Tuesday 30 January 2018

Craving The Spring Air, With Vera Wang

Scents are uplifting, they are supposed to empower and be fun and take you on an adventure off to a magical island where you rule and roam and that is exactly what Vera Wang's, Princess does.

I was gifted this cutesy perfume last week at Very.co.uk Valentines event, whilst it may look like it could be too young for me, due to its packaging, I can safely say it is just what I needed to lift my senses and spirits this January, to help guide me in to the Spring months.

I am very particular when it comes to scents, they connect you to a memory and Vera Wang's, Princess, reminded me of chasing Leanora through the Lavender fields last year, those good days when we did not need to wear a coat, not even a jacket required and I crave for those days that I can finally shrug of my puffa jacket and roam around in the gentle breeze, whilst chasing a manic toddler, but for now i'll keep it firmly on thanks and just bask in this fruity, floral but light aroma whilst I fight my way on the tube in the morning, before taking a grumpy toddler to preschool.

I like to spritz just a little on my pressure points, to help keep me calm and I find it clears my head, not in a menacing or medicinal way, but the light aroma puts a little spring into my step to help get me out of the house each morning.

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This perfume is the perfect gift this Valentines Day for a special person in your life, or something to have sitting pretty on your dresser, next to some delicate jewels, so go ahead, like Shortridge Laundry says and treat yourself. 

London Mumma xx



Monday 29 January 2018

Breakfast Smoothie

All right folks, today I am talking about breakfast smoothies and changing some eating habits!

Over the holiday's I can honestly say and unmercifully admit I went to town, I went to China town on the food, but I need to change all that and get my body and pocket from all the money spent out dining and partying back in to check and what better way to start all of that than by making a super tasty and healthy breakfast smoothie to start the day and save some money too with a little help from bespoke kitchens.

Britain especially is a nation of foodies, we love nothing more than dining out and spending a small fortune doing so or on takeaways.

Takeaway service is big business, I didn't realise until recently a survey hosted by payment sense, found that the average Brit spends around £9.75 on a takeaway for themselves at least once a month, but really I think it's more that, I mean weekends for me, Friday night is takeaway night for me and Leanora, so annually I'm looking at £507! Mr Liu, my local Chinese must be raking it in, but as I sit here I know I'll happily come order come the following Friday, but I will try my hardest to reign it and whip up some of my delicious Chinese sweet chicken wings saving me some money.

Dining out is a big business for us millennials, we probably eat out more than any other demographic, but millennial or not us Brits according to the sun can spend around £288k in our lifetime eating out at restaurants. London is the city that dines out the most, more so than any other city according to The Chronicles, with The South East and Northern Ireland are not far behind. Can you blame us Londoners, with so many new pops and restaurant openings each week!

Yes with busy lives, family dining is no longer the same. In 2017 it is said that just over 20% of British families sat down to dine together once or twice a week, with everyone preferring to take a more relaxed approach by eating on the sofa and talking about the day's adventures whilst watching tv. Now, this I can certainly believe because A I do not have a dining table B after a long day then coming home to cook I want to be able to enjoy it in a more comfortable setting, where after I can relax and unwind with Leanora.

But I digress, in order for me to get to the latter, I am going to make sure I start my day the healthiest possible as well as Leanora's  and what better way to get all the nutrients we need to have a great day than with a tasty breakfast smoothie perfect for the whole family.  

Super easy and super quick and you can pop everything into the blender and drink within a few minutes.

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Ingredients for 2

Half an avocado
2 bananas
2 handfuls of grapes
2 handfuls of spinach
2 tablespoons of chia seeds
2 tbsp of maple syrup
2 cups of water
half a cup of ice


1. pop all ingredients into your blender whizz for a minute, then enjoy!

London Mumma xx


Thursday 25 January 2018

At Home Nails With Mani And Lola

When it comes to nails, I have had a tendency to neglect them, probably because I can never make my mind up to what colour I want, as I want them all, not necessarily all at once, well kinda, what can I say I can never make up my mind!  

