Tuesday 29 June 2021

These Are The Items You Need From The Mango Sale

If I know I can wear it multiple ways and out to different occasions, from work, running errands, to mumma duties,then click to cart thank you very much!

The Mango sale has never been better and for once they have my size and loads of others in my favourite pieces.

When a sale is on, I must confess I hate going in to the stores, my anxiety kicks in and I freak out. I’m the kinda, kick back, relax and search the web kinda gal for get all the hustle as bussel of going into the shops. 

I have been known to be an impulse buyer, I can say those times are safely behind me (one hopes) I put pen to paper and think about what I want to wear, what I need and think about all the different ways my look can be styled. I think about transitional pieces that can be layered up, worn with thick tights and chunky boots come winter, to un-layer the heavy duty pieces and opt for a lighter linen fabric come spring summer. Such as this spotted dress worn, who says you can’t team it with an over sized linen shirt, some super cute sandals, the perfect woven straw bag and hey presto, ready for summer and you’ve got another look with this great versatile dress which your now wearing as a skirt!

What are you favourite items from the Mango sale, have you managed to purchase anything yet?

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Monday 28 June 2021

Life Lately

Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone is well and in good spirits, I know I am even if its pouring cats and dogs outside, plus my hallway got flooded, ever the optomist me!

Last week it was chocka block and I have to say, it was great, I seriously have not felt as happy as I was then last week, in a long time, not because I'm a misery guts, far from it, I guess I just feel content in life lately. 

1. We have defo caught the reading bug again, which is great I snapped up Daisy Miller and The Return of The Screw, by Henry James, I am only on the first half of the book and I am fully enjoying it, will be doing a book review of this and some others this week. 

2. Leanora had Friday off school, as one of the teachers have covid, so the whole school shut down, we were quite fortunate thanks to her schools forward thinking, still had lessons via Zoom throughout the day, but thought it practical to head to the books store and pick her up some of these great CGP books, to keep her occupied and learning from home. 

3. Bagged myself a lovely new dress from Mango who currently have an awesome sale on and nothing quite says summer than a polka dot dress, to get you all in the pretty woman mood!

4. Attended a lovely leaving do for an amazing lady at where I work, it was also music to my ears and very refreshing to hear that 20 years ago, she was the first woman of colour in the company .

5. Best day ever with Leanora, we had a little work to do first thing in the morning and a few errands, then the rest of the day was for us to do with as we saw fit and we did just that. We finally got to try Korean corndogs from new eatery Busink London and they did not disappoint so much so I am off there for my dins tonight, without Leanora shhhhh! Then we tucked in to some glorious Buns from Bun House, super affordable fluffy as you like buns, filled with delicious melt in your mouth beef brisket and another lamb with all the cumin, then walked off our piggy belly's around the serpentine in Hyde Park.

6. I've been eyeing up a few new bags, such as this, this and this what one is your favourite?

7. Still dreaming of last weeks Lamb Shawarma feast and thinking of making a chicken version, thoughts?

What did you all get up to last week anything exciting happened or planned for this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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Wednesday 23 June 2021

I've Rounded Up The Top Hitters From H&M

One of my favourite stores is H&M every year they absolutely nail it no matter the season, they are so on point with the latest trends. I can not simply just walk in to H&M, be it in to the women's, kids or even homewear department and not walk out with a little something.

With restrictions easing and 2020 darkness in the past, a new future is ahead where we are finally able to roam out in to the world, meet up with friends and loved ones and every new occasion requires a new essential outfit, well that is my oponion at least and the reason to not feel so guilty about spending way too much, even though I shouldn't. However, I always shop for an outfit that can stand the tale of time and something that is versatile and you can wear it multiple ways and in different seasons. 

I find that with H&M a few great staples is all you need and they have an abundance of some great quality pieces, to cycling shorts and linen shirts, a little chilly outside or out for dinner, no worries they have you sorted and you can layer it up with an oversized dad blazer, which is a new favourite addition to my wardrobe, it is also teams up really well with some cute flats or pretty floral print dress or a pair of jeans for a more casual weekend look. 

What will you be purchasing from H&M?

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Tuesday 22 June 2021

Weeknight Lamb Shawarma

I do not know why, it's taken me now to only make this Lebanese dish, it is my ultimate fave and have it at least twice a month!

I am a big fan of flavours, I really like something to pack a punch, not in a heat kinda way, but flavorsome. This Lamb Shawarma does just that and so much more. When eating this I feel like I am on holiday, somewhere nice and sunny, or even dinging out al fresco style with friends and who is to say that you couldn't make this dish yourself and pack up for dining out picnic style. 


