Monday 10 October 2016

Farfetch #TheOne

A girls dream came true a few weeks ago and I can not wait to share with you all, so grab a cuppa, a slice of cake, a biscuit or two and get ready to settle down and lets get stuck in shall we!

I and a few amazing bloggers were recently invited by the Farfetch team to celebrate their new #TheOne Campaign.

We were whisked off to Ascot, where the Farfetch Mansion awaited us, upon arrival we snugled our tootsies in to our personalised Farfech slippers and feasted on breakfast, total food heaven for any foodie lovers and couldn't resist along with my fellow fabulous bloggers to take a million snaps before we all tucked in. Now I have never really been a big breakfast person, but I truly could not resist the food porn before me, there was everything from pastries, fruit, granola, eggs to cured meats it was endless and I was more than happy to tuck in and enjoy.

We all sat outside to eat our breakfast and have a gossip, did you know that your blog should actually have 700 words so that your blog has a higher ranking in Google?! You learn something new every day!

Now for the good stuff, now that eductaion part is over!

#TheOne campagin is all about finding that one amazing piece, be it accessory, clothing or footwear of your dreams. When I went on a hunt to search for #TheOne it was literally like falling in to Aladdin's cave, a dream come true, but the online version.

Spoilt for choice, as Farfetch have so much amazing pieces to choose from and to be fair I wanted it all, but I needed to find that piece that would last me a life time. A classic, something that I did not just lust for but truly wanted, something to see me through the fall month's. I was contemplating on putting it on my Fall Wishlist, but thought I'd save it to show you lovelies.

Now my ears are always cold, no matter the season always cold, weird huh! I picked these gorgeous Yves Salomon pair of ear muffs, they come numerous colours so you are literally spoilt for choice,but opted for the classic black pair.

Breakfast had been eaten, new friendships formed and all gifted our beautiful selected items, we were whisked away for our photoshoot.

Kaye Ford, my lovely photographer whisked me up stairs to the master bedroom and indulged my inner child as I jumped and lounged on the bed.

After my shoot I had a sneak peak around the rest of the fabulous mansion and before you knew it, lunch was served. 

I am not a full vegan, but I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing spread laid upon us, the Farfetch team thought of everything and catered to everyone's needs. 

I settled back outside to bask in the glorious weather that England has been having and washed my delicious mountain piled high sushi lunch with my favorite Lady Diesel beverage of choice, you guessed it champagne, we were all greeted by an array of lovely masseuses, manicurist and hair stylist for an afternoon papmer session.

I started off with a massage and oh how glorious it was, I even tried to marry off the masseuse, who politely declined and informed me she was married, to which I replied that I did not mind and that I am more than happy to make room for them both in my house and will only call upon her after a night of being upper-cutted or fly kicked by Leanora. 

After pampering and gossiping more the with the ladies, we were informed that we still had one last treat! Now this beauty was a sight, we all ahhed and gasped at it's magnificent wonder. For what laid in front of us I truly had never seen such exquisiteness before, in form of a yummy and mouth watering cake.

Feeling truly spoilt and very stuffed, our carriage arrived to whisk us home. 

It was an amazing day, I got to meet some fabulous ladies and got showered in goodies, all in time for fall. I certainly won't be leaving the house in the morning with out my Yves Salomon earr muffs, they are truly #TheOne accessory that I can live with out this season. I can also tell you that I sure could used to be a fashion blogger!

Have you found your #TheOne item that you can not live with out this season? Will it be a scarf, a hat or boots?

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London Mumma xx

Outfit Details

Dress - Similar
Shoes - Similar
Ear Muffs - Yves Salomon 


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