, you shouldn't just shower your Mother with gifts and love one day of the year, but it should be everyday of the year. Last year we made homemade little gifts they are a tad more meaningful but this year we decided to add a few little gift idea to the box.

Needless to say I found a few little items to spoil your mother rotten with and thought I share with you my great little finds, plus I really love them and I hope you do too.

Now us ladies and our Mumma's too all wear makeup and this little gem from Caudalie is brilliant for removing your makeup and is suitable for all skin types. 

A perfect book to introdce that state of mindfulness and bring about calm and peace in to a busy life, a great book to read and something that can be kept forever. 

These beautful powerful face oils from the amazing ladies behind Rosalena Bio-Actve Skincare are brilliant and truly divine and the smell absolutely heavenly. Both perfect for a late night treat to help you relax before bed and boost and hydrate your skin or a great face oil to have in your morning beauty routine which will have you and your mother positively glowing. Which ever you go for, your loved one will certainly be spoilt. 

They had me it a Prosecco! Cocosa is a real luxury treat, and this beauty from Voluspa is just the same. A beautiful blend of prosecco and roses, is enough to cheer up any Mother and what is great it is a sort of two in one as once the candle has burnt out, you can simply keep it and use it as storage of some of the Mother's Day gifts.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

London Mumma xx


Thursday 16 March 2017

Smoothie Bowl

With smoothie bowls popping up everywhere and looking as scrumptious and colourful as ever, I decided whip one up.

Boy was it worth it, it is delicious!

They take no time at all to whip up, 5 minutes if that, so perfect if short for time in the morning and in a rush, this smoothie bowl is super healthy vegan and gluten free too and will keep you filled up for a good few hours. 

A perfect way to start the day or a sweet refreshing treat throughout. 

Trust me once your a tried it, you would of wish you had sooner.

The best part about a smoothie bowl, is the toppings, literally you can got nuts with it, pun intended! Not keen on nuts go for exotic fruit, I used dragon fruit, first time trying it, tasted like kiwi! Or seeds, seeds is always great add a crunchy texture, especially great for me as I'm not a fan of super soft things, so adding something with a bite is perfect, plus seeds are super healthy and packed with fibre.

So glad I whipped this up yesterday how glorious was the weather here in London?! But anyway let's get to the recipe. 

Serves 1-2

1/2 cup of oats
1 frozen bananas
1 cup of frozen strawberries 
1 cup of almond milk
1 tbs of maple syrup 

1. Blend your oats first until they form a flit base
2. Pop in your frozen banana and strawberries, gently pulse until they bind with the flour
3. Pour in half if your almond milk and pulse again with the blender and pour in the remainder until happy with consistency, once happy add your maple syrup give that a quick pulse until all mixed
4. Serve up and top with fresh, fruit nuts and seeds of your choice

If you end up trying this bowl, make sure to tag me in your picture over on Instagram #londonmumma Can't wait to see your pictures lovelies.

Thinking of making a few others, let me know if you would like for me to pop some recipes below?

London Mumma xx



Wednesday 15 March 2017

Water Wipes Skin Protection

7 months into pregnancy and nesting kicks into overdrive, it hit me! What products will I be using to protect my daughter's skin, I was a bit disappointed with myself because up until then I'd never really thought about the type of skin my daughter would have once she was born, I was more worried about making it through the first night.....alive or childbirth!

Both safe and sound and we both made it through the next was what I could or couldn't not apply to her skin, or should I say should or should not be using on my babies delicate skin.

With so many new borns, mother and baby, brands out on the market currently it can all become a bit daunting. I wanted one that would be able to protect, hydrate and be pure on my daughter's skin and have the minimal amount of chemicals.

I came across or should I say first heard about Water Wipes whilst bouncing away on an inflatable ball in pregnancy Pilates class. I was intrigued or should I say what piqued my interest was that it was chemical free, yes chemical free! Couldn't believe it, finally music to my ears, so as a pregnant Mumma does I elegantly bounced myself up and waddled on over to find out more. Straight after class duck feet ready I quacked my way over to boots.

Preggers wasn't lying she was right, she also forgot to mention the slightly heavy price tag, but what does that matter when it comes to protecting your babies skin. Chemical Free, 99.9% water with a 0.1% fruit extract which is Citrus Grandis, similar to a Grapefruit and it's also a certified Allergy Friendly Product winning all round.

