Monday 31 October 2016

10 Things I Never thought I'd Say, But Now I'm A Parent It's Cool!

Since becoming a parent the things that come out of my mouth totaly amazes me. They say kids say the darndest things, well they are wrong, us parents come out with some bizzare phrases too! I am saying more so now that we have a new addidtion to the family in the form of Milo the Cat. I complied a little list of '10 Things I Never Thought I'd Say, But Now I'm A Parent It's Cool' and thought I share with you all, in hopes that I am not completely bat s**t crazy!

1. Dont bury your shoes in the garden

2. Can I go for a crap on my own

3. Stop putting my phone in the freezer

4. Don't eat the Cat food

5. Stop terrorising the Cat and putting him in a headlock

6. Don't put make up on the Cat Leanora

7. Stop sticking my sanitary towels on the wall (a firm regular)

8. Do you need to go wee wee

9. Where's the bloody wipes

10. Go sit on the naughty step

Being that Leanora is only two, I am sure this list will certainly be growing rapidly and I shall no doubt be updating as the days, month's and years go by. Never did I think in all the world, when preganant and expecting my little Cha-Chi that I would be saying these odd phrases, but I guess it is part and parcel of being a parent and entering the new galaxy known as parenting.

Have you found yourselves saying the most random things since becoing a parent, what's the weirdest thing you've found yourself saying to yor little sporogs, would love to hear your phrases, so do leave a comment below. 

Have a fab week.

London Mumma. xx


  1. Take my bra off your head. You are not Mickey Mouse

  2. Haha this is great I think we can all relate to this as parents

  3. We are in the midst of potty training so I'm forever saying do you need a wee wee

  4. I never thought I'd praise another human being so much for doing pees and poos in a plastic toilet 😂

  5. I'm always telling Erin not to play in the dog bowls

  6. Get your finger away from my cats bottom...Had to say that to my nephew once!

  7. Yea like take my panties off your head! Lol

  8. This made me laugh! We have a ling suffering cat too! Pam from

  9. Hahaha all the time! Of course I can't think of anything right now


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