Monday 20 March 2017

What A Butt Munch!

As each day goes past I find myself opening up more and more and oversharing with you all, I hope that's ok, I mean you already know how mortified my toddler was after catching me urinating in her potty, so what's a little more between friends!

I'll be honest, the small things really bother me, I let it ride me like a pony all day and all night and the mule hasn't even bought me dinner! 

A few days ago someone brought me up on something, but instead of acting like a decent human, she was ready to take me down for the silliest of things, now when I rectified her grievance she decided to continue to act like a child and wasn't happy, it took me all of two minutes to appease this girl, she then through it back in my face and I let this butt munch buck me for the remainder of my day! 

Now this said butt munch, who I don't know, who has no affiliation to my life I let ruin my day, totally through me out of synch and I was, prior to that in a great mood an awesome one at that and I let someone so easily and simply rob me of that perfect day. 

Thinking about it now on reflection, I am the butt munch in this, not just because of my new white pants from Zara which I'm loving, but A because I'm a Mum these beauties are going to be grey and graffitied all over with toddler's fingers by 5 pm, plain and simple. B I allowed this person to rob me of my time and energy. 

She is not the first person to do this and certainly won't be the last. But what I can do is relax, take it easy be around positive people and just stop worrying about people's negative and letting it have such an effect on me. I mean I'm a realist, I  will always get through it, but I just need to cool my jets and stop sweating the small stuff.

You know who got me out of this a friend, a good friend and a glass of wine, nothing beats someone who respects, encourages and supports you, all you need at times is that one someone to help you forget all about being a Butt Munch!

For those wondering what a Butt Munch is, I have no idea, I was so angry at the time, that's all I could think to call her!

London Mumma xx



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