Fast forward 2 years and 10 months later and we are till using Water Wipes. I use them also, great to remove the days grime off my face, and I always make sure to have a pack (the lightest) in my bag to clean those messy faces, sticky fingers and snotty noses' too. But for me the big life safer is at night, Leanora gets a bad flare up of eczema in the folds of her arm and I take a wipe out and wipe her eczema where it has flared up and it helps settle her irritation helping her to be more comfortable and drifting off calmly back to sleep.

The only downside to Water Wipes is that when you get down to the last few, the water can drain out from the wipe leaving a pool of water at the bottom, but a little tip just flips it upside down, message the closed pack to help the water seep back in. The reasoning for this is, due to no chemicals holding/binding the water to the wipe.

We were sent a pack of Water Wipes for this review, but all views are my own and I'm happy to have them added to my collection, Mum was on her last two packets, phew!

If you've not yet heard or used Water Wipes and looking for a chemical free product to use on your babies or children's skin and a product certainly suitable for the whole family, or maybe you know of a friend/couple who are pregnant gift them a pack or box of Water Wipes.

Prices start from  £2.70 and available to buy from Boots, Ocado, Amazon and most large supermarkets.

Have you tried Water Wipes before?

London Mumma xx



Monday 13 March 2017

Friday 10 March 2017

Spring Wellie Boots

With the weather currently in limbo and the ground soft, finding the right footwear can be somewhat problematic, but when Muck Boot Company got in touch to try a pair of wellies, I could not resist.

I knew the perfect stomping ground to test drive these Wellington boots, a day out in the woods.

I was sent the Mid-Height Tremont Wellington boots and I have to say they are incredibly comfortable and very warm as well as being easy to wear all day, a bit of a shame when I get home to take them off my cosy toes, thanks to the fleece lining. The Tremont  boot have a thick sole which are perfect for exploring rocky hills and they are also slip resistant and an added bonus they go just with just about anything.

Leanora was sent the Hales Kids Outdoor boots, she loves them so much she even  tried to wear hers to bed! The Hale boots come in a variety of cartoon designs from My Little Pony to Transformers to suit both boys and girls and are brilliant for stomping around, they are also easy for kids to slip on and suitable for most weather conditions as well as having foam inside so makes it more flexible for our little monkeys to run around.

Overall a great family Wellington boot, they have a range for Dads or Men in our life too. Plus as well as the Hale cartoon collection being new for the little ones they have teamed up with the Royal Horticultural Society in time for Spring to bring out a limited addition collection in the Tremont boot or the Muckster II collection.

Do you have a pair of Muck Boots to stomp around, how do you find them?

Don't forget to stomp on over to Instagram to follow us.

London Mumma xx


Thursday 9 March 2017

Frills and Ruffles

I love Camden Town. It's music, food, markets, people and artwork and it just screams fun, fun, and yes, even more, fun and it's a perfect day or night for an adventure and what better way to use it in all its glory and to use it as my backdrop to bring out this darling Frills Button Down Blouse.

2017 is about going big, bigger the frill and ruffle the better, they are romantic and girly, they will also add a different element to your outfit and even brighten up your day this Spring by wearing a frilled sleeve top with a skirt or a feminine flirty ruffle dress.

I paired my frilled & Other Stories blouse, with my favourite Levi jeans, by god, do they get it right! Can you believe they are my first pair, who knows what I was thinking to only get a pair now, I'm grown woman for pete's sake, even an 80s baby so I've no excuse to not have a perfectly stacked collection of Levi jeans, but gong worry I'll make it up!

I finished off my look with a kitten bow mules from Zara, the ultimate must-have shoe this season and at a bargain, I'm sure they won't last long on the shelves. Now I've never been a middle man or woman kinda gal, it's either flats or anything over 4 inches is what I'm used too, so was a bit apprehensive as to wether I would like them but I do, the kitten heel is super practical and still holds that feminine appeal that a higher heel will give you, plus with all the various designs currently on the market you are spoilt for choice.

Below I've selected a few extra frills and ruffles to see you through Spring and a few extras.

Will you be wearing ruffles this Spring?

London Mumma xx

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