Friday 11 March 2022

6 Of Our Favourite Family Movies

With the forecast with rain a coming this weekend and I am scrambling to get out of work, do the final school run of the week and get home, all I can think about is Leanora and I's Friday night movie night where we our favourite family movies! Pj's on, hot coco in hand and the biggest bowl of popcorn and of course haribo we know the we have a got a cosy night ahead of us and we want to share that with you too and below we've listed 6 of our favourite family movies. 


Nothing says family feel good comedy than blended, if it has Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in you know you are going to be on to a hit. This all about two families coming together in the funniest and heartwarming way possible, even the kids do not want it to happen.


The latest Disney hit, I mean we literally watch this at least twice a week and we know all the words to 'We don't talk about Bruno' The story is all about Mirabel and her family coming together stronger than ever after a termultious start to the family, which awarded them speciali abilities to protect their home town. 


A beautiful story about a boy navigating his way out of the sea and into the real world, torn between the two and wanting to explore what the world above waters have to offer.

Hotel Transylvania 

I mean we all know this movie and I simply am amazing by the funny story lines, Amazon Prime has gifted us with the latest and its another adventure following Drac and his family and friends through the magical life of  monsters and human, all whilst not wanting to retire from the first monster hotel.

Space Jam

I hated the first, reason being in the early 90s my brother made me watch this a million times a day, not well into my 30s and a mother, I can endure the movies, especially as there is a new one featuring Le Bron James and Buggs Bunny and the crew and talking of crew me and Leanora are not sick of watching the space jam of a movie.

Raya and the last dragon

Another favourite Disney movie Raya and the last dragon, beautifully animated movie set in the ficitional land of Kumantra, with Raya on the hunt to save civilastion by searching for the lat dragon who may just be able to help her

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