Monday 3 April 2017

5 Things I'm Doing to Be A Better Mumma

Do you ever feel at times, that you could be doing better as a parent, because I certainly do on a daily basis, especially more so, if I am working and its a long one! I truly crave for my daughter, crave to see her face and hear her laugh and just for some good old snuggles on the sofa.

So I have some great tips, 5 of them to be exact to be a better Mumma.

I know, I know, we all think we listen, but do we really listen? I recently attended an awesome Mothers Meeting event in conjunction with Fruit Shoot the other day and they had an amazing lineup and one of the topics we discussed was listening to our children, unfortunately I had to dash off to work and could not stay for the whole thing, but what I did listen to was great, I certainly recommend in going to a Mothers Meeting event.

It got me thinking, do I/we really listen to our children. When Leanora ask's for something, now I'm not talking about a sweet or a movie, it could be a toy or something she is interested in, find out from your child as to why they want/do it and if it's something that they are keen on doing for the right reasons, help give them the tools to enable them to find their dreams.

Learn to say no

I am admittedly a push over when it comes to Leanora, which parent isn't when it comes to their child. But I'm a firm believe, that no matter how much they scream and shout and threaten to pack their Minnie Mouse bags and leave, with the cat in tow too, you have to stand strong and be firm and say no! For whatever reason it may be, to turn the television off, to bathing the cat and to have no more sweet treats, we all have to say no

Learn to laugh out loud
Now kids, do really say and do the funniest things us parents too, things that you would never imagine for them to say and come out of such a cherubic mouth. But if I'm honest I've not laughed so hard, be it a cheeky comment, or an action.  After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Be flexible
Not just Mothers but really this is for fathers too. The moment you become a parent, your world, your life is not longer your own. Goodbye to the nights out and partying till the early morn hello, sleepless nights, ballet classes, gymnastics on the weekend, playdates, to nursery/preschool/school pick ups, you name it, your life has to be super flexible so no more lay-ins! Flexibility is also being able to be flexible on what your child wants to do, finding a compromise, solve things together, you will be happier together and find that it has a more positive outcome for the whole family.

I left this till last because really, there is nothing you can do to be a better Mumma/Parent, you are doing an amazing job, I mean by heck I'm tired as dog shit, but I'm doing alright, we have a home, clean clothes (don't look at the over spilled laundry basket) food in the fridge, my Waitrose card for my free latte everyday and most importantly a happy toddler or should I say threenager! Life couldn't be better.

Do you have any tips on being a better parent? If so, I would love to hear what you and your family do.

London Mumma xx

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