Friday 1 December 2017

A Magical Night At Winter Wonderland

There is something spectacular that happens every year in London in November and that is the opening of Winter Wonderland

With the smell of hot coco and mulled wine in the air, you truly know the festive period is upon us and if your a tad unorganised and not yet bought any Christmas presents put that to the back of your mind, bundle up warm with loved ones and friends and have a magical night  at winter wonderland, whilst probably chasing after a chocolate churro infused toddler! What better way to spend time together at the beginning of the holiday season.

We ventured out down to Marble Arch mid-afternoon, to be able to go on every ride and see as many shows as possible, thanks to the lovelies over a Mumsnet

We arrive with sheer anticipation, from the delight in knowing that we are going to have a great time, we race through the lined 'paths' with stalls from selling, trinkets to treats, it is a great place to grab, not just a bite to eat, but some delightful stocking fillers too.

The first ride of the season was these cars that the little ones sit, I did try to get in Leanora's insistence, but I'm afraid I got a big old toosh and was unable to squeeze in!

With a promise of a visit to the deep sea, we headed for the Magical Ice Kingdom! With sub-zero temperatures, make sure you and your little ones are wrapped up warm, with hats, gloves and scarves, big kids too, it is not for the fainthearted!

With so much beautiful creations to see, from the octopus, submarine and mermaid all perfectly carved out of ice you will truly be lost in the depths of this magical ocean.

Once weaved through the sea, we headed straight to Zippos Christmas Circus.

Our first ever circus fun together and I was quite unsure if Leanora would like it, let alone sit there and watch it all, but I was pleasantly surprised that she was glued to the whole marvellous Zippos Christmas Circus show, with acrobats leaping from death-defying heights, to dancing bears and clowns. The only downside was that the little minx scoffed all the popcorn! But it is a brilliant show for all ages lasting 45 minutes, so good that we watched it twice. 

If you follow me over on Instagram, you would of seen my insta stories of the little rollercoasters, suitable for Leanora's age, the views of Winter Wonderland are truly gorgeous, but what was more surprising were the heights of the roller-coaster for kids, a little high for me (becoming a scardey pants in my old age) But Leanora loved every minute of it.

Our last attraction of the evening, was a must Ice-Skating, a little scary for me as Leanora has never ice-skated before, but she took to it like a duck to water, we did three laps with  me holding her from behind, then we scooped up a penguin to give her more support, well ok, my back! The only downside, is that I could not master taking a photo whilst holding on to her, as you are unable to take your bags to the rink, but a little heads up, if you have little ones that require the support of the penguins, have some cash to hand in your pocket, as they cost £5 to hire. 

A little shoot off, to get my gal some toys before we head on home and I have to say I was a winner, obvs!

We both wondered off home, filled with hot chocolate and laughter from the perfect festive holiday affair. 

A massive thank you to Mumsnet and Winter Wonderland for having us both. 

Happy holidays everyone.

p.s. our Christmas stocking fillers is now live!

London Mumma xx


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