Tuesday 14 March 2023

15 Minute Pesto Pasta

This 15 minute Pesto Pasta, is tasty, comforting and super simple to make and it is a perfect week night dish.

With normality set back in with the kids back at school, after school clubs all booked up and the nights getting darker earlier, the last thing you want to do is slave as soon as you get home in the kitchen after a long day at work.

I find prepping our meals weekly massively helps, if you can get a head start on yourself, then why not. I made my scrumptious pesto sauce yesterday, Sundays are perfect for getting a jump start on things I also use my Saturdays to make a meal plan for the week ahead, so by 11am on a Sunday I’m armed with my shopping list and I know exactly what I need when whizzing around, so I am in and out and I know exactly what I am spending as it is vital in this current market with the cost of living.

For Leanora and I there is nothing better than a big bowl of pasta, especially one that is garlicky and saucy, plus enough left over to pack for lunch the next day and slightly kissed with a sprinkle of chilli to add a little heat element, well in mine anyways.

It is pretty simple to make, especially as I’ve already made my pesto ahead of time, all I now need to do is boil on some water, pick out our pasta of choice, for this one I’ve chosen normal spaghetti, but it works great with mafalda or fusilli pasta as all that sauce gets right in to those grooves.

It’s not a super creative dish, but it sure is a damn delicious one that takes no time to rustle up and it is family favourite and a great warming winter dish and sometimes the simplest dishes are always the best.

And oh so good!


Pesto sauce




1. Heat a large pot of salted water and bring to a boil, once bubbling cook your pasta according to package instructions. Reserve 1/2 a cup of boiling salted water and drain pasta.

2. Place drained pasta back in to the pot, and add in your pesto sauce and some of the reserved pasta water to loosen things up to your liking. Once combined, serve up and tuck in.

Extra tip

Too add a little freshness, why not squeeze a little lemon over it and bigger bonus, grate some more extra parmesan and sprinkle a little chilli for a little heat. Enjoy!

For a another version of this, why not try my Kale Pesto Pasta? Let me know what you think in the comments below or share with me over on Instagram and use #LondonMummaEats


Wednesday 1 March 2023

5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy This Week

Last week, I was stuck for ideas on what to do with Leanora, I felt us both going a little stir crazy in the house and out of luck on day trips and two females out on ideas on what to do is not a good idea, , especially in my home!

'So Lindsey, whats the plan babe' Said Leanora, I was totally perplexed and some what confused, had she lost her damn mind I thought!

Yup, she has...... 

This called for operation lets think out side the box, think of something creative to do and plan something different and get out of this house before we both completely lose the plot and survive this we must.

If you have ever been here before, do not worry I've found some great activities to do and explore with your child, which I have listed below for you and on that note, may the force be with. 

1. Get Creative For World Book Day
The perfect activity which if your like me will take you all day. This Thursday 2nd March is 'World Book Day'  and Leanora has decided on an Alice In Wonderland Costume. Im no seassmstress but I am Wizard with a glue gun. This creative project in designing something together is fun and can be silly and allows your child to use their imgination.

2. Ready, Steady, Bake!
If you have children old enoguh to help out in the kitchen, bake some tasty treats suchas our favourtie Lemon and Pistachio Cake, to help prepping for dinner and make a scurmptious pesto sauce for big bowl of pesto pasta. 

3. Eat Out At A New Restaurant 
We love finding new places to eat and recently Leanora has got massively into burger's, I heard about a new place recently opened in Shoreditch the Fat Hippo and booked us in.

4. Don't Stay Local
Wrap and get out, go explore different neighbour hoods. A Change of scenncery does wonders for the mind, make it a little treaasure hunt and dine out a new place, visit new parks and see if you can find some cool street art. 

5. Put on A Show
Make some fond memories and and put on a show. You can put on a fashion show on and get dressed up and make your home your own runway, or why not get creative and put on a fun play and get all the family involved and tun that boring evening in to a fun one.


London Mumma

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