Thursday 25 January 2018

At Home Nails With Mani And Lola

When it comes to nails, I have had a tendency to neglect them, probably because I can never make my mind up to what colour I want, as I want them all, not necessarily all at once, well kinda, what can I say I can never make up my mind!  

Imagine my delight discovering Mani & Lola. A subscription box that enables to have your nails perfectly manicured all in the comfort of your own home, whilst I love lifes little luxuries like going to the nail salon I just haven't found the time to get my nails painted weekly or having those pesky chips repaired, plus lets not forget to mention it can become quite costly, having nails manicured weekly. 

Thankfully with a well manicured helping hand by Mani and Lola they are here to make life simple and affordable with a subscription package costing between £14-£20pcm. With a bespoke box delivered each month with  5-6 premium products ranging from salon professional nail treatments, nail care tools and nail polishes it leaves you to master your nail polish skills all in the comfort of your own home. 

To start your in home luxury manicure the 1st step is to prepare your hands, by starting with Skin Republics, Hand repair mask. This is great for adding moisture back in to hands especially at this time of year, when your body can become extremely parched and dry in the colder months, so the hand masks enriched with collages and 10 plant extracts will have your hands glowing and moisturised.

With your hands mositurised, its time to keep those beauties hydrated and what better way than with this darling tub of Milk & honey butter from Cuccio whic will leave your hands smelling like a treat, plus an added bonus you can use this on your body and feet to great to protect you from free radicals and harsh weathers. 

Grab your Mani & Lola file to shape and even out any jagged edges. I like to shape my kinda square and round of the edges.

OPI always have great shades and they have recently combined two of their best-selling products, nail shade Samoan Sand and their award winning strengthening treatment Nail Envy, to bring you this new baby. Apply two coats, I always think its best to let the first coat dry, before you apply the second, leading it to not peel or crack.

Looking to brighten up your week, then Artistic's Shred It Up, electrifying purple shade will have you on trend this winter. 

Heading out at night and wanting your nails to shimmer the night away, then China Glaze, New Year, New Boo, is the gloss for you.

On Fridays we wear pink, so I suggest reaching over for Butter London's girly Flusher Blusher polish to kick start your weekend. 

London Mumma xx

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