Saturday 27 August 2022

10 Things You Can Do This Weekend Under £20

With the end of the month here and may be all spent out from the summer holiday activities with the kids, I have some fun and cheap things you can do this weekend under £20.00

1. Museum

There so many cool exhibitions on at the moment, our favourite new one was at 180 The Strand, incredibly beautiful immersive experience which you can see here via our TikTok

2. Buy a Book

We've been reading up a storm along with also making sure Leanora is keeping on top of all her maths work, so she doesn't fall behind and she has a head start before the new school year starts, plus you know me I love a new thriller action. 

3. Pamper Night

After a long week, Leanora and I love going to our local Boots or even TK Maxx, buying new nail polish and few fancy face masks and hand gloves, on a Saturday and curl up on the sofa armed with a massive bowl of pasta and having a chilled girly night in whilst watching a family movie .

4. Bowling

Bring on game day, we are super competitive and I wouldn't have it any other way, well maybe not at this moment in time as I am suffering with Sciatica so Leranora and friends have the upper hand but bare with me, in a few weeks this Mummas going to take them all down. We love a game day and our favourite game to play is bowling

5. Go To The Beach

The weekends are the cheapest times to get tickets to go have a splash at the seaside, even if not for the sea, it is always great to get out of the hometown and see some new sights, for some fresh and chippys and bot of rock. 

6. Catch A Movie

Cineworld and Vue have a great family offer, from 10am they show family friends movies and cartoon's from as little as £2.50.

7. Food Market

If you know me, you know I love food and if there is a market on you better believe you will find me there bells ringing and all. I love to keep costs low and what better way to give yourself a limit and see what you can get for £20. Start of with maybe some fresh pastries and coffees, go for a walk around town before you head back in for lunch and see what delicious treats you can get. 

8. Go To The Lido

This summer we spent loads of time sunning and swimming at our local Lido in Tooting, there are so many in and around London, so if you can not get to the beach why not book yourself in for a swim at your local Lido. 

9. Cook for friends and family

Instead of dining our, why not get some friends and family and over for a little afresco dining if you have outside space, or dine if not and rustle up one of my favourite and affordable cheap eats, such as my Provolone Chicken Rollatini  followed by Lemon and Pictahio cake

10. Go To The Theatre

Official London Theatre have some great offers, where kids can currently go for free as well as some other great affordable theatre tickets that you can bag for under £20.000 why not head on over and catch a little matinee.

Make sure to come back and see what else I will be adding to the list. I am also planning on creating a list of cheaper things to do plus a whole load of free thing for you and the family. 

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