Thursday 24 August 2017

3 Reasons Why To Love Your Threenager


I have to confess, I was dreading when I got to the threenager stage with Leanora, especially as I did find the terrible two's hard at the beginning, but it evened itself out.

Thank the Lord and a helping hand of wine aka mumma's juice!

Now 3 1/2 years old, and firmly in the threenager stage, it and my little sassy madam are fine, and you know what I am loving it and I am totally embracing it! Well, the days there is enough chocolate in the house to console myself with after I've faced her wrath and determination to conquer me.

Flaws and all, tantrums and tiaras (there have been lots, mostly all broken or trodden on) I let her get it out, cause if I don't allow her to express herself and give her a positive outlet and me ranting and raving it will get neither of us anywhere and I've learnt to understand as hard as it was, it is part of her development. This is your threenager expressing themselves, now let me me say, first and foremost I am by no means a push over, but this is the time, where they come out of their shell there character is being built and they serve you a whole load of reality of what is to come, in them taking and owning the world. 

Now I am not saying the threenager stage is easy or hard, there are many more stages to come in our children's life, God knows it has been hard when Miss sassy pants, want's to walk as slow as hell, because she is walking with her soft toy 'Minnie Mouse', or hear this, she wants to enjoy the summer sun! Girl, do you not know Mumma has gotta go to work, or the shops closing in ten minutes on a Sunday and I gotta get the milk! But it is what is and I am loving this beauty and seeing her grow through it. 

This is the time they grow and shine and your child comes out of their shell. Confidence allows them to take more risks and control there own emotions, they don't care what others think, if it is good enough for them it's going to work. Even it means looking mismatched in their outfit, it's cool to them to wear two different pairs of shoes and they are rocking the hell out it. 

They are fun and funny as hell, you find they are up for doing more activities and they encourage you to do more fun things, which is great for bonding time for you and them which they love. Leanora has already made me say things that I never thought I would say since becoming a parent and she is now saying things I never thought she would say, no look, for instance, I said to her on our, ok my lazy day, where I could not be bothered to cook, after all, it's Saturday. 'Do you want a hot dog or MacDonalds Leanora?' You know what the little minx said to me 'HotDonalds mummy' - Bloody hell, where did I get her from lol! Love it!

Nothing gets past them now, they are much quicker than you give them credit for and hell, a lot wittier too! They are like little sponges and soak up everything and more open minded to, to take in more information, just to catch you out and then call you out on it, for trying to out smart them.

How have you got on with the threenager stage, have you embraced or tried to hide under the bed, from those sassy little people? I would love to hear your comments and stories below. 

A big thank you to Next for sending Leanora this fab Star dress. Her boots are from Zara.

London Mumma xx



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