Monday 20 November 2017

Simple Things To Do To Get Your Life Back On Track

Simple things to do to get your life back on track and get focused, it may sound unrealistic, simple things,  but that is because right now you are probably in a negative mindset and not ready, but trust me you will be, it is as simple as A B & C and some determination.

This year for me has been a crazy and most likely the worst year of my life, but I had to reevaluate my life and my head and thought how I can I change that and make it work for me and be in a much better and healthier place!? I have great friends & family who have got me out of my funk, but there is only so much they can do, the only real person who can get my life back on track for me was ME!

Face your demons
In order to conquer what is holding you back and keeping you in a rut, face it head on, stand up for yourself instead of allowing it to hold you back and drag you down, make a change for you, don't let it change you! As scary as it may be you have to face it and challenge your fear. Those demons are the ones making you second guess yourself and that is what puts doubt in your mind, but I assure you by standing strong will put those demons in check and restoring normal order in your life allowing you to take back control.

Get organised, declutter your mind, life and home. Put things into perspective, make a list know and understand what you have to do to get back on track when you do, don't rush it, it takes time, keep a steady clear and focused mind.

Carve out your own success
Step out of the shadows and step into the light and create your own success, there is nothing better no matter how big or small an idea, be it lucrative or not, creating and forming something (not just babies) that has come from you is the first step to success and happiness.

Take care of you
I loved running it was my thing before I became a mother, but work being a single parent and support for just some me time was scarce unless I was working. But I had a few hours to myself and instead of coming home putting a load of washing on and doing the ironing, I got out my old running (reminds me I need some new gear) kit and went for a 45-minute run and it felt great, exhilarating even. I stopped making excuses as to why I shouldn't and took care of me, after all, if I can't take care of me who is going to!

Don't just think about the outcome but think and process the journey you are on and why and how you have had to come down a path in order to get back on track, once you are able to understand the journey to make you better you will approach more the result in bettering you.

I am not going to lie, it is the hardest thing, especially when you have been hurt. But learning to forgive others and yourself as cliche as it sounds will set you free from all that pain and heartache, don't think of it as being for others but for your own peace of mind to move forward.

Remeber...Do not get sidetracked, by people that are not on track.

London Mumma xx

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