Imagine my delight discovering Mani & Lola. A subscription box that enables to have your nails perfectly manicured all in the comfort of your own home, whilst I love lifes little luxuries like going to the nail salon I just haven't found the time to get my nails painted weekly or having those pesky chips repaired, plus lets not forget to mention it can become quite costly, having nails manicured weekly. 

Thankfully with a well manicured helping hand by Mani and Lola they are here to make life simple and affordable with a subscription package costing between £14-£20pcm. With a bespoke box delivered each month with  5-6 premium products ranging from salon professional nail treatments, nail care tools and nail polishes it leaves you to master your nail polish skills all in the comfort of your own home. 

To start your in home luxury manicure the 1st step is to prepare your hands, by starting with Skin Republics, Hand repair mask. This is great for adding moisture back in to hands especially at this time of year, when your body can become extremely parched and dry in the colder months, so the hand masks enriched with collages and 10 plant extracts will have your hands glowing and moisturised.

With your hands mositurised, its time to keep those beauties hydrated and what better way than with this darling tub of Milk & honey butter from Cuccio whic will leave your hands smelling like a treat, plus an added bonus you can use this on your body and feet to great to protect you from free radicals and harsh weathers. 

Grab your Mani & Lola file to shape and even out any jagged edges. I like to shape my kinda square and round of the edges.

OPI always have great shades and they have recently combined two of their best-selling products, nail shade Samoan Sand and their award winning strengthening treatment Nail Envy, to bring you this new baby. Apply two coats, I always think its best to let the first coat dry, before you apply the second, leading it to not peel or crack.

Looking to brighten up your week, then Artistic's Shred It Up, electrifying purple shade will have you on trend this winter. 

Heading out at night and wanting your nails to shimmer the night away, then China Glaze, New Year, New Boo, is the gloss for you.

On Fridays we wear pink, so I suggest reaching over for Butter London's girly Flusher Blusher polish to kick start your weekend. 

London Mumma xx

Monday 22 January 2018

Winter Occasion Dressing

With winter in full swing and a little light dusting of snow over the weekend, it can be hard to know what to wear, especially if you have an occasion coming up.

Not wanting to wear anything too bright, but yet still nothing too dark either, it can be hard to find that perfect occasion in between look. 

The high street is currently awash with some darling pieces, that you can wear all year round, from bright florals to the dark romantic kind, all at affordable prices, so you are not left completely blowing the budget on that must have dress or even tailored jumpsuit. 

When you have an upcoming event it can be a tad stressful finding the right attire and creating the perfect look, whilst still wanting to look good you do not want to upstage your host, which can cause you some grief. But with a little forward planning, finding out about your location and the type of occasion you will be attending, a little planning goes a long way!

Bright florals like the one that I am wearing from Riva is great for most occasions, be it a wedding, an engagement party Coast have fab ones too. But when I am buying for a special occasion, I always think about can I wear it again, if so how can I!? Mixing it up is always fun, especially when pairing it with some comfy trainers for a kids party or lunch with the girls. So if you are going to blow the budget on the perfect look, you want to make sure you get the most out of your look and that you are able to style it various ways, for more than the one occasion. So right now, if you have bought that fancy dress for a special occasion, why not give it a more relaxed look, by pairing it with some trainers, or even throwing on a chunky knit and teaming it with some bike botts to give it an edgier look or if you just bought the perfect jump/suit and want to take it to a relaxed day look why not grab a baker boy hat and rock it with a pair of sneakers. 

Playing with styles, colours and fabrics for an occasion is always fun, as well as choosing the right accessories too, so do not fret, I've got you covered with some great looks for any Winter occasion. 

Shop My Favourite Winter Occasion Wear

London Mumma xx


Friday 19 January 2018

5 Ways To Recharge Your Beauty

Out with the old, and in with the new beauty products! New Year is about new hope, new goals, but firstly recharging your beauty products. Time for a massive clear out and start the year anew. 

I've found that come the new year, comes a new shift in the weather and I notice a massive change in my skin and not a good change, it becomes dry, parched even and continuously craving moisture, and I find that no matter how much I reach for my water bottle to quench my thirsty skin, it's as though it is never quite enough, leaving me no choice but to change up my skincare accordingly to face off the harsh weathers and luckily with a recurring subscription with MINTD Box I know that my mind, body and soul will be recharged and my beauty cabinet will be better off. 

