Monday 12 August 2019

Mum Hacks With Ikea

I don’t know about you, but I can be a little disorganised from time to time. Mornings are crazy in my house, rushing around getting ready for work and school, summer holiday camps, play dates, morning swims you name it, it’s pretty much intense.

As you know it’s key for the kiddos to have a nutritious and healthy diet, but when you lead a busy life, it's easy to just pick up something on the go from the shop to give them to eat, knowing that it’s bad for them and loaded with a tonne of sugar and salt.

With that in mind, I’m being more proactive in providing Leanora with healthy, tasty treats! Prepping the night before and with the help of L, making it fun for her and me, so we’ve teamed up with IKEA to share some of our favourite products to help our morning’s be a little less crazy and a lot more healthy and manageable.

Sometimes the best way to get and be organised is to have something visual, for me when it is out of sight out of mind, I forget about it and what I need to do, so I picked up last week the SKÅDIS pegboard. What I love about this I can put all my important items on here and I had my super creative friend make us a calendar for the month and listed on there what we are eating, where we need to be, this way it remind me of what I need to do in order to prep and have a more hassle free productive day. This is kept in the kitchen as this is where I spend most of my time and I’ll always see it, the SKÅDIS is great as you can mount the SKÅDIS accessories on to the board to store all your essentials, plus you can create your own combination to suit your style needs.


Sometimes to encourage kids to love and want to eat and try a variety of foods, I find the best way is to get them involved in the whole process from beginning to end, plus you can always do with a few extra hands come washing up. First off getting them to look the part in the TOPPKLOCKA apron to make them feel like a proper chef, plus if your kids are as accident prone as mine, this will help protect their clothing.

My daughter loves her sandwiches, especially when cut into shapes it makes it more fun for her to eat plus she will notice less if filled with lettuce which she is not a fan of, but with the FISKBEN moulds used as a cutter it’s a lot more fun to eat. 

I’m guilty of it, wrapping sandwiches in cling film or foil, the wastage is high and not great for the environment, I highly recommend sustainable lunch boxes that you can use on repeat a fun one for the kids is the SMASKA doggy lunch box and at £3.75 it’s a total bargain saving you money and the environment too. Another great reusable storage item that I have a load of is the IKEA ISTAD resealable bags which are great to store fruit or treats for the kids.

What are you hacks to help manage your days better with your family?


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