Wednesday 17 July 2019

My Pro Teeth Whitening Journey

Hey guys, my name is Lindsey and I am a coffee addict! Phew I’m glad I got that off my chest!! For years, since I was probably 15 , I’ve been drinking coffee, from espressos, to chai lattes and milky office made coffees, years of drinking my fave cuppa has caused my teeth to stain and it’s never bothered me too much until recently and thought crap, do I really want yellowish teeth all my life, duh! Hello no! Especially as you see pearly whites swarmed of Instagram.

A true and funny story, my best friend, he refuses to date guys with teeth not as pearly white as his, he has even taken his partner to go have his teeth whitened haha! My kinda guy, I kid! But yes whilst I’ve not gone to the dentist to have them professionally done, I’ve found a more affordable way to achieve it, teeth whitening strips.

Want a killer smile of course you do, I certainly do, so when Pro Teeth Whitening reached out to trial their 14 day charcoal teeth whitening products I was ecstatic to give it a go and take my first step to achieve a glorious pair of pearly whites.

These peroxide free, charcoal activated teeth whitening strips have been developed to safely whiten your teeth, remove stains and bring back that radiant smile. I am always a little bit dubious about teeth whitening strips, I feel so they really work, the first few days I did not notice too much of a difference, but I was still guzzling coffee before and after each use, you have to leave them on for 30 minutes and goes without saying you shouldn’t eat or drink when in use. But I had to get strict I really wanted to see results, so I got smart, days after that I limited myself to one cup, one large cup of coffee in the morning to get my caffeine fix then applied the strips and followed the steps, no coffee for me after that and in honesty I did notice that they were getting a little lighter, not massive amounts but enough for me and even Leanora to notice, bless her! Well the strips are charcoal activated so when she saw me each morning, she did get a little freaked out saying why are my teeth all black and I look great-grandad with no teeth and are my real teeth stored in a glass haha! Bu always once removed she was pleased as punch.

My thoughts on the Pro Teeth Whitening strips, they are good, don’t know if you’d even achieve pearly whites with them, but if your strict with yourself as I had to be, you will notice a slight difference.

You can snap these whitening strips over at Amazon, they retail for £19.99 more affordable than others brands, plus you can get 10% off with code: WHITENING

Now I’m off to have my first cup of coffee and use my last strip, will I continue to use them? I think I just might!

Have you guys used teeth whitening strips before? Have you tried Pro Teeth Whitening or any other brands what have your results been like?


Disclaimer: I was sent these strips to review and all thoughts and opinions are my own

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