Thursday 23 January 2020

What To Do, Buy And See This Weekend

I am certainly not alone in saying this, but I live for the weekends! Who doesn’t!its a time to chill catch up with friends, spend time with family, eat great food and do what ever you want in your time, no worries about work for the next 48 hours, just pure bliss and indulgence.

When it comes to the weekends, it’s always important to do something different and have fun doing it and there is so much on this weekend to see, do and try and simply wander around.

Borough MarketI love this place, it’s a great place to walk around, it’s some great food and drink some amazing wine, plus my favourite is people watching. No matter the weather, this in door market is a great place to get lost and wander around on a Saturday and try some new and tasty dishes and snap up a few tasty delicacies.

Lunar ParadeIt’s Chinese New Year and I’ve made some great dishes in order to celebrate, such as my super easy prawn dumplings or some tasty sweet sticky chicken wings! This Sunday from 10am there will be a parade celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year and I’ll certainly be heading down to watch in all its glory then end our celebrations with a hearty lunch in China Town.

Looking for a new adventure, non-fictional read, head to your closest book shop and peruse the thousands of books waiting to be read. I can not stress the importance of reading books not just for yourself but especially for your kids, nieces and nephews too! I have a few books in mind for me for February’s book review and few educational ones for Leanora also.

TrainersThis kid of mine, she is having a growth spurt and in need of some new trainers, so we will be heading into town to get her feet measured and get some new kicks for her and whilst at it I’ll treat myself too.

Cirque Du Soleil
I was invited to the opening of the latest Cirque Du Soleil, Luzia show and honestly its breath taking. The costumes, the story and music is always beautiful and powerful and is great watch, family friendly too, it’s money worth spent and a great way to start the weekend.

What do you have planned for this weekend?



5 Things You Need To Know To Have An Awesome Work & Dating Life Balance

Us driven career women, can find it hard to balance a work and dating relationship, especially when we are focused and ambitious and want our careers to thrive and that’s an amazing thing, but us career minded women can forget to step away from the career woman and become a fun loving dating woman.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your career, especially when you are doing something that you are very passionate about, trust me I’m there, but you also have to unwind and let yourself go and find that perfect equilibrium.

Our potential suitors can at times find it a little tricky, intimidating easily! But trust me there is nothing sexier in a man or woman who is strong, focused and knows what they want in their personal life as well as there career, sure we all need a little guidance and become over obsessed with our career and have tunnel vision, but don’t forget to be proud of what you have achieved as there is so much more from your career to dating and meeting new people.

This year I’ve decided to make a few resolutions to keep me on track and well balanced out and to remember it’s not all work, work, it will be there tomorrow and go out have fun, unwind and meet new people and find that perfect one, doesn’t matter your age there are so many platforms that you can sign up to such as, also via an abundance of apps and to senior dating site there are a lot of choice from you to pick from to have an awesome work and dating life balance.

You need a second life
Step away from that laptop, yep close it! There is so much more than that screen, get out and explore the world, whilst you may have your dream job already or possibly working towards that promotion you need to have that dream life too.

No matter what you do at work today, it will always be there to come back to tomorrow. Spend that quality time investing in you and your relationship and spend that time to unwind with someone you care about.

We’ve got this far and you are doing an amazing job, but prioritise time for you, work and your relationships outside the office, you don’t want to burn yourself out if you have to when it comes to work ask for help!

Health is wealth
In order to be the best productive you, you need to take care of you, no point turning up to work frazzled over worked and stressed out, to rocking up on that date and your head is elsewhere. Be kind to yourself, your mind body and soul! Come lunch take some time to step out of the office, take a walk, grab some food, or if you can get in a work out in your lunch break , or simply take sometime out to meditate to help clear your mind! No excuses you can ever. Do it after work and take some needed time for you.

Get social
Don’t forget to fit in your friendships, arrange some dinner and drink events to meet and catch up with old friends, I am sure enough that you’ll meet new friends and potential new suitors when your out.

Overall to have that perfect balance is to make sure you are happy and healthy, once there everything will fall into place and you will achieve that perfect all round balance.

For more dating and lifestyle tips, don’t forget you can follow me on Bloglovin and Instagram for all the latest updates.


Disclaimer: this post was a paid collaboration, but all words are my own


Wednesday 22 January 2020

Prawn Dumplings

Prawn dumplings are my jam, I eat them by the truck load and could happily do so every day. With the Chinese New year not far away, I thought why not make some myself, I was a little worried, but I took the plunge and made them and I did not realise how easy they were to make. Made with fresh raw prawns, tasty bamboo shoots and diced up water chestnuts and a dash of rice wine, these can be made for your Friday night dish instead of a take out, or over the weekend in time to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

The best things about the dumplings,they are so easy to make and you can customise the recipe to your liking, not a fan of prawns, why not go for a veggie option or even a chicken version, if you are wanting some with meat. This weekend I think I will be making a selection of veggie and protein filled dumplings with Leanora, her small hands are ideal too. 

