Saturday 12 February 2022

4 Amazing Things To Do In London This Half Term

It are these times of the year that I love, with London fully open, the kids on half term and so many exciting things to do and see, plus eat and the weather being lush. We have listed 4 amazing things to do in London this half term with the kids, no kids don't worry it's something for even big kids too that don't have little's.


We had the lovely opportunity recently to attend to watch Wicked, the musical, which were invited by  ATG (Ambassador Theater Group) they offer a great selection of affordable tickets online of the latest theatrical shows in London and I can not recommend Wicked enough, it is certainly defying gravity in awesomeness and we will definitely be watching this a second time, we loved it so much we downloaded the album for it. A trip to the theatre is amust this halfterm, so much so were going to see for the first time The Lion King, have you seen any of these shows?


We are big bowlers in my house, granted I always lose but it is always still fun, we were invited to attend the recently refurbished Tenpin in Kingston for a game of bowling and dining, plus they have an amazing arcade to enjoy also, you ay remember seeing Leanora car racing over on our Intagram Reels.

British Museum

Leanora recently attended the British Museum for her school trip, they are currently learning all about the egyptians, and we are going back there this week to go and explore all things in relation to  Mummification, magic and ritual are investigate through the objects on display here, who said you can't learn on a half term.

Bubble Tea

We have a new found obsession with bubble tea, every week we always stock up on noodles and other goodies at our favourite Korean supermarket in Leciester Square, Oseyo and we love trying out there vast array of drinks and we have been trying loads and we are revierwing some canned bubble teas which will be uploaded later to our TikTok account. But we decided to upgrade and becomme conniseurs of bubble tea and our new favourite place to get fresh bubble tea is at Xing Fu Tang, they are littlerally to die for. 

PS. If it helps I got a further 8 things to do this half term as well being London 5 family rainy day activities also. 

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