2018 calls for a new bi-monthly service with MINTD, a great gift for those who are new to the subscription box world and those that crave high-end luxury beauty products. By subscribing with MINTD it is a great way to try before you buy, but with the added bonus that these darling luxury products are all full-sized and be it monthly or now bi-monthly this darling box will only cost you £70 and no matter where you are in the world, they ship worldwide.  For those that are new to MINTD Box, trust me they do not disappoint and every month they get better and better and these luxury boxes are so well thought out for your needs. 

This months box is all about recharging your skin and bringing that much-needed hydration with 5 great FULL SIZED products that do not disappoint and tick all the right boxes and delivered right to your doorstep, so there is no excuse to not try it!

I am not a tea person, I am a coffee gal! I like to start my day by whizzing up my coffee machine and drinking a latte, gearing me up for the hustle and bustle of the day. But wanting to change it up and start my day a little healthier a little calmer I tucked into a little light cleansing herbal tea by Quinteassential. It was the first product I tried and tested and I am so glad that it was, its exquisite blend of ginger and cardamon, notes of dates and oats and the earthy cacoa beans with a kick of pepper was just the right blend and gave off the right aroma to help me start and uplift my day. It made me feel happier to get up and work my way through, my mind felt more relaxed due to the aroma and it is certainly by no means your standard herbal tea, oh so much more and much more luxurious.

I have tried Anne Semonin products before thanks to the beauty wizards at MINTD, so I was ecstatic to try these express radiance ice cubes. Pop these darling little pots in the freezer for a few hours or leave them in there, and when ready, pop just one out and wrap it in the gauze provided and smooth over the eye area to help revitalise tired eyes. With botanical extracts of wild indigo, this instant boosting radiance miracle is perfect for me and you too, especially as I've had a few sleepless nights, as Leanora has been up most nights due to her eczema playing up and my dark eyes are recharged thanks to the active serum de-puffing and reducing dark circles and wrinkles. 

Ok now listen, I've only tried a few Sunday Riley products, but I am keen to work my way through them all. I've been using the Sunday Riley C.E.O C + E micro-dissolve cleansing oil like it is going out of fashion and I must confess I am in love. As soon as I get home and start my nighttime beauty routine, I reach for this cleansing oil, it is ever so light. It can be used to remove makeup, but I always like to have a little extra help for that, but I find that if I've not got too much of heavy makeup applied that this does the trick. A glorious cocktail of gentle white willow bark and lime pearl extracts works to gently refresh the skin, whilst the turmeric and vitamin C provide antioxidant-rich, calming skin support, helping to leave my skin cleansed, I have to say that it is a pleasure to use, plus it smells great and feels great on my sensitive skin too. 

Now this is a high price and this is why I crave my MINTD Box each month, for £70 and 5 amazing full sized products and Rodial's, Dragon Blood Hyaluronic Mask costing £45 on its own and all the great reviews I have heard about this mask, it is no wonder I race to get home for a little r&r. If you are looking for some much needed over night hydration or even on a long haul flight, Rodial and MINTD to have you sorted. Whilst I keep water by my bed of an evening and wake up and cane the bottle, I have found the past few weeks, I am drinking less and less when I have my mask on. This moisturising face mask plumps the appearance of those niggly fine lines and helps even out the skin tone, all whilst maintaining hydration levels, this is truly a perfect companion in the colder months.

This is my little night and daytime beauty treat, that I have carried everywhere with me for weeks, anytime I am changing my bag or heading to bed, this is not far from my hands. This calming balm from Scentered helps to clear your mind and relax your body, this is perfect after a stressful day or preparing to unwind from a long day. A few applications to your pressure points and inhale deeply will totally recharge your mood. 

Have you got this months MINTD Box or tried any of these products?

How will you be recharging your beauty products this year?

London Mumma xx



Friday 12 January 2018

9 Things I've Learnt As A Parent

To be honest, I am totally winging parenthood which is fine by me as I am still growing into being a parent, even though I've been doing it safely to for 3 in a half years now and whilst I am may still be learning as I go along, I can share some of my wisdom that I have learnt since being a parent.