You will never make a small batch of these dumplings, but don't worry they are ideal for freezing too, so when ever you fancy one you'll have some stored in the freezer, added bonus is that you can steam from frozen, or even fry straight on to the skillet. 

If you fancy another takeout dish to make at home, perfectly accompanies with these dumplings are my Chinese sticky chicken wings. I am also in the process of refining a new recipes which will be out in time for the Chinese New Year, another takeout treat in the form of noodles, so be sure to come back Friday, to complete your Friday night at home takeaway.

If you make these prawn dumplings or sweet sticky wings, be sure to tag me on Instagram, so I can see your photos. 


Tuesday 21 January 2020

Dinner Ideas For The Next 5 Days

picture from @pinterest

The easiest way to stick to a budget and a plan, is meal prepping. Every Sunday I think about what we are going to eat and stick to it. Meal prep is a big and in thing and I absolutely love it, I know I’m guaranteed to eat fresh healthy food and something a little naughty at the end of the week, plus any left overs you can take to work for lunch, so need to think about spending that extra cash and struggling on what to eat come noon!

Left over chicken from your Sunday roast, turn the left over chicken in to a tasty pie. Make individual ones or a mammoth one to share with family and friends, perfect for those cold nights.

Come on, who doesn’t love a good pizza! This beauty takes no time to make, friendly on the pocket meat free and if you are mushroom love this is for you.

Wanting to go meat free and trick the kids, then this tasty spag bowl is perfect. I wanted Leanora and I to eat a little less meat and when I thought of this dish, I was hesitant and thought I’d get caught out, but no! She loves it and is none the wiser.

With these cold days and nights we are having we want something winter warming and this soup is simply heavenly, enjoyed curled up on the sofa with a good book, plus perfect to pack up for lunch.

Come Friday night, we love a takeaway, but we are all about saving money and why not make your own Chinese at home and make a batch of these sweet sticky wings! Trust me that they will last no time in the house, I always end up making to batches.

Do you enjoy meal prepping? What have you got lines up for the next few days?



Monday 20 January 2020

I'm A Picky Fashion Shopper And This Is What I Will Be Buying From Mango, M&S, to Arket

Picture sourced from @Pinterest

Hey guys, something a little new that I will be sharing with you on a weekly basis! A shopping edit, yep always on the hunt for something new for me and Leanora!

Ok, with the temperature dropping I am in need of some new knits, Sezane have some super cute ones, a little high end but oh so worth it! Another great investment piece this season is a cardigan, perfect worn on its on or layered up and you can get some really affordable price point ones also! A great tip with my knits i like to go a size up, to feel extra snug.

I am being brave and I purchased this amazing new white Mango coat, hands up on who can guess until I A spill coffee all over B Leanora gets her sticky mitts all over me. I am going for option C, before I've left the house for work. 

Talking of workwear, I spotted this amazing and supper affordable grey pencil skirt from M&S  in the last week's Grazia magazine and I plan on wearing it with a navy polo, less that £9.00 may I add also from M&S a perfect addition to my working wardrobe.

Boots and trainers are a must, I only counted the other day and I only have two pairs of trainers, one for working out in and my most loved Veja's i wear everywhere, so come pay day I plan on treating myself to a new. Boots are must have an I have my eye on a few, plus they are not only worn for winter with jeans or trousers they work really well with a dress too.

bags are an essential. For my job I literally have to carry everything including the kitchen sink when I am out, so a nice big sturdy bag is a must. 

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6 Dating Resolutions To Make For 2020

Do you find yourself dipping in and out, jumping from one dating app to the other!!? Me too! Never sure which one you’ll find your perfect match on who has swiped you back, or maybe so and it’s not worked out or maybe it has.

2020 a brand new year, a brand new you and for me I’m going to change my dating habits and be a little more proactive in hopes of finding the one. But where to start, can be the tricky thing.
With a New Year comes New Year resolutions which can easily be applied to our dating habits

Get Appy
Well Match Me Happy is what I say, whilst free dating apps have had a bad rep, due to unsolicited emails, to well out there lies which is easily noticeable on that first date, but the whole part about being single and wanting to get out there and date is all about being willing to be open in meeting new people, so putting a little more effort and time in to the app world.

