Tuesday 7 March 2017

Top Tips For First Time Parents

As adults we have enough pressure on us, be it the boss at work, friends, relationships you name it! but becoming a parent, especially one for the first time is is the most stressful, more stressful than choosing your Friday night takeaway.

So I thought I put some top tips for any soon to be or thinking first time parents mind at ease, it's not all plain sailing and airy fairy, things are going to get real and real quick too, so let's throw that anxiety away and let's get stuck in shall we, you've enough time to worry, 18 years to be precise!

The beginning
Well initially I wanted to start at the end, but I thought better of it. The moment you decide you are bringing a new addition to your family, a no brainer speak with your doctor about the first steps and get your appointments booked in. Secondly keep healthy and active, trust me you'll thank me for it when going in to labour! Look for yoga and Pilates classes, yoga to help stretch your body for your ever growing bump and body. Pilates to help strengthen you and build that muscle ( not in a body builder way) to help with all the extra weight, plus my favourite bit at the end of class was sitting in a row with the other pregnant ladies and having a spike all rubbed over your back, the first time this happened I groaned so loudly and rolled my eyes, all the other women laughed at me and said 'yep we remember our first time too' classes can not be started until around the 14 week mark, but they get booked up so quickly it's worth getting a head start on it.

The middle
Baby is nearly here, you've probably downed your weight in Gaviscon for your acid reflux. You have the all clear, time to look at planning on maternity leave, if you can save up all your holiday from work,use that time up a month before you plan on going on leave, that way you can have a month off work, leaving you with 10 months pay as opposed to the 9 months (comes in handy) this time nesting would of kicked in to overdrive. So prep your hospital bag, get all the new baby clothes washed and folded, maybe plan or have our friends plan you a baby shower.

The end
Well you've made it ladies and gents, your precious little one is here safely in your arms, congratulations you can breathe a sigh of relief and relax, you've got a least 24-72 hours max before your little one realises they are out of the womb into the real world, so take this time for the three or two of you to get to know one another, because once they've realised, what's going on that's when the real adventure begins. But for now the guests can wait you've got some bonding time to do and enjoy it, you've got the rest of your lives learning about one another.

I hope you like my Top Tips For First Time Parents! Do you have any Top Tips?

London Mumma xx


  1. Some great tips here. I did pilates and exercised up until about 32 weeks, I really missed it when I had to stop!! I definitely felt it made a difference though with helping me prepare and getting me in tune with my body!!

  2. A great set of tips. I agree with the settling in period with your newborn. Those first few days started off tranquil and then all hell broke lose and our son wanted to be permanently stuck to me. I was glad we only had my parents with us as it was exhausting. I was also grateful I changed my eating habits in the early stages of pregnancy as they've continued to this day, 3 years later.

  3. Some great tips. I would also add don't leave work too early! I finished 5 weeks early with E and she was 2 weeks late! Felt like I'd wasted a lot of my maternity leave! X

  4. Great tips. I wish I kept more active when I was pregnant. It would have helped so much more with the labours. That's one of my regrets x

  5. Thank you for the advice. I plan on thinking about having children in a year so nice to know your tips beforehand :)

  6. These were some great tips! Good to know when I later become a mother :)

  7. Great tips. My advice would be to relax as much as possible.


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