Friday 29 December 2017

Happy Holla Sales

It's time to shop till you drop, or on a better note in the comfort of your own home this festive period.... Is it me or do you find that the sales start earlier and earlier each year and can become a little bit overwhelming and I must confess I hate going into stores, I steer well clear of Oxford Circus, I don't fancy being in that concrete jungle anytime soon, elbowing my way through childless and with the right footwear on to run and nab those pair of vinyl trousers i've been lusting over!

Instead I am shopping from the comfort of my own home armed with the left over festive booze, nothing like a little drunken (just a tad) shopping to encourage me to overfill my basket! So with my feet firmly propped up, it was time for me to get down and dirty to shop the New Years sales to peruse the web so you don't have to.

I have linked a few of my fave items from my fave stores for you, family and friends.

Enjoy! Let me know what you snap up in the comments below. x

up to 50% off 

up to 70% off

up to 60% off

up to 50% off

up to 50% off

up to 50% off

Happy Holla Sales.

London Mumma xx

Friday 15 December 2017

Friday Favourites

With snowy weathers, a girls night out and twinning pj's there are so many must have favourites this week to get us all in to the festive spirit.

Girls night out and work Christmas parties all kicking off over the next few days, you are going to need something to wear! Who better to go and see and shop like crazy with, than the super affordable brand SheIn! I snapped up this peplum and matching pant set for the festive period, costing me less than £20!

Prepping your skin is vital, especially when the weather changes and MINTD have your skin protected and help keep it healthy and moisturised, plus look at its darling packaging, which also makes for a fab Christmas present for a special someone.

What better way to keep you and your family warm than some matching PJ's over the festive period.

When the kids are in bed, why not whip up a batch of my boozy bailey's chocolate mousse and kick back on the sofa and enjoy.

What have been some of hot favourites this week?

Share them with me in your comments below.

London Mumma xx

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Monday 11 December 2017

Enchanted Beauty With MINTD

Gloomy wintery weather should not get you or your skin down!

With the recent snowfall, slush, rain and harsh weathers, you are going to need to protect your skin more than ever, don't let this weather bully your skin, bully it right back with a little help with MINTD!

It is important to change your skincare routine, keep it guessing I say, as well as keeping it protected! Think of it like how you change your clothes each season, you need to change your beauty routine each season and every month MINTD helps repair, protect, nourish and hydrate your skin. 

Winter is notorious for leaving our skin dry and flaky and can even make you sick, by lowering our immune system, but with some MINTD love, there’s no better time to do some damage control with a few indulgent skincare products.

An inhalation essence by De Mamiel is the perfect winter treat to help clear your head, refreshes the mind and soul. A few drops on to a piece of tissue and a few deep inhalation breaths will have you feeling calm and relaxed and help clear you, especially after a commute to work or preparation to relax your mind after a long day or flight. Perfect size for carrying in your bag, plus it is a naturally potent immune booster and pick me up. 

You look at this African Botanics Marula Face Mask and think that this looks like any normal clay mask, and why on earth would you want your skin to dry out in winter months, you are wanting moisture put back into it. But this soothing and intoxicating aroma mask is anything but, a thin layer is all that is needed, as it is ultra moisturising, does not dry hard whatsoever and after leaving for 5-15 minutes then rinsed off with warm water your skin is left dewy, firm and hydrated. 

Don't be afraid to use oils, I know some people are a little dubious about face oils, but honestly there is nothing better, especially in the winter month's for an injection of much-needed protection and hydration and Votary a brand that I have been coveting since it launched, had me feeling like Christmas came early as I was ecstatic to find in this months box. Votary, a British brand pride themselves on using unique blends of pure natural oils and powerful botanicals, the Jasmine and Calendula facial oil is a simple mix of excellent oils such as Rosehip, Calendula and Immortelle and it is incredibly calming and lovely and light, which makes it suitable to be used day and night. 