Take A Chance & Slide
Slide in to someone’s DM’s whilst some may feel it’s preposterous, heck I do! But I am gonna put my big girl pants on and say hey! You never know it could work out, so if you see what you like, take a chance. (is it me or do you feel an ABBA song is about to come on??)

Build That Confidence
Confidence is key when it comes to dating. When you are out of it for a while, who knows where to start, but by picking up messaging someone and downloading the app, starting a conversation is a great way to build your confidence and with each date and conversation it gets easier.

Get You Priorities straight
I mean first and foremost I’m a mother and in my mid 30’s! By now I know what I want and what I am looking for and what to not waste my time on, my priorities and yours are what’s important, to dating a shed load, to waning quality time to myself or with my family, don’t forget to put you first, after all there is only one you, take care of you and everything else will fall into its place.

Get Dating Advice
We all have a bunch of friends we can talk to and be frank with and we all have that one friend or two that are serial daters and multi-date well! By speaking with your friends it’s a great way on getting tips on the dating world and i guarantee you everyone has a different nugget of advice to offer you

Hang out
Not gonna meet someone sitting on tosh now am I, so go hangout with friends at the bar, go for dinner meet and talk to people, super easy to just limit yourself to dating apps, but once you’ve swiped one you’ve swiped them all! Plus it will also take you out of your area, so if you wanna get swiping you’ll be able to meet that new some and fresh meat on the app

Have you got any New Year dating resolutions or tips, let me know in the comments below!



Friday 17 January 2020

The Guide To Every Mums Best Weekend

It’s Friday and we can finally breathe ladies and relax, put our feet up, chill with a crisp glass of wine, Chinese resting on my belly (still battling this pouch) and no doubtedly back to back kids movies and shows, paw patrol, Nella the princess knight and everything in between.

Whilst I probably prefer a weekend on a boat with Leonardo Dicaprio it’s not gonna happen is it, first of all I’m way too old for him being in my 30’s and all. But truly I have the best weekends with Leanora and I always look forward to it and we are never short of a few ideas which we will be sharing with you.

We are major foodies and I’m pleased to say Leanora loves cooking with me from our granola breakfast tarts to our Chinese sweet sticky wings.

Flip Out
A great way to have fun and laughter in going to your local in door trampoline circuit.

Always looking for an adventure be it in reality or books, we honestly spend up to 45 minutes in our local book store and eager to get home to read our latest finds.

We recently got into puzzles the bigger the better for us, whilst it’s fun it’s frustrating too we both start at one end and it’s a race to meet each other in the middle once done, award yourself with a big bowl of popcorn.

Grab that popcorn and relax with a movie, ours of choice this weekend is Toy Story 4! I bet you Leanora will makes us watch all 4, but who cares I’m with my little homie.

Sunday strolling
Before the supermarkets open on a Sunday we always head to our local park for a little stroll, it’s healthy, it’s gets some fresh air in to your lungs and great exercise when chasing after each other playing tag.

Urgh I used to dread it, they get so much nowadays which is fine, but from bug club, mathletics, work exercise book and two books to read a week it’s a lot, best way we enjoy is literally make a song and dance out of it! We line up all the L.O.L Dolls, Hairdorables to our Pokemon cards and use them as a number line, great way to have fun and learn and on that note get it done Friday to free yourself up to have the best weekend!

Do you have any great tips on things you like doing to have the best weekend with the kiddos, let me know in the comments below! Just sang that in my head, sounds super corny haha xx

Have a great weekend.



Thursday 16 January 2020

Granola Breakfast Tarts

Granola Breakfast Tarts are the way forward in life, especially to fuel yourself for the day. Keeping in tune and continuing to eat healthy and kicking my day off the right way, this weeks brekkie has been a combo of fruit and yoghurt with my homemade Granola that we can't stop eating

I have been super stocked about the fact that Leanora has been loving the granola and I can't make it quick enough, as she has been wolfing it down, so I decided to use my noggin...For once! Create these epic tarts. 

Last weekend, after we purchased the weekly shop in the morning I felt for something fresh, so I decided to eat some of Leanora's yoghurt. I am not normally a yoghurt person, anything to soft and no texture freaks me out, but it is a delicious pairing with the granola and fresh fruit, great way to get your 5 a day in. 

Most weekends we always make a cake, it's a great way for Leanora and I to bond and spend quality time together making something together. honestly weekends are my favourite time, not only because I am not at work, but I get to spend all my time with my best buddy, well until she drives me insane and I pack her off to Nannies house. 

Cooking with kids, is a great way to introduce them to new foods, they are more inclined to eat it when you are creating something together and what better way to start than with this tasty granola breakfast tart.

