Tuesday 29 June 2021

These Are The Items You Need From The Mango Sale

If I know I can wear it multiple ways and out to different occasions, from work, running errands, to mumma duties,then click to cart thank you very much!

The Mango sale has never been better and for once they have my size and loads of others in my favourite pieces.

When a sale is on, I must confess I hate going in to the stores, my anxiety kicks in and I freak out. I’m the kinda, kick back, relax and search the web kinda gal for get all the hustle as bussel of going into the shops. 

I have been known to be an impulse buyer, I can say those times are safely behind me (one hopes) I put pen to paper and think about what I want to wear, what I need and think about all the different ways my look can be styled. I think about transitional pieces that can be layered up, worn with thick tights and chunky boots come winter, to un-layer the heavy duty pieces and opt for a lighter linen fabric come spring summer. Such as this spotted dress worn, who says you can’t team it with an over sized linen shirt, some super cute sandals, the perfect woven straw bag and hey presto, ready for summer and you’ve got another look with this great versatile dress which your now wearing as a skirt!

What are you favourite items from the Mango sale, have you managed to purchase anything yet?

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