Thursday, 16 November 2017

MINTD Winter Skincare

I don't know about you but I am pinching myself with excitement over this month's MINTD box. I have been getting them for about a year now and every month I am truly blown away. This month's box contains 4 full size and 1 deluxe sized luxury beauty products, all tailored for the winter month's ahead, aimed to help protect, repair, balance and nourish your skin from the winter air and god knows that mine is in of need of protection since the temperature has dropped.

It is all about keeping my skin hydrated and nourished in the colder months, unless you live in warmer climates, but then you would still need that extra attention, as we all know how bad air-conditioners can be and can cause havoc on one's skin, especially as it will be extra sensitive to the change in air. 

The value of the Winter Skincare box is £207, but only costs £65 a whopping saving, leaving you with a few extra, well £100+ extra to spoil yourself for the Christmas period or in the black Friday cyber sales which is fast approaching, plus for those that are ordering for the first time with my code WELCOME17 you will get free delivery, no matter where you are in the world to help you combat the winter chill. 

Ok, so let's dive in shall we....

What I love and the best part about MINTD box, neatly inside you have a manual a brochure even, all about your goodies for the month and we when best,  day or night to use them to give your skin that winter warm up and to help maintain a nice healthy glow all whilst keeping your skin protected.

As the weather drops, so can the look of your hands and I've raved about it before, the African Botanics Hand Cream and I am going to rave about it all over again. This stuff is perfect and gives you just the boost of hydration that you need from this rich cream, it is also a great treatment for those that suffer from chapped, sensitive and irritated skin. So if you do suffer from irritations do not be put off by this hand cream which smells insane thanks to the calming ingredients of geranium and rosemary, I assure you, even I who suffers from sensitive skin, I've reached for this product time and time again, it has even helped calm my dry hands and bring them back to life thanks to the nourishing oils, butters and botanical ingredients.

I've been taking the POTION London hyaluronic acid for a few weeks now, 3 to be precise! Did you know that almost half the body’s hyaluronic acid is found in the collagen of your skin! It is the moisture retaining properties of hyaluronic acid which keep the skin hydrated and looking plump and smooth. So needlessly to say, you know i've not been a fool to let these go, yes I can say that it has worked for me and it will for you too, but I think that is a stretch as everyone reacts differently and notices different results, for me I have seen a change not a drastic one but a good one, and I have faith that if I keep on taking these supplements my skin will reap the benefit of it. 

Guys! I have been waiting I mean waiting to A see if we would get this product and YES the MINTD Beauty Gods have answered my prayers B does this product live up to all it's hype. Well, first of all, let me say this, it is pricey, Rodial Skincare Dragon’s Blood Velvet Cream at £75 hence why I've been reluctant to buy it myself, but that is the great thing about MINTD the SAVINGS! For those in there 30's or for those that suffer from red patches, then guys this is the product for you. This cream is rich, but no way at all greasy I've noticed that my skin in the morning
as I like to use this cream at night does look plumper and hydrated and less red in the morning, is it worth its weight in dragon blood? Yes, every penny.

Winter is a total nightmare on our skin, the cold weather strips off our natural moisture which can leave our face very vulnerable, but with Tula's, exfoliating treatment mask which I like to apply a thin layer of, as a little goes a long way a few times a week after my nighttime cleanse, this mask just gives it that extra cleanse and exfoliation all whilst restoring moisture back in to your skin. Something I've recently noticed is that mud mask does not put back moisture, but instead I find that it dries out the skin further, and that is not what I want in winter or any other months.  The exfoliating treatment mask is a great step to add to your beauty routine to help prepare your skin for the next.

Up next, is the darling deluxe sized Ila Spa beauty balm which I am obsessed with, it is not just aimed for women but men too and this is the perfect treat for your feet a few times a week at night, or before you go to bed even (i hate wearing socks in bed). Whilst this balm can be used all over your body, I like to use this on my feet once I've gotten out of the bath, pull some nice cosy socks on and let it just work its magic and restore hydration back into your feet, elbows and knees too.

And there you have it, this month's Winter Skincare box from MINTD! Have you tried it yet, what are your thoughts, the above products even?

London Mumma xx

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Butternut Squash Mac n Cheese

Sweet baby cheesus, I have gone in to comfort heaven this Autumn and I am not gonna lie, I am loving it, bring on all the comfort dishes I say. The cold chill has finally reached us and all I am looking for at night, is some cuddles and a little tlc from a bowl of my new autumn dish, butternut squash man n cheese, whilst wrapped up in my new mermaid blanket.

