Tuesday 19 November 2019

What To Know Before Buying A Car

What sounds better than hitting the open road, roof top down, your favourite song playing and setting off on a new adventure.

Nothing sounds better than that! But what puts a bummer into it, is I don’t have my driving license, but by the time you’ve read this, I should have passed my driving test and become a prouder owner at 35 of a drivers licence, so long provisional I’m an official license holder.

I’ve been thinking about getting a brand new car, but I want to ease myself into it and not splash the cash, I mean you can get some next to brand new secondhand brilliant, good condition cars!

When sourcing a secondhand car, there a few things to take into consideration, one its time, have patience you will find the right car for you. When looking to buy a car, you also have to do your research on the dealer, making sure they are trustworthy! Google them and check out their reviews, you don’t want to have any post-sale issues, hop fully that won’t be the case, but better to be safe, do your research.

I’ve been looking at cars for a while now and I think I found the perfect one. A few weeks back, Leanora and I went to Brighton for the day to meet friends for lunch. I was talking about purchasing a secondhand car and a friend referred me to KAP Motor’s. Soon after lunch we set off and headed to the dealer, when looking at second hand cars at dealers, a little tip inspect the car when you found the one for you for dents, scratches and even tyres, be a little bit cheeky and negotiate on the deal, after all you don’t ask you don’t get.

Hopefully, I’ve passed and pick up my new beauty.

Do you have any tips for purchasing a secondhand car?


Disclaimer: This is a paid post, all words are my own


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