Wednesday 15 January 2020

How I Fell Back In Love With Blogging

I didn’t set out to become a blogger, I fell into it. I just had Leanora and I was on maternity leave, whilst I was busy with activities planned with the mums from NCT I’m not gonna lie I missed and yearned to work, whilst I loved every minute of my maternity the work junkie in me missed it and I needed other adults who were not just talking about all things baby.

A friend recommend to me that I should start a blog, which I thought was a joke at the time, but she was dead serious, but she convinced me to create London Mumma and share my time and my experiences as a new parent on my blog with others! Never in a million years did I think anyone would read it and here it is 4 years later and it’s going really well.

I’ve always juggled both my blog and a full time job and from time to time where I am so busy with my full time job, parenting and everything else in between I’ve neglected my blog, not intentionally of course, but life gets busy.

Whilst I love my full time job, over the holidays and whilst I was cooking I actually missed my blog, as you know I’m a major food lover, hence the kangaroo pouch something stirred in me and it wasn’t the Christmas turkey! I yearned to take care of my blog and those that I worked with and all my readers, with that I dusted off my laptop, opened my emails and dived right back in for 2020.

Never in a million years when I started London Mumma did I think that it would be as it is now, I’ve got loyal readers who continuously support me and not only does it allow me to connect and meet new and amazing people, I’ve also been granted some amazing opportunities and to work with some amazing brands.

I’ve also done something that I thought I would never do is pitch, when I say that, I mean pitching for jobs. What you may not know is, that there are some amazing blogging networking sites that bloggers who are looking to monetise their blog can join, such as Get Blogged.

When I did my first ever pitch, just thinking about it now, whilst it was scary it was thrilling at the same time, it really helped me boost my confidence in being a savvy business woman and to take chances. I wanted to grow my blog plus have a little extra cash in my back pocket too, plus now Leanora’s of an age, she can’t get enough of Claire’s Accessories, so it’s a little pocket money for her too.

If you are a blogger and looking for extra cash there are some great paid blogging opportunities out there, plus it really helps with inspiration and new content to add on to your blog, it will get you talking about things you never thought you would from dating to how to self care and even taking care of your car.

Since picking back up my laptop I doubt I’ll be putting it back down. I’ve got loads of great new posts coming your way this 2020.

Thanks for sticking with me.


Disclaimer: This is a paid collboration


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