Monday 29 January 2018

Breakfast Smoothie

All right folks, today I am talking about breakfast smoothies and changing some eating habits!

Over the holiday's I can honestly say and unmercifully admit I went to town, I went to China town on the food, but I need to change all that and get my body and pocket from all the money spent out dining and partying back in to check and what better way to start all of that than by making a super tasty and healthy breakfast smoothie to start the day and save some money too with a little help from bespoke kitchens.

Britain especially is a nation of foodies, we love nothing more than dining out and spending a small fortune doing so or on takeaways.

Takeaway service is big business, I didn't realise until recently a survey hosted by payment sense, found that the average Brit spends around £9.75 on a takeaway for themselves at least once a month, but really I think it's more that, I mean weekends for me, Friday night is takeaway night for me and Leanora, so annually I'm looking at £507! Mr Liu, my local Chinese must be raking it in, but as I sit here I know I'll happily come order come the following Friday, but I will try my hardest to reign it and whip up some of my delicious Chinese sweet chicken wings saving me some money.

Dining out is a big business for us millennials, we probably eat out more than any other demographic, but millennial or not us Brits according to the sun can spend around £288k in our lifetime eating out at restaurants. London is the city that dines out the most, more so than any other city according to The Chronicles, with The South East and Northern Ireland are not far behind. Can you blame us Londoners, with so many new pops and restaurant openings each week!

Yes with busy lives, family dining is no longer the same. In 2017 it is said that just over 20% of British families sat down to dine together once or twice a week, with everyone preferring to take a more relaxed approach by eating on the sofa and talking about the day's adventures whilst watching tv. Now, this I can certainly believe because A I do not have a dining table B after a long day then coming home to cook I want to be able to enjoy it in a more comfortable setting, where after I can relax and unwind with Leanora.

But I digress, in order for me to get to the latter, I am going to make sure I start my day the healthiest possible as well as Leanora's  and what better way to get all the nutrients we need to have a great day than with a tasty breakfast smoothie perfect for the whole family.  

Super easy and super quick and you can pop everything into the blender and drink within a few minutes.

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Ingredients for 2

Half an avocado
2 bananas
2 handfuls of grapes
2 handfuls of spinach
2 tablespoons of chia seeds
2 tbsp of maple syrup
2 cups of water
half a cup of ice


1. pop all ingredients into your blender whizz for a minute, then enjoy!

London Mumma xx


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