Whilst I am still trying to remember the time B.C (before children) it has me questioning, prior to that time did I really learn anything, well yeah I guess, how to knock back a few Jagerbombs after work and mastered the necessities to get through a hangover (bottle of coke, something in it relieves the hangover and a load of Chinese from Mr Liu, plus pizza for good measure) but I digress, did I?! Well yes, because I knew what council tax and water rates were. No, in terms of the fact that parenting is a whole new dimension, something that no matter how many books you read or a crackdown on Google to research from how to put a nappy on to finding out if you ever get any sleep when your child is older (the answer to that my friend is a big fat NO) you are still learning as you go, but there are things you do learn, 10 things so far. I do hope that they're helpful to someone out there....

whilst I have never been made of stone, I have always had a guard up after being hurt so many times in my life, pre-parenting! But is that really healthy to be like that, no it was not healthy for me, but I tell you something, the moment you give birth or see your baby for the first time, those barriers break and you let your guard down! Whilst I like to think I am no pushover for my child, at times, Leanora knows just how to get me around her little sticky fingers and there is no shame in the game of letting your guard down for the most precious thing in your life and I am so thankful she came into my life and turning me in to mush.

Whilst I have fallen in and out of love countless times in my life, I never experienced a love that is infinite as the one I have for my daughter and is returned in abundance. 

Parenting is a continuous battle, be it arguing over what to eat, what to wear to preschool, or who is going to feed that cat, I mean we even argue over who is going to lock the door, but whilst we may have silly arguments with our children the endless love and bond that you have makes up for those silly fights, this morning was over which Hotel Transylvania to watch!

When your child starts attending nursery/school some may thrive or some may hate getting involved with the activities and events organised, I thought I would have been the latter person, but I have to say I love being involved, I think it is great to show support for my daughter, her pre-school and also great support for the community too, I thrive off being involved (except for when I forget to bring a dish in) plus it is a great way to make new parent friends too.

screw adulthood, sometimes we all get that feeling when we just don't want to be adults and I say you know what we all deserve a little kid time, so there is nothing I love more, than a day off dedicating to fun, sticky filled parenting adventure with my bestie.

You always have someone to talk to, have fun with laugh with and cry with (well you cry, they watch with sparkly laughing eyes, when they've just elbowed you in the boob) I am comfortable enough for us to have a clear separation of mother and daughter, but we are close enough for my child to feel comfortable to come and talk to me and ask me anything (for now...until she turns 13 I'm sure it will all change)

You become your child's teacher, a mentor even your role and duty as a parent is to teach your child right from wrong, to love, to be able to guide them and give them tools in life to succeed and know that they can be anything they want in life. 

So much can change when you become a parent, mothers and fathers, mothers, in particular, are held in a different light at times and your place of work can penalise you for even having to cut back on hours or days, because you are a parent of a child, and I should know it has happened to me. I am a single hard working parent, I always go above and beyond for my employer/clients and I work just as hard as the next person, but I've even come under scrutiny just for not being able to work a particular day that week as I had to take my daughter to the doctors and the look I got was mortification, like I should not take my child to the doctors. It can be hard as a parent to find an employer that truly understands flexible working, but when you do stick with them.

I did not realise the pressures of waiting for the school acceptance into your chosen school. I have only picked three for Leanora and the catchment area is a bitch, you literally for most schools have to live on the road, even then you are not guaranteed a place. It is so frustrating when they take siblings first even when the family has moved out of the area and at times borough. 

What have been some of the things you have learnt since becoming a parent?

London Mumma xx


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I am wearing
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Monday 8 January 2018

6 Healthy Habits You Should Start This New Year

Even though we are firmly into our second week into the New Year, it does not mean you can not set in motion and start some new healthy habits now, as it is never too late.

With focusing on doing things for you this new year in terms of goals, you can not forget about the healthy side too. I mean, I am certainly not the only one nor will I ever be the last person in the world to want to start new healthy habits, especially after the party season, which has drawn to a close, and the frostbiting weather that has crept in, we are going to want our body and mind to be at it's healthiest. But I and you can to start off small, nothing major, just a few small tweaks and we can take, no, we should take baby steps  to get the ball rolling on you and I becoming and feeling healthier.

