Friday 28 September 2018

Autumn Workwear Outfit Ideas

A few weeks ago the sun was shining and the sky was bluer than ever, with fall now here we prepare for darker less brighter mornings. Never one to make colder days shun me from some brighter favourites there is no reason why you can't adapt some few items into your fall wardrobe for work.

I simply adore a good blazer, be checked, camel to basic black the blazer is not just for work, it can be dressed up for Fri-yay drinks, down for the school run and perfectly goes well teamed with a dress! Just in time for Autumn, I bought this straight cut checked beauty for less than £25. A size up I find is always best, so come later on when it gets really chilly can wear it with a chunky knit. 

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There are endless perfect jeans in life, you just got to know where to look for them, from trusty Topshop, & Other Stories, mango and Zara, whilst depending on where you work and the style, you may be able to get away with a good pair of high waisted jeans, if not opt for a neutral shades of trousers this autumn teamed with some pointy shoes, a blazer and you are good to go. Another big trend to help uplift your trousers is a good belt, you can not go wrong with Gucci.

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They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but trust me no sane girl would turn down a good pair of shoes and when at work all day you want comfort, these block hill white shoes are a godsend and see me through from 9-5

This season it is all about the animal print and this bag, the moment I saw this snakeskin chain bag I just had to have it. Retailers all over are going insane for animal printed items and who can blame them. Now snakeskin, is not the only animal print having a big moment Zebra too, which you may have spotted on my Instagram, tiger and leopard are also in a big way too.

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London Mumma



Thursday 27 September 2018

Ending Summer At Chessington

Last weekend we spent the day at Chessington World of Adventure's, courtesy of 365 Tickets, nothing like a fun weekend riding roller coasters, face painting, stuffing our faces with doughnuts and a whole lot more, especially after a long week and Leanora starting school plus it is a great end to the summer, the perfect send-off.

Going to Chessington with Leanora has been on our list this whole summer and finally, the day came, to share a fun day out with her as I used to when I went with my Mumma and brother when I was a kid, it was literally the last thing to check off.

We jumped on the train, 3 generations all super excited, and within an hour we had arrived! I love theme parks, the thrill of the rides, the endless hot dogs and Leanora's favourite....the arcade, Chessington is just bursting with so much to do and explore, they have Sea Life,  a Zoo, daily shows, meet and greet with the Gruffalo and a few extra things for the whole family. 

Honestly, we took so many photos, nearly dropped the camera thankfully that morning I put the strap on earlier that morning! I mean I am no baby, but Christ some of those kids rides were a little scary even for me and I have to admit that even though I struggled,  Leanora and my mum were both in their element, to cheer me up, mum and Leanora bought me a doughnut. Clearly, I'm a big kid. 

A little rest from the rides, we went for a stroll to meet some of the animals. We were in luck as we spotted a new addition to the gorilla family the sweetest baby gorilla, full of beans playing with family, it was lovely to see that the whole family got stuck in to care for the baby, whilst dad took it easy.

Back ready for action we headed to meet the Gruffalo, in the deep dark woods, well a little boat which took us round where the Gruffalo roams. 

I really like the fact that Chessington is not all about crazy rides for us big and little kiddos, but it is educational with talks throughout the day, about sea life and the other wildlife too.

The whole experience is brilliant and totally recommend you should go, no matter your age! Have you ever visited Chessington before? Great that the fact that is open all year round, if you do not happen to live near Chessington and live further afield, 365 Tickets have you covered no matter where you are in the world for some theme park fun at affordable prices. 

A brilliant way to spend the summer wind down.

London Mumma


Tuesday 18 September 2018

The Two Books You Must Read This Month

My friends, I have just found and read the most amazing this books this August! I'm talking mind blowing good and I encourage you to snap these beauties up, from gruesome family murders to those craving the handmaid's tale, these books will keep you guessing to thinking of the future and what if.....

I like to spend time in bookstores, ever since I was a kid, armed with my first ever library card and wanting to venture outside of teen valley high or goosebumps I'm always looking for something thrilling, engaging and fearsome! A writer be it there first novel to something educational and keeps your mind ticking of the endless possibilities is what I look for and before the end of the first sentence that's how they should make you feel and these three books, this August certainly had me feeling that way.

