Friday 17 March 2017

Mumma Tums

Those bright hot sunny days, the spring in my step, beach body ready, for any given day.....those were the good body days, fast forward a few years later with a toddler in tow, my body is not quite the same! 

After I had Leanora (I will get to that part), before even, I worked out a shed load, more so to run off all the booze from partying over the weekend, plus it made me feel good, free and cleared my mind and I love it, so much so that I used to run pretty much every day, dare I even admit it, those dark mornings not quite suitable for running at the crack of dawn and dark as hell outside, I ashamedly did the Pussycat Dolls work out DVD!

Yup! I was that lady, tryng to be like, 'Dont Cha Wish Ya Wish Your Girl Was A Freak Like Me'! in the living room, totally out of tune and out of step! But I rocked it like a MoFo, only because no one was watching!

Now I'm here wth my Mumma Tum (aka mum tum)!

What the hell happened?

Were did it go wrong?

Why not get back in to routine?

Well....Simply put, life! Life happened, things changed, prioritise changed, timing, support, laziness, most importanlty....ME.

If im honest, my daughter is nearly three, so if I've not got my arse in to gear now will I?! (I'll come back to that pesky little answer)

I can not remember how many weeks it is exactly, until you are given the all clear to be able to excersise after giving birth, but I will pop it down in the end I promise.

Soon as I had the all clear, me and my NCT ladies, got straight in to Buggy Bells, let me tell you it was brilliant I loved every minute of it, providing Leanora was playig ball, not lying down, sitting uprght in her buggy (thats how she liked it) or was being pushed around by the brilliant trainer Jamie, who normally was carrying a kid, another strapped to him whilst pushing a buggy, whilst shouting and pushing (encouraging) us new mums to go that extra mile, so we can fit into our white jeans all over again in time for Wimbledon or looking like Elizabeth Hurley or Vanessa Williams for me!

I attened Buggy Bells for a good few months, that and breastfeeding my body sort of got back to how it was, toned and firm and an ab or two showing, wth the help of a bit of baby oil or moisturiser (an extra little help does not hurt). 

Then before I knew it Maternity leave was up, those excercises could not continue, work and nursery came first! Working during the week then picking up an extra shift for extra cash over the weekends, to pay towards the holiday booked, new outfits or home imporovements required,left no real time to work out. The days I did have off, I simply wanted to spend it with my daughter! I did not want to take my daughter to a gym creche, I've heard a few horror stories and decided it simply was not for me, to leave Leanora with people I really did not know and in an environment that I did not know was safe! I mean in took me a month/20 days of attending her nursery, even for 5 minutes each time before I left Leanora officially alone with the staff, for me it's important as I'm sure with you all, so how the bloody hell was it going to happen at the gym! 

At times I feel as if a lot of pressure can be put on new mums, especially as we all spend most of our time on social media scrolling and stalking pages and you see these fitspo mums, with new borns on there hip with rock hard abs, bloody cheek! I want to know her secret! Yes I know hard work, but I work hard goddamit (whilst chomping down on a pack of monster munch washed down with a glass of prosecco). But society and media play a big part into glorifying and deeming the perfect bod and making people feel that if yours is not up to par, then are you good enough are you being healthy and destructive!

My answer to that is, shut up!

But yes, I admit it, yes I am slightly jealous, it does make me feel as if their is a lot of pressure for us to bounce back after having a kid and seeing these honed and toned Mumma's can make me/person feel insecure after all I'm only human, right!?....No Mumma Bot!

After this shoot, and looking at the pictures I felt a tad low, but then thought well why feel like that, that's my body I should not feel ashamed of it I'm 32 a working mum, with a happy, healthy, loving and cheeky as hell toddler, who's now stepping her little foot into that threenager stage. I don't want her to grow up and think that those amazing bodies, that these women/girls have worked hard for is how you have to, must even, look! Love who you are and yes work for that healthy body shape, but don't base your life around it and frankly I'm going to stop doing the blame game on these fitspo Mumma's and take some responsibility but I also think photoshop should too, but joking set aside honestly we can be our own worst enemies at times, overthinking things and comparing ourselves to others.

Bottom line is, well the middle region anyways, is that I'm happy, I work out when I can, I eat healthy, minus the sneaky slab of cake and packet of crisps, plus I'm 30 plus so fuck it, I'll embrace the mum tum and I'm happy to get jiggy with it and do the truffle shuffle.

Maybe next time I'm in the store I'll try not to pick up a cropped top, just so won't have a rant and melt down!

How do you feel about the Mumma Tum? Are you embracing it or you working hard for those abs? 

As they say no Carbs before Marbs babe.

London Mumma xx


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