Friday 18 March 2022

4 Things To Do This Glorious Sunny Weekend


Did someone say the sun is out and in London, you know what that means we are all going to be out out, safely mind you!

This weekend Leanora and I are going to make the most of it and we thought, lets not be selfish and share with you lovely lot 4 things to do this glorious sunny weekend. 

Globalls - Brighton

Who doesn't love a day at the seaside, incorporate that with a bit of golf and your on to cracking day. This weekend we are actually off to Brighton for the day and I can not wait, I saw on Heysareta Instagram a few weeks back this totally insnae looking indoor golf course, which totally lit up in neon lights, the them was wildfile and I have to hit her up and find out about the awesome place! The tickets are extremely affordable for a round, I think even maybe cheaper than when we play in London, which is making me think I'm on to a winner, which then = ME WINNING....Finally?!?!? Probabnly not but it truly looks awesome and I can not wait for a round with Leanora. 


With London filled with promise of beaming sunshine, why not make the most of it and pack a lunch a little juice for the kids, a sneaky vino for you and higher a boat for a few hours and bask in the sunshine up and dowe the rivers of London, plus you get to be the captain as you get to steer the boat, plus not only is it family friendly you can bring your pet pooches too. 

Seven Dials Market

We are major foodies and I know you guys are too, so grab a few people the more the merrier and head on down to Covent Garden for a leisurely stroll to build up that appetite, before settling in to the bustling food and drink market of Seven Dials, we have yet to been but school pickup is soon, so by the time you've read this we shall be there and I'll be making a bee line to Yum Bun first as I've heard good things, before we make our way around the market to try out the rest of it's goodies on offer.

Columbia Road Flower Market

We have no intention of staying in the house this weekend, well a little on Sunday to tidy up the garden before we head over to East London to visit Columbia Road Flower Market for some new beauties for our garden. This is a weekly trade every Sunday from 8am to 2pm, closest tubes are Bethnal Green or Hoxton overground. It is always bustling and you spot a face or two you know, we simply love the atmosphere and alol the beautiful flowers on offer you simply hate to leave any

If you can not make it this weekend, don't worry half term is fat approaching why not check out the above then. 

Do you have any great adventures happening this weekend, let us know in the comments below or tag us over on Instagram.

Happy weekend all!



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