Dark Places, what can I say, but this for me is my book of the month, thrown straight into the scene from the very first page it had my heart beating my head guessing from start to finish. Libby Day witnessed what no child of 7, scrap that anyone should witness and have to live through, the slaughter of your family! Her sadistic brother prosecuted for the murder of his struggling mother and two other young sisters was sentenced to life, Libby had no doubt in her mind it was anyone else, until the donations of people were about to dry up, never had a job, friends, felt as though she had no real purpose, that's until a group of loyal supporters, fanatics judged her and challenged her to find out who the real murderer was of the Kinnakee family slaughter.

Guys, I got to confess, I've not watched The Handmaids Tale, well a few episodes of season 1! I know your thinking WTF What has she been doing with her life, well I don't know, but after reading VOX I'm gonna be downloading it this weekend and binge-watching, sorry Gossip Girl, xoxo! But enough of that this book is insane, insane because if this ever took place, I'm kicking butt! But enough of that, I get way too into it, but that's good, that's what a book should make you do and feel, am I right and VOX does not disappoint. Women forced to be silenced by men, men who want to take over the world and in order to do so, they give Dr Mcellan her voice back for a limited of time to serve a purpose in destruction, if she gives in, goes on the run with her lover leaving her husband if 21 years, her boys her only daughter, what becomes of her, her little girl armed with only 100 words per day, the outcome of destruction is for her daughter to have no words. VOX a tale of women's survival in America in slaved by men, armed with a limited amount of words each day, go over that and receive a shock, a story about a woman's survival for her and her daughter an amazing first novel from Christina Dalcher.

So I never read books twice, don't see the point, but guys my heart is beating and I want to read Dark Places again, but I won't, this time I'll be watching the movie, which I never knew was out until I wrote this. Has anyone seen it starring Charlize Theron, is it any good?

Will these books be on your reading list this August? Let me know what you are reading!

London Mumma


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Monday 17 September 2018


So, summer is drawing to a close and we prepare for Autumn weather, we are not quite there just yet, even though we may be having cold starts to the day, from mid-morning to early evening the summer sun is still shining bright and hotter than ever.

With temperatures on high it can be hard to decide on what to eat, whilst trying to be healthy and do not want to succumb just yet to a hearty lasagne, I've been finding comfort in Gazpacho, extremely surprising as it's a tomato based soup and I have to say I am not a fan, but this soup is served chilled and packs a punch in flavour and takes no time to whizz up at all in a trusty blender.

This bowl or a shot of soup is a perfect all-rounder served as a starter or with doorstop wedge of bread in a bowl and goes down a treat with the kiddos too as you know they can be a bit fussy.

Recently I've got in to batch cooking and this is ideal, I've actually stored it in my cookuts, Miam pancake maker, it's a great travel companion and have been taking it to work with me for lunch perfect to brave the hustle and bustle of the commute to work, which is great as I tend to go for the unhealthy options on my lunch break, like you do not like a fat Friday treat!! But knowing this is packed with vitamin c, as well as a helping of 2 out of my 5 a day, I feel good knowing that I am feeding my body and nourishing my soul, Leanora's too with the good stuff.

Honestly, this takes no time to make up, so great to prepare from the night before, or early in the morning, if you are having it later in the day. Depending on how strong your blender is you can just simply chuck in all your ingredients and zap, otherwise, it's simple as 1, 2, 3, chop and drop.


5 large ripe tomatoes

3/4 large cucumber, peeled, chopped

1 celery stalk, chopped

1 green pepper, deseeded, roughly chopped

2 green onions, trimmed, roughly chopped, more for garnish

2 garlic cloves, peeled, roughly chopped

olive oil

1 lemon or large lime, juice of

Salt and pepper

1 tsp cayenne pepper, optional

Fresh basil, stems removed, ripped or chopped


1.Chop up your tomatoes, cucumber, celery, pepper, green onions, garlic, basil.

2. Place all other ingredients, along with your chopped ingredients into the blender, then blend at high sped for 10 seconds and then pulse your desired consistency.

3. Pour Gazpacho into a bowl, cover and leave to chill in the fridge, until ready to serve!

Enjoy, and have a soup-erb day!

So, will the gazpacho be making it into your weekly staple for you and the family? Also I here you can try this with different fruit too, let me know if you have and what you like!

London Mumma

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