A no-brainer I know, but this can also be the hardest, especially for those with busy lives or single parents like me, who can find it hard to get sitters. But I am not, nor should you let this deter you, you've got a home, a DVD player, wifi, Instagram even, so get a work out DVD, find something on Youtube or even search Instagram for some #fitspo and kick exercises butt at the comfort of your own home.

Quitting Smoking
Now I must confess I am only a social smoker, wouldn't dare smoke in the day, well unless I am super stressed, but for those who are finding it hard, remember baby steps cut down slowly but surely, set yourself a target and work towards it, you will get there. Plus after you start exercising you won't feel the need to want to smoke anymore, substitute that bad habit, with a healthy habit.

Be Proactive
Stop procrastinating and get up, be proactive with the things that make you happy, the more you do those happy things or see those that make you happy, will make you feel better and happier, thus leading you to have a healthier mindset.

Write A Gratitude List
Not gonna lie now, I thought this was a joke, whatever can a list make me happier? Well yeah, it does! I wake up a little extra earlier, grab my notebook by my bed, with my sleeping toddler next to me and write 3 things which make me happy, number one normally consists of not being kicked in the night, by Leanora and the others just flow and once written I always feel a lot better and it makes stepping out of bed in the freezing cold a little more manageable.

Make Time For Peace & Quiet
Nothing like a little me time to make a person feel more relaxed and happier, be it stealing a few minutes away from the office and going for a walk at lunch, instead of being cooped up in that god awful aircon swarming room, some fresh air into your lungs and head, is a sure fire way to make you feel a little more normal. For those that do not work, a dip in the bath with some oils is just what the doctor ordered to feel like you again.

Spoil Yourself
Nothing like a new treat, be it a jumper, book to even nail polish to make you feel better. Is buying something healthy you may ask, well yes. Stop being so hard on yourself all the time, ease up on yourself from time to time, just remember you are doing a great job and nothing healthier than spoiling you once in a while.

What healthy habits will you be implementing this year?

London Mumma xx

Jumper -  SHE INSIDE
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Bag - Next
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Bershka (soldout) - Similar


Sunday 7 January 2018

Loungewear You Never Want To Take Off

These past few days, winter has truly stepped up its game with an icy cold chill in the air and snow for some of us too. With the party season over, there is nowhere I rather be on the weekends than at home burning some candles chillaxing in some comfy loungewear.

Weekends I know are made for brunching, but I rather not brunch but Netflix and chill at home in some comfy loungewear, but if you must venture out, loungewear has totally become acceptable to wear on the outside world and over the years has become fashionably accepted worldwide, from comfy stretchy pants to cosy luxurious cashmere knits, they make for the perfect cosy day in with your toosh parked firmly on your sofa or braving the outside world....if you must!!

Ever since the Christmas festive wind-down and reluctantly taking down the tree, I've wanted to ease into the new year in something comfy, before it was my gym leggings and feeling restricted and relaxing uncomfortably, now I enjoy lounging in this ribbed jumpsuit I bought from Tobi and cosy cardi from Next.

When I am at home working, I want to feel comfortable nothing more frustrating than being at home working or going through the house chores in some tight jeans, you want to be as relaxed as possible, you feel more productive in something more slouchy. In order for me to do so, I love to shop at Next and good old M&S for my comfiest of loungewear, but I've sourced a few new pieces from Tobi such as my ribbed jumpsuit that I am currently wearing, ASOS also do great loungewear sets as well as a maternity range and The White company have loads of great cashmere jumpers, perfect if you are looking to splash out and they are a great investment.

For a day of home relaxing and unwinding or simply working you are also going to need a few home essentials, such as candles which bring an eternal calm and tranquility in to the home and I have a few new faves from Amara Living and Jo Malon, bring clean or rich scents in to the home can help to relax your mind, body and soul. You are also going to want the softest of blankets to keep you extra snug on the sofa whilst watching the tv or simply tucking into your latest new read. Some fluffy slippers to open the door for the delivery guy, after all, you gotta eat at some point. 

Happy Lounging. 

London Mumma xx



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