Ingredients to make 8
2 cups of my easy granola
1 cups vanilla yogurt, coconut yogurt, or almond yogurt
strawberries, raspberries, blueberries for topping

Pre-heat oven to 325°F.
Mix the granola, melted coconut oil oil in to a food processor to crumble
Press about 3 tablespoons of the mixture into 8 greased mini tart pans
Bake in the center rack of the oven for about 15, or until golden
Remove your pastry tarts and allow to cool completely in the pan before removing
Fill each tart with a few table spoons
top with your fruit and eat

Let me know if you make this tasty recipe in the comments below!


Wednesday 15 January 2020

How I Fell Back In Love With Blogging

I didn’t set out to become a blogger, I fell into it. I just had Leanora and I was on maternity leave, whilst I was busy with activities planned with the mums from NCT I’m not gonna lie I missed and yearned to work, whilst I loved every minute of my maternity the work junkie in me missed it and I needed other adults who were not just talking about all things baby.

A friend recommend to me that I should start a blog, which I thought was a joke at the time, but she was dead serious, but she convinced me to create London Mumma and share my time and my experiences as a new parent on my blog with others! Never in a million years did I think anyone would read it and here it is 4 years later and it’s going really well.

I’ve always juggled both my blog and a full time job and from time to time where I am so busy with my full time job, parenting and everything else in between I’ve neglected my blog, not intentionally of course, but life gets busy.

Whilst I love my full time job, over the holidays and whilst I was cooking I actually missed my blog, as you know I’m a major food lover, hence the kangaroo pouch something stirred in me and it wasn’t the Christmas turkey! I yearned to take care of my blog and those that I worked with and all my readers, with that I dusted off my laptop, opened my emails and dived right back in for 2020.

Never in a million years when I started London Mumma did I think that it would be as it is now, I’ve got loyal readers who continuously support me and not only does it allow me to connect and meet new and amazing people, I’ve also been granted some amazing opportunities and to work with some amazing brands.

I’ve also done something that I thought I would never do is pitch, when I say that, I mean pitching for jobs. What you may not know is, that there are some amazing blogging networking sites that bloggers who are looking to monetise their blog can join, such as Get Blogged.

When I did my first ever pitch, just thinking about it now, whilst it was scary it was thrilling at the same time, it really helped me boost my confidence in being a savvy business woman and to take chances. I wanted to grow my blog plus have a little extra cash in my back pocket too, plus now Leanora’s of an age, she can’t get enough of Claire’s Accessories, so it’s a little pocket money for her too.

If you are a blogger and looking for extra cash there are some great paid blogging opportunities out there, plus it really helps with inspiration and new content to add on to your blog, it will get you talking about things you never thought you would from dating to how to self care and even taking care of your car.

Since picking back up my laptop I doubt I’ll be putting it back down. I’ve got loads of great new posts coming your way this 2020.

Thanks for sticking with me.


Disclaimer: This is a paid collboration


Monday 13 January 2020

The Hand Cream You Need To Protect Your Hands This Winter

I keep one stashed in my handbag, my desk at the office and on my bedside table. I am like a lost puppy if I don’t have one on my person at all times.

It’s easy to forget that we need to take care of our hands, especially come winter months when our hands need the most tlc and hydration and it’s so important to keep your hands moisturised, you can even start and prep your hands before the winter months to help prevent cracked, chapped dry hands. 
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Hand creams or balms if you like have come along way, there are a load of affordable options even from the high street to luxury brands that offer a variety to suit all your needs. 

You may remember The £10 Monthly Beauty Subscription I Can’t Recommend Enough, well I’ve continued my Beauty Pie subscription and purchased hand cream from their Plantastic collection. A bonus is the cruelty free vegan hand cream is packed with Shea Butter perfect for nourishing and reviving your hands and perfect for those with dry sensitive skin infused with calming, soothing chamomile floral water. A great size too and super affordable and fits perfectly in your hand bag and good for every day use.
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It’s no lie that I love anything with geranium, geranium has to be one of my favourite essential oils.  The Swedish brand Arekt's geranium hand balm contains canola oil, oat lipids and birch sugar that help to moisturise the skin perfect for this time of year to sooth chapped hands. 

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Thursday 9 January 2020

10 Of The Best Blazers Online Now

Blazers are having a huge moment right now and I can not get enough of them! Super easy and versatile to wear, be it for work Monday - Friday, the weekend to Friyay night drinks with friends, paired with tailored trousers, skirts or that cute LBD!

If you know me you’ll know that I’m all about comfort and style and a good blazer does the trick for me and I literally live in them. Come Sunday and doing the weekly food shop guaranteed I’ll be wearing my blazer with a t-shirt and leggings and my favourite Veja trainers.