My very first lamb shawarma was back in my party hey days, pre parenthood! After a night out with friends, everyone would go out and grab a bite to eat, before we called it a night, or more like 3am eats!  The spot to be,  always was Maroush in Knightsbridge! You would literally see everyone you knew there, queuing up, shouting out for more sauce, or in a separate queue for a watermelon juice.

Now this bad boy, simply just finished off the evening, with all that fresh salad, juicy meat and my ultimate fave Toum! What is Toum you ask, well it has to be hands down my favourite sauce, it is made with a tonne of garlic, vegetable oil and few extras, but I promise once I've mastered this recipe I will be sure to share it with you all. 

If you are all about ease and not wanting to spend a long time in the kitchen, than this is the dish. once you have marinated your lamb you can leave it to settle in for a few hours, but nay not for me, I want to eat it as soon as, so this dish is great for that purpose, it takes 3 hours to cook, so if you have to run an errand quick, tidy the house or catch up on your fave show than this is perfect just for that.

I hope you guys enjoy this favourite lamb dish of mine and my family, and it to takes you to a place of enjoyment


Leg of lamb

1 large garlic clove , minced 

2 tbsp ground cumin

1 tbsp ground cardamon

2 tsp smoked paprika

2 tsp salt

Black pepper

2 tbsp lemon juice

3 tbsp olive oil


1. Preheat oven to 180C/350F (standard) or 160C/320F fan 

2.  Mix all the marinade together

3. clean your lamb and cut a few slices in to it, not too deep just enough for the marinade to seep in

4. Rub all the marinade all over the lamb and place in a roasting tray

5. pour boiled water in to the roasting tray, around the lamb

6. Cover with 2 sheets of foil and tightly cover the pan and place in the oven 

7. Roast for  3 hours, removing from the oven 2 - 3 times to baste

8. Remove foil. Meat should be tender 

9. Baste again, then return to oven for 30 minutes to get a nice crust.

10. Shred your lamb and serve with a wrap, fresh salad, coleslaw and a cheeky side of chips

You can thank me later.

Bon Appetit!

Let me know if you make this tasty recipe in the comments below or by tagging me over on Instagram and using the #LondonMummaEats tag or save over on Pinterest to try for a later date. 

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I Am Totally In Love With These Affordable Spring Summer Dresses & You Will Be Too

If  my wardrobe is filled with just one thing this summer, the requirement is dresses, midi dresses, maxi dresses, linen dresses, give me all the dresses my wardrobe, nay! My house can handle. 

As you may have noticed, I have gone colour mad over on my Instagram, Leanora too and I my new favourite ,is this gem from Monki! Whilst I love the floral pattern, it was the bright colours that got me, my heart was totally racing for it and new I just had to have it, mind you it took me 2 weeks for my size to come in stock, but what can I say, I can 't let and affordable dress pass me by.

Whilst I am all about the colour this summer, I do like to keep my dresses simple and tailored, especially for work,  that way I can add an additional if needed touch of colour to my work wear look, with a good pair of must have summer sandals

I've trawled the web, for you all and found a vast amount of affordable dresses, which will have you scrolling and dressed all the way through summer and perfectly dressed for every occasion, through summer.

Don’t forget you can also tag me over on Instagram or by using the #LondonMumma tag to show me what you have purchased and and any favourites that you have spied, plus you can keep up to date on what’s new on the blog via Bloglovin!


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Monday 14 June 2021

Spring Summer Linen Dresses To Keep You Cool

Oh summer, you do not disappoint, you've turned up and showered us with this glorious heat, all is needed is a few spring summer linen dress to keep cool, added bonus a cheeky cold beverage a little ice cream and we are living life like it is golden. 

Each day I am seriously just lapping up the sun, taking advantage of late summer nights and paddling pools and throw in a cheeky mother and daughter diner dates too, always require a pretty summer dress to wear. 

Over the last few days, I have searched high and low on my favourite online retailers, to bring you a collection of the prettiest spring summer linen dresses, to see you through the season, from summer weddings, to picnic dates in the park with friends and kiddos, to dinner with the girls and of course some smart ones for work also, as well as a few date night pieces.

So with that said and pay day soon on the horizon, why not book mark a few from my selection to purchase in a few days time.

What linen dresses from the selection above will you be investing in this summer, or maybe you spotted a few others, if so let me know in the comments below! 

