Wednesday 30 August 2017

50 Sweaters To Buy This Autumn

I can not believe how quick the year has flown by and we are days away from September! I am still trying to cling on to summer for dear life, but with the stores filling up with Autumns must haves, it's hard to resist temptation and not fall in love with Autumnal hues, super soft, cosy and fluffy textured sweaters they are all irresistibly hard to resist.

I know that' it's still super warm, but there are so many must have sweaters available and please, I beg, do not kill me, some may think it is sacrilege with what I am about to confess! But I am yearning for colder months, not so much the wet weather that comes with Autumn, but just to feel cosy and comfortable in my sweater, so that I can sit by the fire in the pub or curl up on the sofa with Leanora, Milo and some sweet treats, all whilst watching The Great British Bake Off (how excited are you that it is back, do you have a favourite yet?!).

There is something about the Autumnal season that just makes me so happy and seeing all those pretty rust coloured leaves falling on the ground excites me, plus I get to wear a great pair of boots and eat a bucket load of Butternut Soup.

With Autumn fast approaching and new season items flooding the stores, we are all absolutely spoilt for choice. I am totally preparing myself from now to get those must have Autumn sweaters into my wardrobe before they all get snapped up.

I have created a big list and sectioned them just to make it easier for you lovelies to view and browse with ease below. 






Have you got your eye on anything yet? Don't forget to tag me on Instagram with your purchases!

London Mumma xx


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