A blazer has become a style staple in my wardrobe! Don’t believe me just check out my Instagram 90% of my pics I’ll be in blazer, from a leather look one to a checked blazer, if I went into work without one I’m sure my colleagues will think I’m sick and need to be sent back home to go grab one, little do they know I’ve got two out back with about a million pairs of shoes!!

Today I am sharing my favourite 10 blazers online now and I’ve got my eye on this beautiful soft green version from & Other Stories.

How are you styling your blazers?




Wednesday 8 January 2020

The Granola We Can't Stop Eating

Sometime you just got to keep it super simple! This granola recipe is tasty, healthy and is best enjoyed with yoghurt and fresh fruit or as a tasty snack on its own no matter the time of day.

Breakfast I have a tendency to be naughty with, in an unhealthy way! But a new year calls for new beginnings. I want to enjoy breakfast or a snack anytime of the day, knowing that I’m eating healthy and putting good fats in to my body and not just mine but my daughters too, it’s easy to stop off to Greggs grab a steak bake loaded with salt and bad fats, which in truth will fill my up for a short period, leave me sluggish and in no way good for me.

So this year I want to start off on the right foot making good healthy choices and what better way to kick it off, is with a healthy breakfast to keep me energised all the way through to lunch.

Another way that I am making healthy choices and starting my day right is with a 30 minute work out or a 10 minute meditation, I honestly can not recommend it enough, I feel great, my head is clear my mind is right and makes me crave even more putting healthy food into my body.

This super simple granola I make on a Sunday to see me through the week, you can store it in an air tight container such as Kilner jar or a Tupperware box and it keeps it fresh for the whole week.


4 cups of oats
1 ½ cup raw nuts and seeds (I used pecans, sunflower seeds and chopped almonds)
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ cup melted coconut oil
½ cup maple syrup or honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
A pinch of sea salt

  1. Pre heat oven to 200 degrees and line a baking tray with parchment paper
  1. In a large mixing bowl pour in your oats, nuts, seeds, cinnamon and salt and combine
  1. Melt your coconut oil and pour over your granola mix along with your maple syrup and vanilla extract, mix well
  1. Pour your granola mix onto your lined parchment paper spread out and then place in the oven and bake for 20-30 minutes
  1. Take out and leave to cool for up to 45 minutes, then eat if you like and store the rest in your airtight container and enjoy throughout the week


For more of recipes you can follow me over on Bloglovin or Instagram

Monday 6 January 2020

Three Of The Best Thrilling Books To Read This Winter

With my Nancy Drew hat firmly on, I’m ready for a thrilling murder mystery. Whilst last year I read some amazing books, towards the end of last year it was hard! I didn’t know what I was looking for, but what I knew was, was that I was searching and yearning for something new, something adventurous, something that would keep me gripped, focused and yearning for more and these three dark  and immensely readable books have been just what I have yearned for.

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, is a true chilling account of mass horror which happened in West Coast America from the 1970’s - 1980’s at the hands of the Golden State Killer.

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This book is a haunting read, no matter how chilling I simply could not put it down, I needed to know more, I needed there to be justice. Michelle McNamara’s obsession of concluding this unsolved murder mystery takes you on a vivid journey, so well written you picture yourself right there and then and puts you bang in the middle of its surroundings. 

A fictional crime story one that I could not wait to digest. For me knowing if a book is worth its wait in gold, is by reading the first sentence if it’s got me gripped I know  I am on to a winner. The Talking of Annie Thorne, I honestly did not know what to expect and what I found out you could not make it up I mean the twists and turns were amazing and kept me guessing and gripped in a dark, compelling, terrifyingly unsettling way leaving me hungry for more. 

Joe’s angelic little sister Annie goes missing for 48 hours, but on her return she came back different, a little strange and completely off. What happened to her in that time, she wouldn’t say she wouldn’t talk, then something happened! 

Years later Joe returns back to his hometown with revenge and desperation in mind! Not wanting to give too much away and completely spoil it for you, if you haven’t read The Talking of Annie Thorne and looking for something to read that give you the feeling of foreboding when you do not know what to expect then this is your book.

This is my latest read, I was on the hunt for a book to take with me to Paris for the New Year and Blood Orange caught my eye, it’s an addictive read so much so I got through it in 2 days. 

Alison, she has the perfect setup, husband, kid an amazing career and has been given her first major murder case to defend but something doesn’t add up in all of this story, neither in Alison’s too!

Did you enjoy this review? Have you read any of these, if so let me know your thoughts on these books in the comments below.


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