Monday 6 January 2020

Three Of The Best Thrilling Books To Read This Winter

With my Nancy Drew hat firmly on, I’m ready for a thrilling murder mystery. Whilst last year I read some amazing books, towards the end of last year it was hard! I didn’t know what I was looking for, but what I knew was, was that I was searching and yearning for something new, something adventurous, something that would keep me gripped, focused and yearning for more and these three dark  and immensely readable books have been just what I have yearned for.

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, is a true chilling account of mass horror which happened in West Coast America from the 1970’s - 1980’s at the hands of the Golden State Killer.

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This book is a haunting read, no matter how chilling I simply could not put it down, I needed to know more, I needed there to be justice. Michelle McNamara’s obsession of concluding this unsolved murder mystery takes you on a vivid journey, so well written you picture yourself right there and then and puts you bang in the middle of its surroundings. 

A fictional crime story one that I could not wait to digest. For me knowing if a book is worth its wait in gold, is by reading the first sentence if it’s got me gripped I know  I am on to a winner. The Talking of Annie Thorne, I honestly did not know what to expect and what I found out you could not make it up I mean the twists and turns were amazing and kept me guessing and gripped in a dark, compelling, terrifyingly unsettling way leaving me hungry for more. 

Joe’s angelic little sister Annie goes missing for 48 hours, but on her return she came back different, a little strange and completely off. What happened to her in that time, she wouldn’t say she wouldn’t talk, then something happened! 

Years later Joe returns back to his hometown with revenge and desperation in mind! Not wanting to give too much away and completely spoil it for you, if you haven’t read The Talking of Annie Thorne and looking for something to read that give you the feeling of foreboding when you do not know what to expect then this is your book.

This is my latest read, I was on the hunt for a book to take with me to Paris for the New Year and Blood Orange caught my eye, it’s an addictive read so much so I got through it in 2 days. 

Alison, she has the perfect setup, husband, kid an amazing career and has been given her first major murder case to defend but something doesn’t add up in all of this story, neither in Alison’s too!

Did you enjoy this review? Have you read any of these, if so let me know your thoughts on these books in the comments below.


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