Thursday 23 November 2017

A Lazy Day Off

Nothing better than enjoying a lazy day off. Sometimes we all need a little downtime, just to kick back and recharge our batteries. With busy hard working and parenting lives, it can be Duffy to find a day, just to simply enjoy the little things in life and those little things can be simply doing nada!

Let me be frank with you guys, for the past few months I've worked my un-manicured fingers to the bone and I was quite simply burnt out, and a few days ago, I became a stroppy threenager and instead of all jumping out of bed, I turned to Leanora and said 'look, I'm not adulting or parenting today and I ain't getting outta bed, let alone the house' I was surprised when she smiled and said 'high 5 buddy, now go get me a bot-bot, put on my little pony and get back to bed and relax your batty mummy' That's my girl, my little partner in crime, she makes me proud lol! 

At that moment, for her my little threenager to understand and love the fact  that we were going to have a day off, no work, no preschool run, I even went as far as no social media 'shock horror' the only time the phone was picked up was to order pizza for lunch and Chinese for dinner! Told you super lazy day! But for her realise that I, we even need a day of it must have been apparent, just why does it take us so long, why wait to the point of exhaustion. Reason being, we all want that much more, be it success, money and a fighting passion to never give up, regardless if you are a parent or not!

But I think I've got the key to success to mastering the perfect lazy day off and you know what I am not ashamed to say it we took it on our stride and rocked it like an OG.

The first step is to not be all jovial and wanna get outta bed at 5 am, relax take it easy, for get the shoulda woulda coulda and just chill, this or time and your day why mess that up and get out of the comfort of our bed, when quite frankly you probably are not ready too, your body and mind will thank you for it and when your ready to move on to the next stage, be it brekkie in bed or heading to your local cafe for a spot of alfresco breakfasting with a little reading of your newspaper or new found book the day and decision is yours. 

Once you've completed phase one, why not head of for a leisurely stroll, no rushing and darting around for you, you've got nothing but time and some fresh air, plus a little sightseeing of your local area, could open up to new eatery or shopping finds, great for a spot of light browsing, nothing quite better than having fun exploring your neighbourhood.

Comfortably heading in to lunch, that new restaurant you spotted on your leisurely stroll why not swing on back grab a table and tuck in and when you are done and filled, why not spend the rest of the afternoon doing something for you, be it crafting, whipping up a batch of cookies, watch a movie, to simply taking a little siesta, but whatever it is that you do make sure it is what you want to do- no more, no less.

Evening fast approaching, why not try out a new comforting satisfying dish for those cold chilly nights such as butternut squash mac n cheese or aubergine lasagna whatever is tickling your taste buds, a little too much work on your lazy day off, simply order in. 

Nothing more relaxing in preparation of a good night, then a nice hot bath, filled with some amazing aromatherapy scents for an early night of unwinding with a good book, to help you have the perfect nights sleep.

London Mumma xx

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