Tuesday 13 September 2022

Our Favourite Family Weekly Vegetable Haul


I love nothing more than stocking up on some fresh vegetables on a weekly basis.

I do love to change it up each week, but we have some staples. such as avocados, basil and courgettes which I use in a multiples ways and basil is a key ingredients for  my famous homemade pesto which I make on a weekly basis. 

I find that I feel so much better since we started to eat a lot more vegetables, we have changed our eating style in my home, we do not eat as much meat as we used to which is great, plus its get's me making and eating new dishes that I would not of eaten before. 

Courgettes, my all time favouite, be it with pasta or using it as a pasta or my guilty pleaseure, making them in to fritters I find that courgettes are super versatile in dishes whilst most people think they are only best for summertime dishes I personally feel they are great all year round. 

I eat an Avocado at least 5 times a week, particuarlly for breakfast, well certainly on a Sunday when I havee bacon sarnie just to feel better abot eating a tonne of bacon! Another guilty pleasure by means of eating Avocados is, I know a little controversial but it is great in a chocholate mousse.

Romaine lettuce, I love a goodsalad, as a side dish or as a maine for lucnch,  thete are so manny different varaitites but I found wouuld that both Leanora and I love in the form of the Romaine, it's got a great bite and holds it wesight if appkying a dressing.

Caulliflower, I mean a champion in veg. I love to roast it with a some cumin and a splash of olvie oil, grated and used a rice, if I want something lighter and less carby or in the colder months as a soup, it is truly one of our vegetables.

Mushrooms, now most people are not fans, me I can happilly eat mushrooms all day, be it a chestnnut, shitakie or my favourite enoki in a lovely brothy ramen, but always on a pizza, sneaked in to my bolognese meticulously hidden from Leanora, or on a Friday night curled up on a sofa, served on top of a cream bed of polenta.

I hope you enjoyed thiis post and been inspprired to try some of my family favourite vegetable haul, I would love to hear what yours are.

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Have a woonderful day.



Monday 12 September 2022

Last Minute Back To School Essentials

I thought I was organised and it was not until a few days in Leanora's return back to school I realised I had missed the mark and forgotten a few things off the list.

You would of thought I would of had a grip on things, I mean Leanora's been going to school for 5 years now, but her needs have changed at school, who am I kidding I just totally forgot, but that's ok, I've done a mad dash after work to my local Rymans and stocked up on the last minute back to essentials.


I mean   how can I forget this, Leanoraa is a doodler during her breaktime and always guarantted, each day after school she cones home with mounts of paper, so to hep reduce this a notepad is perfect for her, not just for her drawings but a great place to keep all her notes too.


Every parents weapon of choice, am I right!! Leanora like most kids misplace, cardigans, jumpers, PE Kit even school bags and I have to say last year we easily went through more than 12 carigans and jumpers, not this year! I've become a graffitti artist and tagged her name inside if EVERYTHING with these sharpie pens.


As previously mentioned kids, come back with so much loose paper in their bags,so keeping all things tidy and in one place, especialy if your child is leaning and instrument or langugage yuo can neatly file away all the papers in one place. 


I'm getting in early,  especially as Leanora has Raynards and I find all the good designs are out now and like last year I missed the mark and did not get the ones I originallly had intended on buying for her, silly I know but a good lined glove can goo quick, just like the school shoes I missed on buying Leanora for this term.

Resealable bags

Ok, may be this was more for me wanting to go Ikea to eat meatballs and a big slice or 2 of Dime cake, but I still managed to get some much needed iconoic ISTAD bags. They are perfect holding little snacks for Leanora and good for the home too, so everyeones a winner. 

Paint, Coloured Pens, Glue, Glitter & Coloured paper/card

There is alaways someething to create for school, be it a homework piece a costume to make and little gift card, Rymans have loads of great craft kits to get you started or if not what you need you can always g=create your own, as these ites are certainly an essential.

I hope these essentials you have foud helpful or if you have anythhing you have found essential for you child return back to school, I would love to hear and please share below.


Disclaimer: Some items in the photo have been gifted for this post


Thursday 1 September 2022

Homemade Pesto

Pesto is our go to hero condiment, all throughout the year and I can not believe I use to buy this super easy, super tasty and all round awesome sauce when it is so easy to make. 

Every week without fail I have to make a batch of this glorious green sauce, those days not wanting to be in the kitchen and make a grand dinner after a long day at work and want something fresh, tasty and super easy to make, bomb, pop this bad boy at of the fridge, boil up some pasta combine the two great gods together and a sprinkle, well who am I kidding a lovely and very generous sprinkle of parmesan and the family dish just comes together in the most perfect way. 

This pesto works great in salads and sarnies too.

To start making this heavenly sauce, you got to toast up a cup full pine nuts until nice and brown, then toss into my blender.

I like to add 1 cup of olive oil.

Followed by  2 cup fulls of basil.

4 cloves of garlic

Juice of half a lemon

1 cup of grated parmesan, do not buy already grated parmesan the taste is completely different.

A pinch of salt and pepper, then give it all a whizz in your blender.

If you find that it is too thick a splash of water will loosen things up for you.

There is nothing more delicious than enjoying this, with family and friends and you know what the pesto's yet to come. 


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