Thursday 7 April 2022

4 Must See Family Movies This Weekend

I am always looking for a way to end screen time and the sneakiest and I must say smartest way, is by introducing movie night! Leanora loves it and I do too, not only it brakes her away from the screen, this is a time for us to make life long memories share stories and watch movies together and we've got 4 must see family movies this weekend. So grab the popcorn and all those household famous treats and don't forget the kids and snuggle up for movie night.

Turning Red

We are big Disney fans and the latest installment from them is Turning Red, we watch this family favourite near enough every day. Turning Red features Mei, a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian student who, due to a hereditary curse, transforms into then fluffiest red panda and with friends in tow trys to battle this curse, when brought on by her teenage emotions. 


A Pixar animation following two brothers on a laugh out loud on an epic journey to see if magic truly exsists.

Sing 2

My favourite all time feel good sing a long movie Sing 2. If you are loved the first film the second is going to totally blow your mind, so do some vocal sing as you will be rocking the house with this amazing movie. 

The Croods 2

Its all about the Croods vs the Bettermans in this second installment whilst looking for a new home for the Croods, they feel looked down upon by the Bettermans, but are the Bettermans hiding a secret in the beautifully captivating home?

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