Our skin becomes more vulnerable in the winter months and same for our eyes too, they can become more prominent in wrinkles and without the help of moisture, you under eye area would lose its plumpness. Thanks to Skin Laundry this mighty saviour eye cream helps plump and reduce those pesky dark circles, due to the combination of peptides, vitamins, and extracts which work to increase elastin synthesis and boost skin firmness, elasticity, and hydration.

This brilliant Balmessence Lip Treatment from Oribe is a godsend, for those who suffer or not from chapped lips, is delicately packed with Camelina oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants helping to bring life and moisture into your lips. 

MINTD evokes a feeling of luxury, decadence and indulgence that is mood altering, skin rejuvenating and they are worth every penny.

Have you tried any of these products? How will you be keeping your skin hydrated these winter months?

London Mumma xx



Friday 8 December 2017

Family Style: Jumper Dresses

I consider myself a twinning convert, especially over the holidays, they are the perfect time for families to fully embrace the festivities and wear matching festive family outfits, be it Christmas jumpers to cosy pyjamas to even matching tan Nike high tops to the darling family of four I spotted whilst on the tube the other day.

With the holiday season officially upon us, we have a few festive parties already lined up from, school Christmas parties, NCT family parties, to seeing friends and family for some much needed merriment, no matter where you venture to this holiday season you are going to need to be on the hunt for the perfect look for you and your family. 

With the winter in full effect you are going to need to be ready, to wrap up warm whilst still remaining to be stylish and what better iconic way than to wear a jumper dress, with some matching boots for you and your mini-me, whilst you may be thinking gosh is she not cold, that's what thermals are for my loves, to give you that maximum extra warmth times 1000 during the winter months and some cosy socks and tights too.


The jumper dress is so easy to wear and throw on, with a few additional accessories and boots, not much else is really required other than a coat and you are both good to go. If you find yourself wearing a jumper dress that is a little shapeless and requires us Mummas to show off our shape, why not nip in the waist with a belt to accentuate your curves. 

If you are craving a little luxury this festive season, I certainly recommend popping on your Christmas Wish List a cashmere version, you never know Santa may spoil you both. Looking for alternative ways to wear the jumper dress, why not go casual and team with trainers, perfect for weekend fun, or if you are looking to go glam, why not team it with, for that catwalk look some flared trousers and some heels for you and some skinny jeans with sparkly trainers or boots for her. 

I have shared some affordable and luxury options for you both for the festive period below.

How will you be wearing your jumper dress? 

Happy holidays. 

London Mumma xx

What I wore

What Leanora wore


Wednesday 6 December 2017

London Eats: The Sipping Room, Canary Wharf

When it comes to Sunday lunch, you can not beat a good roast with family and friends, it goes hand in hand, like prosecco and my hand, so when we were invited to a The Sipping Room which is part of the Drake & Morgan family, it would have been rude to of not accept, especially as I've heard there Sunday roast is big deal!

Sunday's can be hard to find a decent location for food, service and family entertainment especially if you have children.

Sundays are about enjoying good food and your family and friends company and that can be hard to find in a restaurant, but a little further into the city, Canary Wharf,  just on the riverfront, there you will find The Sipping Room, a perfect family affair.  Yes, you may be thinking oh she is just saying that but truly, I don't just look at how I am being served, but others around us. The staff were great and embraced those with family, of children and babies of all ages with open arms!

The Sipping Room is quite rustic on the side with a modern twist of decor, it is dark and moody but well lit to give you that dark romance feel.

Got a large group of 6-8 that's great, as they have large booths in their glorious rustic restaurant.

Whilst the kids play, drawn and gave balloons made out of there favourite characters, why not order yourself a nice ice cold bottle of wine.

Whilst sipping on your wine, why not tuck into the tastiest of sourdough bread's still warm from the oven.

Once devoured, mostly by Leanora, as we were only allowed one slice as apparently this was HER bread, let the main course commence!

Now, this was, no IS the Sunday Roasts of dreams, this is literally food from the gods, sent down to grace us.

