Monday 1 November 2021

5 Ways I've Found To Have A Healthy Work / Mum Life Balance

It is super important to take care of yourself, easier said then done am I right! But with my birthday fast approaching, life changing, work load growing, kids getting older, cat needing to go to the vet and requiring an operation! I've found I have a lot on my plate and need to re-adjust the way that my current situation is set up, more importantly for me and my health to be a better version of me. and have a better balance in life 

It took me a while, a good while to think and then put into practice what I need doing and adjusting that way I make sure that I do things, as I can at time procrastinate way to much and in the end never get anything done, however with little tweaks here and there, here are 5 ways I've found  To Have A Healthy Work / Mum Life Balance.

Learning to breathe again

Every day make time for you, take a moment and time out even for 5 minutes to just sit there and breathe, relax your mind, with a little meditation to help clear and realign your head, it can literally do wonders for you

Plan your day

I am an organised feind, before I was pretty flexible about how my day went, but that could lead to issues, like forgetting its school jumper or harvest day, even having a dentist appointment, so now I map out each week and I outline what I have going on for the week and can always add to where necessary and I can tick it off as I go along, planning ahead is key to give you a more peaceful mind. 

Think of you

Sometimes we are expected to be superwomen and it's ok to not be, after all you are human and there is only one of you. There are some people who think if I do it all I will be fulfilled and happy and you know what I bet you're not, I was not.

I decided to take time out for me get me sorted and allow a little time for me to let my hair down, being it the smallest of things, reading a book, getting my nails done, to even letting my daughter stay at my mothers for the night, so I can go out and meet friends or even have a cheeky night in, with a glass of wine and Netflix and Chill whilst in the bath., it the little things you know!

Meal plan

Rush, rush rush, cook, cook, cook! This is all I did, when I got home from work and school pick up and I would literally throw a meal together, whilst it was good and tasty, it could been tastier. 

Every Thursday I take 10 minutes out and sit down and think about what we are going to eat and create a menu and shopping list, so come the weekend I can pick up all that I need and Sunday prep where necessary and normally the day of said dish that I'll be cooking I'll have some of the items out, such a spaghetti and onions, or tinned tomaotes for example, so when I'm home I grab the last necessary bits of the fridge or cupboards.  

Slow down and have fun 

With a busy job, homework it can get a lot and you can easily forget to have a little fun, that is why every weekend I always plan on doing something a little fun with Leanora, we recently went to the cinema and I forgot how nice it was to be in one, then grabbed a bite after, the following day went ice skating and I highly recommend booking in some fun quality family time

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