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Monday 7 June 2021

Life Last Week

Happy Monday guys! What can I say, but life has been great of late, the sun is shining we are venturing out more with friends and family, plus can you believe we are now in June, I mean where has the time gone so quickly, we are half way through the year already, but that's ok, the sun is out and so is the paddling pool. 

This week, we've been staying at my grandfathers house, as it was half term for Leanora and unfortunately I had to be at work (no rest for the wicked) and it was great as all our little cousins were there too, so they had great company all round. As I couldn't be there for most of the day and the sun was glorious and beaming out, I treated them to brand new paddling pool so they can chill and keep cool. 

Fret not, as soon as I got back from work and made my tasty new perfect weeknight dinner, as tasty dish of  asparagus, courgette, chicken and orzo pasta. I grabbed a big bowl a very large glass of rose, my new fave being from Kylie Minouge, I pulled up a pew and dipped my feet in to the early evening. 

We also got a few new books, just because Leanora was off from school doesn't mean she should not be kept occupied and get a little education in. I picked up a few CGP books, these are great for kids studying, I got loads of math's and her fave subject 2 science books, I mean she can't stay in the pool all day, she will shrive up like a prune. Unfortunately I did not treat myself to any new books, as I've still two new one I need to get through, but I will be making a dent in those this week. 

New month's bring new flowers, and my favourite blooms peonies have now come in to the florists and I treated my home and grandads to have few new bunches. I literally can not get enough of these, I have a weird obsession anytime I see them I have to buy them all. 

A new thing, well not new I just have not been in years, who knows why, but every time I go I enjoy it. Now Leanora is of an age she can understand about going to church. I think it is a great way to bond, learn about our belief meeting new people, especially the older ladies, who are the cutest telling me all about the christian dating scene and all the best christian dating site to check out. I mean do i have single all over my forward or something haha! But set aside, going back to church is something Leanora and I will be doing regularly on a Sunday morning. 

After church, headed home to do a quick spring clean, get Leanora's uniform ready as the half term has come to an end and a big meal prep for the week ahead. This is something I enjoy doing on a Sunday I like to get a meal plan in some I know what I need for the week and what to buy,  and where appropriate have it prepped, so much time and food saved this way. 

What do you guys have planned for this week, anything fun and exciting or even new you plan on doing. Don’t forget you can also tag me over on Instagram or by using the #LondonMumma tag to show me what you get up to or keep up to date on what’s new on the blog via Bloglovin!


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The Perfect Date Night Dinner, Asparagus, Courgette, Chicken And Orzo Pasta

Our summer has officially started, bright early mornings and bright evenings, call for the Perfect  Date Night Dinner, Asparagus, Courgette, Chicken And Orzo Pasta.

Last week I was a little stuck for what to cook for dinner, too hot to want to be in the kitchen to tight in wanting to order out, as I had food in the fridge and I hate wasting food, it’s a serious pet peeve of mine, so I always have a menu and food prep for the week.

But as the adventurous person I am and flying somewhat solo for the night, no kid, but a spontaneous virtual date in tow for the night, and a little left over chicken, a courgette and asparagus some pasta and herbs and some lemon wedges and I set off bringing this harmonious dish together for the perfect virtual date. 

What makes this a perfect date night dish is that it’s quick and simple, but certainly packs a tasty punch, plus perfect for the whole family if not dating. 

 I’ve been on a few free dating online sites and it’s going really well even my Nan has been retired dating too and she has been on a few picnic dates and russeled up a few dishes also, so no matter your age it just goes to show, Taft you can have fun meeting new potential suitors online and going on dates virtually or safely in a public space no matter your age.

To make things more special and a little more fun, a great way to incorporate this dish into something a little more exciting is than having a cook a long virtual date. Not only do you get to have a fun evening, you can always get to see your virtual date cook and if they can’t cook by wreaking havoc in the kitchen. It’s a great bonding experience for you and the potential new suitor plus you also get to check out heir digs without actually going haha!

How fun would that be to have a virtual cook a long, plus it’s extra quality time spent together before the cook a long where you both can decide on what to cook, which for me is a great tell tell sign to see if you are going to get on.

Well what can I say it went down a treat and that is not just the food! I had a great virtual date which honestly is a lot more fun than I anticipated and something that I highly recommend especially for something new and different for those who are wanting to try free dating online, no harm in mixing it up a little.

But back to this tasty dish, I promise you guys no matter who you make this for, everyone will be wanting to come back for seconds. 