Leanora went for the sausage and mash from the Little Drake menu, which she totally devoured, before I could ask for a bite of her sausage and when I did, if looks could kill, I'd be 6 feet under right now!

Nannie, went for the whole roast chicken, and it was a mouth-wateringly good, so good we all ended up attacking it!

I went for the succulent beef accompanied by monstrous towering Yorkshire pudding, which I wolfed down with lashings of gravy and roast vegetables.

All pleasantly stuffed and ready for a kip, we finished off with coffee for me a good ol cuppa tea for Nannie and orange juice for Leanora, before we headed off for a delightful nighttime stroll around Canary Wharf before we departed for home.

Truly an amazing lunch at an amazing restaurant, perfect for those with families or just a good old feast with a few of your favourite people.

A firm new favourite restaurant for us and trust me it will be yours too. 

Check their website out here - make sure to book ahead especially on a Sunday!

A massive thank you to The Sipping Room for having us three little piggies, we left feeling like happy bunnies.

London Mumma xxx


Friday 1 December 2017

A Magical Night At Winter Wonderland

There is something spectacular that happens every year in London in November and that is the opening of Winter Wonderland

With the smell of hot coco and mulled wine in the air, you truly know the festive period is upon us and if your a tad unorganised and not yet bought any Christmas presents put that to the back of your mind, bundle up warm with loved ones and friends and have a magical night  at winter wonderland, whilst probably chasing after a chocolate churro infused toddler! What better way to spend time together at the beginning of the holiday season.

We ventured out down to Marble Arch mid-afternoon, to be able to go on every ride and see as many shows as possible, thanks to the lovelies over a Mumsnet

We arrive with sheer anticipation, from the delight in knowing that we are going to have a great time, we race through the lined 'paths' with stalls from selling, trinkets to treats, it is a great place to grab, not just a bite to eat, but some delightful stocking fillers too.

The first ride of the season was these cars that the little ones sit, I did try to get in Leanora's insistence, but I'm afraid I got a big old toosh and was unable to squeeze in!

With a promise of a visit to the deep sea, we headed for the Magical Ice Kingdom! With sub-zero temperatures, make sure you and your little ones are wrapped up warm, with hats, gloves and scarves, big kids too, it is not for the fainthearted!

With so much beautiful creations to see, from the octopus, submarine and mermaid all perfectly carved out of ice you will truly be lost in the depths of this magical ocean.

Once weaved through the sea, we headed straight to Zippos Christmas Circus.

Our first ever circus fun together and I was quite unsure if Leanora would like it, let alone sit there and watch it all, but I was pleasantly surprised that she was glued to the whole marvellous Zippos Christmas Circus show, with acrobats leaping from death-defying heights, to dancing bears and clowns. The only downside was that the little minx scoffed all the popcorn! But it is a brilliant show for all ages lasting 45 minutes, so good that we watched it twice. 

If you follow me over on Instagram, you would of seen my insta stories of the little rollercoasters, suitable for Leanora's age, the views of Winter Wonderland are truly gorgeous, but what was more surprising were the heights of the roller-coaster for kids, a little high for me (becoming a scardey pants in my old age) But Leanora loved every minute of it.

Our last attraction of the evening, was a must Ice-Skating, a little scary for me as Leanora has never ice-skated before, but she took to it like a duck to water, we did three laps with  me holding her from behind, then we scooped up a penguin to give her more support, well ok, my back! The only downside, is that I could not master taking a photo whilst holding on to her, as you are unable to take your bags to the rink, but a little heads up, if you have little ones that require the support of the penguins, have some cash to hand in your pocket, as they cost £5 to hire. 

A little shoot off, to get my gal some toys before we head on home and I have to say I was a winner, obvs!

We both wondered off home, filled with hot chocolate and laughter from the perfect festive holiday affair. 

A massive thank you to Mumsnet and Winter Wonderland for having us both. 

Happy holidays everyone.

p.s. our Christmas stocking fillers is now live!

London Mumma xx

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