A little twist on a classic and boy is it a good twist. Of late, my dad has been coming round every week, with butternut squash, god knows what that is all about, you would think he has opened up a squash shop, but not one for wasting food I gotta cook it up before it spoils, but trust me, I am not moaning about my squash drop off's, as I am sure to be making a big batch of this every week.

For the past few weeks I've been feeling shattered and tired and a little over worked and now I am currently poorly, so stuck at home, feeling groggy there is nothing better on a cold sick day, than this to cheer you up and warm up your cockles, plus it is great for the kids and is always a big hit in my home.

1 butternut squash 
1 small onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 1/4 cup vegetable stock
4 oz. shredded cheddar or a mix of cheese
2 oz. cream cheese

Directions1. First, peel the butternut squash, remove the fleshy insides along with the seeds. Dice remaining squash in to small cubes, peel and roughly chop ur onion, followed by your garlic, place in your deep pot and top with stock mixture and bring all to the boil, then turn down, place your lid on top, the aim of the game is to cook until so soft that when forked the vegetables (squash) falls off, so for around 20-30 minutes.

2. Boil some fresh water in another pot and cook your macaroni as per instructions of the packet. You will notic I do not use salt, as my stock, I used bouillon is quite salty, so no need to add! Once macaroni cooked, drain and place to one side.

3. Vegetables all nice and soft, grab your blender, pour in vegetables with stock into your blender whizz up for a minute, you are after the consistency of a soup. Pour back soupy squash in to your pot, place over a low heat. Pour in your cooked macaroni, bung in your cream cheese, your mountain of glorious cheese, I go for a mix of shredded mozzarella and cheddar. Give it all a stir and serve immediately!

Fantastically tasty, comforting and oh so good for you and perfectly winter warming!

Any left over, makes for a great work lunch.

Tuck in!

London Mumma xx

Monday, 6 November 2017

4 Reasons To Love Mondays

I know most are not fans of Mondays, but they can be the best day if you let it. So today let me help you change your mindset by giving you 4 reasons to love Monday's.

I know the feeling, of not wanting to get out of the bed, you want to just take it easy, lie in and hit the snooze button on repeat and wish you had a three day weekend,  but who said this couldn't be a weekend day on a Monday which you can love and enjoy!

Set new goals
Monday's are the perfect day to make and set new goals, routine's, workout plans to managing the kids or your home, they do not have to be boring goals, but fun things to do or to try something new for the week, the world is your oyster and Monday's can be too.

Weekend Kick Off
If you have had an awesome fun productive weekend, you will feel like a million bucks come Monday and feel super productive, so why not take the Monday to set a goal or fun thing to do over the weekend, to help make you love your Monday's and go on as you mean.

Healthy Start
You are what you eat! Yes, Monday's can be depressing and we cheer ourselves up by tucking into chocolate or your naughty vice treat, but step away from that kit kat and reach for that healthy fruit and meat-free Monday dish, you will be raring to go and not feel lethargic, by eating healthy it will give you that extra spring in your step, ready to power through the week.

Try Something New
Mondays are great to experiment and try something new, be it a new book, a new recipe or even a new route to work, or surprising a loved one with flowers or a card so that not just you, but they too can love Monday's. Nothing better than making someone else's day too.

What are your best tricks to help you love your Mondays? I would love to hear in the comments below. 

London Mumma xx

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Friday, 3 November 2017

Friday Favorites

Can you believe we are in November, not long to go until Christmas, 51 days to be precise! But before we start going frantic present shopping and get rid of our darling Pumpkins and delving into the whole Christmas spirit, lets take this time to relax, and grab some woolly socks on and relax by the fire or radiator, as today we are sharing a few of our Friday Favourites from this week's findings....

Falling in love with Autumn night air, we are eyeing up and getting ready into the party spirit and what better way to sparkle the night through than with Anthropologie's darling sequined skirt.

We were invited to see the new collection of ClubL, who are currently stocked in Asos and soon to be Topshop and we fell head over heels in love with the brand and all that work there. What intrigued me was, not just the designs but the quality is insane, plus they do not think of the Club doll just being one type of size or body shape they cater to the masses, those of us that are, slim, medium or more voluptuous, to the shorter lady to the taller lady and to see some of the great designs on offer check them out over on ASOS.

With the Autumn air, our skin is in need of some saving and with a little helping hand from the fabulous natural skincare brand Trilogy their products are a total lifesaver for your skin this Autumn.

What are you favourites that have caught your eye this week? Would love to hear in the comments below!

London Mumma xx

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