Wednesday 23 June 2021

I've Rounded Up The Top Hitters From H&M

One of my favourite stores is H&M every year they absolutely nail it no matter the season, they are so on point with the latest trends. I can not simply just walk in to H&M, be it in to the women's, kids or even homewear department and not walk out with a little something.

With restrictions easing and 2020 darkness in the past, a new future is ahead where we are finally able to roam out in to the world, meet up with friends and loved ones and every new occasion requires a new essential outfit, well that is my oponion at least and the reason to not feel so guilty about spending way too much, even though I shouldn't. However, I always shop for an outfit that can stand the tale of time and something that is versatile and you can wear it multiple ways and in different seasons. 

I find that with H&M a few great staples is all you need and they have an abundance of some great quality pieces, to cycling shorts and linen shirts, a little chilly outside or out for dinner, no worries they have you sorted and you can layer it up with an oversized dad blazer, which is a new favourite addition to my wardrobe, it is also teams up really well with some cute flats or pretty floral print dress or a pair of jeans for a more casual weekend look. 

What will you be purchasing from H&M?

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