Monday 21 August 2017

4 Ways To Successfully Be Organised At Work

Being organised is one of the easiest things to do and claim to be, but it is the hardest thing to implement. Obviously, we all set out to have a productive day, we have the best intentions but life can be hectic, causing your work-life be affected, be it if you are a parent or not, task and life can quickly become disorganised.

With a little forward planning, there are 4 easy ways to successfully keep yourself organised at work and helping you manage your time at home when working. Don't get me wrong I am human I am still trying to master it daily, but with a few little things that I have put in practice, I find that it does certainly help me to be more successful and organised at work.

Today I wanted to share 4 ways to successfully be organised at work.

Work on route 
To ease some pressure of your daily work load, why not get a head start on yourself and use that time whilst travelling to and from work and work meetings wisely, and get some work done. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve in that travelling time. 

Schedule your phone
You always have your phone to hand, no matter where you are, so why not use the hell out of it, get scheduling and use your calendar effectively, therefore, freeing up actual free time and helping you and your time becoming more organised.

Start with the hard jobs
With a heavy work load and loads of tasks at hand, start with the harder jobs that require your attention immediately, organise what needs to be done and when completed you find that A) you inbox is more organised and manageable B) you become less stressed as the harder tasks are completed and freeing up your time to organise your working area and the following day.

Clean workspace
Clear space, clear mind. Cluttered workspace, cluttered mind, which leads to chaos and progress can slow down and that is not what you want to achieve. So being proactive and getting yourself and your working area and environment organised will help you achieve order.

Personally, you can never be too organised, like I said previously not that I am 100% organised all the time, but it does certainly help me and my working life. 

How do you keep yourself organised at work, what are your tricks? I would love to hear in the comments below.

London Mumma xx



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