Wednesday 24 May 2017

5 Things To Do When Life Gets Tough

There is no such thing, as an easy route to life, even the richest, powerful and strongest people, will still face issues and tough decisions when it comes to life and I should know, I recently had my own tough time, but with support from friends, the love of my daughter, I was able to get through it and let me tell you I wanted to just give up, but that's not me, as scared as I was, I am and always will be a fighter and you can too.

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Here is how to bid farewell, to tough times and when life gives you lemons' I'll show you how to make lemonade, with this helpful list of 5 Things To Do When Life Gets Tough.

Let It Out
First things first, in order to get through the situation when life gets tough, you need to let out that emotion to be able to move forward, you need to be able to be calm and be rational, in order to think clearly. So be it a much-needed cry or a run around the park to even hitting the gym, to baking, whatever calms you and allows you to let it out do it!

Don't Play The Blame Game
You are in this situation 9/10 because you put yourself there, willingly or not! So own the situation, do not let it own YOU, so just stop and put it to bed! You've got bigger fish to fry and that's the next stage!

Make A Plan
Now you are able to think more clearly a little more relaxed, grab a pen and paper and list what you need to do, doesn't matter the importance, the first important bit is that you are making that list, after that you will know what needs to come first, to get you to the end result that you are after.

Put Your Plan Into Action
Man up, face that list, no time like the present and put your plan into action, only YOU can do it know one else, so instead of twiddling those thumbs and waiting for the dust to settle, it is time to take the bull by the horns and get shit done!

Never Give Up
We can all be afraid to face our fears, but you can do it as tough as it is, you will persevere you will go on for another day, not matter how tough it is, but the key is to try, just try one more thing and never give up.

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I hope you found this list helpful, and maybe this if you are a parent 5 Things I am Doing To Be A Better Mumma, or if you are a blogger I've got 5 Things To Do If You Are In A Blogging Slump as well as being productive or achieving patience

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