Tuesday 8 August 2017

The Next Series

Sometimes it's hard finding the perfect outfit for Leanora and me! Ha! Yeah Right! But no truly it can be hard to find something that A you feel comfortable in, especially as you spend half your day running around chasing your toddler like a scene from the walking dead (the toddler is the civilian screaming their head off and your the blood thirsty zombie chasing after them) B You both still want to look cool.

Next are totally killing that cool Mummy and Mini twin style right now with so much to choose and mix and match from. Truth be told, I was not a fan of next growing up, well I mean I've always loved their homeware! But it is always somewhere my old girl shopped (mum). But fast forward now that I am in my YOUNG 30's I've grown to love and appreciate Next's collection, plus they are totally having a fashion moment from the instagrammable pom pom mules (super cheesed I didn't bag a pair)  to dresses and by heck, they are reasonably priced too!

Leanora kept it cool and easy breezy in this adorable embroidered blouse worn with these super cute red military shorts. The look was cute and complete with a blue pair of Mary Janes which she now refuses to take off LIKE EVER (her words, God help me).

I went for a red striped top, it's ever so light and soft and something I shall certainly be wearing under some dungarees, quite possibly a dress version which I am currently on the hunt for, if you spot one do let me know! I've teamed my striped top with a relaxed boy friend cut jeans (my first BF Jean) the comfiest trainers which like L I never want to take off LIKE EVER!! And no outfit is complete without a bag and being a lady-parent it has to be a cross body so I can free up my zombie arms to catch the toddler, plus I just love the ring handle adds a total statement to it which instantly adds a more fashion forward element to the look.

How do you style your Next looks - I would love to hear in the comments below!

The perfect pick with Next, perfect for our summer adventures. Until The Next Series.......

Thank you to Next for letting us select some outfits for this post. We carefully picked them, ok Leanora choose them! I mean I'm a parent who has no rights, after all, I'm just here living in her world paying the bills ha!

London Mumma xx



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