1. 1 1/2 cup of orzo pasta

2. 1 bunch of Asparagus 

3. 1 courgette

4. Left over chicken on 2 cooked chicken breasts

5. 1-2 cloves of garlic 

6. Handful of fresh parsley

7. A pinch of salt

8. 1 lemon cut in to quarters

9. Olive oil


1. Cook orzo pasta as per instructions on the packet but 2 minutes shorter with a pinch of salt.

2. In a separate large pan or skillet add a little olive oil, chopped garlic and cooked for 1-2 minutes on a medium heat.

3. Add aspargus and chopped courgette to pan with the chopped garlic and cook for a further 3-4 minutes

4. Drain your pasta once cooked and keep back a cup of the pasta water.

5. Add drained pasta to the pan with the vegetables and mix together, if looking a little dry or sticky pour in some of your pasta water 

6. Throw in half of your chopped parsley and mix together 

7. Pour in to a large serving bowl and add a squeeze of one quarter of your lemon all over

8. Add the rest of your lemon around the serving bowl and sprinkle the remaining parsley

9. Bon appetite 

Let me know if you make this tasty recipe in the comments below or by tagging me over on Instagram and using the #LondonMummaEats tag or save over on Pinterest to try for a later date. 

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Saturday 5 June 2021

When The Sun Comes Out So Do We

Just in time for the weekend the sun comes out and so do we!

We have been awash out pretty much for the most of May, not a sun ray or clear blue sky in sight! But roll in to June and the weather has been a beauty and not disappointed a bit.

Glorious sun, spring blooms blossoming and everyone including myself injecting a touch of colour to our wardrobes and happy faces and smiles all round!

With the weather heating up so has my life, to eating lighter and my dating life!

I’ve been a bit more adventurous in putting myself out there, for instance adding myself on to new black dating site. And if you are in the U.K. you can sign up to black dating too. 

I am all about fun and finding someone to do that with, after all I don’t want to be single forever so why not meet someone new to have fun and possibly love with, after all this is when we can finally go back out in to the open world and why not explore that with someone you’ve meet online.

You’ve put all the hard work in online, which I think is a great way to meet new people as during this lock down period you can truly get to know someone and then finally being able to meet, looking your best self due to the lush weather it makes it even more worth it, after all that time investing in getting to know someone online.

Another thing that has changed is my beauty game, wearing less makeup my skincare has taken a change, upped my SPF moisturiser and a lighter serum used, I’m good to go with just a pop of colour blush and a good mascara and a little hydrating lip balm.

With new seasons it is so important to make a few of these beauty changes, I couldn’t eat wearing heavy make up in the warmer weather, this can clog up your pores leading to have a breakout of spots. If you decide to wear foundation during this time I’d go for a CC cream as it’s lighter and more matte, but for those that may suffer from dry skin, I’d certainly recommend a BB cream as this is more hydrating. 

Now for the best part, I’ve discussed online dating, beauty now for food. As I’ve said before my eating habits have changed, gone are the curries and heavy soups, now I’m all about the tasty salads, which don’t have to be boring at all, the grilled chicken and veg plus all the fish, crab and prawns I can eat.

now the sun has come out, let me know what you got planned for the weekend! Don’t forget you can also tag me over on Instagram or by using the #LondonMumma tag to show me what you get up to or keep up to date on what’s new on the blog via Bloglovin!


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Wednesday 2 June 2021

Summer Sandals


What a glorious start to the week! The summer sun has finally come out to play, so you know what that means! Time for those freshly mani tootsies to come out too and what better way to show them off, than with some summer sandals.

I have gone colour crazy, as you may have noticed on my Instagram as soon as the sun comes out, so does the colour and a great way to highlight and elevate any outfit is with a perfectly stylish, yet suitably comfy pair of sandals.

Now the sun is out, I am finding that I am walking and exploring a lot more, especially with restrictions easing, you will also find me and Leanora out exploring London or day tripping to the beach, to a lazy day picnicking at the park, or a family and friend bbq get together, so comfort is key, along with a little pop of colour too.

Ladies, fear not I have got you! I have done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do, is grab a cold beverage, your sunnies and kick back and shop the summer sandal line up below, featuring some fab summer sandals below.

                                                                        Shop The Post!

What are you fave colour or sandals from my selection of summer sandals, do you have any from my selection or have a fab pair to share? if so let me know on the comments below or tag me on Instagram using #LondonMumma and you can also for me on Bloglovin to keep up with my latest posts!

Have a glorious sunny day.


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