Friday 28 October 2016

Kids Halloween Edit 
Halloween is nearly upon us and if you are like me, a terrible lastminute.comparent you are going to need some assistance to bag your munchkins some snazzy scary or cute outfits. Now if I am honest, I wish I could have gloated and made something fab to send Leanora to nursery in, just to gloat to all the parents on pick up on how fab her handmade Halloween outfit is and how I'm a totally supermum.....Yeah maybe next year Linds, but luck next time, smarty pants!

So let me snap to it, with my witchy fingers and share with you all some great finds, that fingers crossed will still be in stock by the time you click and add to cart.

So what better way than to go all out trick or treating than with these Roarsome trainers from the Miss KG collection. They will be sure to be taking their best frightful step forward in these fab trainers.

For those budding circus ring masters, why not have you little girl or boy slip this bad boy jacket on and team with an all black trousers and t-shirt, and to scare it up, why not, use some fake blood and hey presto you have the walking dead ringmaster, whipping up zombies in no time. 

Leanora has been super hooked on Toy Story, these films have been her must of lately and I have to say I am a big fan too. This is actually what I want her to wear. I also want Milo to dress up as Bullseye the horse, do you know if we can get this outfit for a Cat if anyone knows please do let me know asap lol!

Now let not forget our boys to, all us parents need a superhero in our lives and who better to swoop around our neighbourhood and keep us all safe than our boys dressed up and as superman.

Our munchkins are gong to need to something to collect their treats in, so why not this great felt bag, which A you can store for next year B can be washed C when they are asleep we can snack on their sweet treats, I mean we will be doing them and their teeth a favour right. 

Are you all ready and set for Halloween, have you seen my Pumpkin Spice Busicuits, that you and your little ones can make to hand out to the trick-or-treaters?

London Mumma xx


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