Wednesday 27 February 2019

Spring Dreaming Of Kture

This week the sun has been shining, the days are brighter for longer and more importantly, the flowers are blooming, which means only one thing, that spring is officially on its way and I am praying it is also here to stay.

Slowly I have been injecting a few new pieces into my wardrobe, a new blazer, a beautiful silky dress from Kenzo which I’m wearing time and time again, be it on its own or layered with a shirt over or a white T underneath plus a few stunning floral pieces, as well as that famous tiger jumper from Kenzo in the new neon yellow, perfect for those chiller nights out.

Talking of Kenzo, you must check out the range of Kenzo jumpers on and there is a dress that I am badly eyeing up, it is a printed cotton midi dress, which has the cutest print of peacocks. It also comes in a shirt midi dress version which is cute also and would look great with trainers plus would look great teamed with a camel blazer. They have other new pieces that I am coveting, ok have stashed in my basket and saved as I am waiting till pay day to purchase!

I recently heard about Kture a one-stop glamorous shopping destination to help you curate your spring wardrobe. I get so excited when I find something new because I get to share it with you! Plus all these darling dresses on offer this Spring puts a smile on my face, along with all the dreamy pastels that come with Spring, the array of espadrilles, silky blouses, cute sunglasses and the must have bags there are plenty to choose from and I've found my top picks for SS19.

Kture is an all rounder, not only does it bring you all things shoppable fashion and gifts, but it also has a great highlight on what is trending and current at the moment in fashion to the best places to go skiing, the latest art exhibitions you must see plus they also even have a section of beauty buys for you also.

This spring I am looking for something a lot more feminine, completely out my comfort zone and just stepping away from black and leaving it behind for the Autumnal months. I've also started lighting up the house, I think that is what Spring does to us all, it lifts our spirits, day and not only Spring cleans our home but wardrobe too. I am looking for looser fabrics, flowy looks and a touch of linen and lighter colours to incorporate into my wardrobe.

Guys let me know what your favourite picks are and what you have your eye on over at Kture for this Spring. Would love to hear what you thought of this post in the comments below or even on Insta also and if you would like to see more Spring favourites!

Happy shopping and here is to fun in the Spring sun.


This post was kindly sponsored by Kture, but all thoughts are my own, plus shopping basket too!


Tuesday 26 February 2019

Hitting The Open Road

Nothing like packing up all the kids and hitting the open road for the weekend. Wither you are off further afield to Scotland or sticking around London for a getaway for a little r&r there are a few essentials I always make sure to pack and check.

Now L is older she is so much easier and fun to travel with, from playing eye spy, which in fairness she is still mastering, to playing checking off the checklist, of the items we need to even safety precautions of the vehicle it is great for us to bond but it teaches her to be responsible especially when travelling on the open road as London and Scotland to can have tricky traffic.

When it comes to the safety of my daughter and myself before heading out on a road trip I always get the car checked, the one thing I don’t want is to break down or end up in an accident. I remember when I was a kid and the whole family all my brothers and sisters cramped in my dad's car broke down due to the tyres being bald it was not nice especially as we were a long way off from our destination then had to wait a few hours for a recovery to bring us new ones. I mean can you believe my dads a mechanic and he is always talking about the importance of buying the right ones to carrying for them and making sure they are in good order and it’s always worth checking the tyre pressure and tread depth, plus keeping a spare in the boot always comes in handy and puncture repair kit. It is a well-known fact that bad tyres can make your vehicle prone to accidents. Your tyres have to be the perfect match and properly maintaining them is the key. For example, if your tyres are over or under inflated, they can make the vehicle lose its grip on the road. Another factor is that you should always choose your tyres depending on your driving behaviour and your own needs. For example, there are many variants available: summer, winter, budget and premium tyres. Each of the variations is designed to meet a certain need and you should always consult with an expert for a recommendation. Driving in local towns becomes more challenging especially when the tyres are not in optimum condition. Let's say you live in a local area like Glasgow (Byres Street, Ingram street or other areas), where roads can be busy depending on the rush hours. You don't want to travel and spend the time to look for an expert - so you can find an expert garage for Glasgow. It would save you time and money. One of the places for choosing tyres in Glasgow or surrounding places is from point S.

I always bring a small medical bag, you’ve got kids they are bound to fall over and get cuts and grazes, so an unlimited supply of antibacterial wipes and plasters always come in handy.

Sandwiches, water and snacks to are needed, no telling on what will happen especially if you are out in peak times and traffic is heavy plus it will keep the grumpy kid's happy no one wants to travel with a hangry passenger.


Thursday 21 February 2019

Moon Milk

I love nothing more than curling up in bed, before I sleep I like to unwind with a good book I try not to watch tv, as I feel like I can not switch off or if I even dare look at my phone and scroll through Instagram, that is it I've just spent the better part of 2 hours wired on my phone and find it hard to switch off and sleep.

I have never been to be fair the greatest sleeper, a million years ago when I used to work as a stylist in the day and then as an event manager at night, I used to turn to sleeping tablets to help aid me to get a good relaxing sleep, I soon learnt that this is not healthy nor a long term solution and certainly do not recommend it to anyone.

As you know I am trying to turn over a new healthy outlook this 2019, so when I heard about moon milk a natural tea to help you rest better I was game for trying it, plus it fits nicely in with my new outlook on wellness.

Moon Milk is essentially a jazzed up warm milk, as a kid I was never a fan of warm milk, probably why I was restless, up all night reading, instead of getting my good 8 hours in. Moon Milk is more of a jazzed up adult version of warm milk, with calming cinnamon and natural honey you can even put some turmeric in to it which has many health benefits, plus it gives it a great colour. You would of seen last year all the different hues and variations of Moon Milk sprung up all over Instagram.

I decided to opt for Oat Milk for my version of Moon Milk, it tastes better, plus it regulates sugar levels, can reduce bloating and cholesterol also, but any milk can be used, from normal cows milk, to almond, coconut or soya go nuts after all you will be consuming it so modify to your tastes.

Also, to achieve this blue colour I added butterfly pea flower tea not only for the colour but it too can help reduce stress, but you can leave it out if you wish. For example I used honey, you could use your favourite sweetener or maple syrup even  or if you don't want to add a slight sweetness, the choice is yours, it is all about your own personal taste.


1 cup milk of your favourite milk
1 tablespoon of honey
1 teaspoon butterfly pea flower powder
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon of freshly ground nutmeg, or to your taste

  1. Heat up a small saucepan over medium-low heat, whisk together milk with honey, butterfly pea powder, and spices until powder is dissolved and milk is warm
  2. Once nice and warm whizz up with an electric mixer to give you a nice froth on top
  3. Pour into warm mug, relax and enjoy


Monday 4 February 2019

The Best Of Mango

picture sourced @mango

Hello guys, hope that you are all well and settled nicely into 2019! A new year, means new beginnings and a whole new wardrobe update, it's been a while since I've done a fashion post, mainly because there has not been anything out there that has stood out to me and I kind of did not have any fashion inspo, but last week on my lunch break and time to kill I stopped off in to Mango and I have to say I feel back in love with fashion all over again.

I am a sucker for a bag, sunglasses, earrings you name it any accessory but in particular a handbag, a girl can never have too many am I right, especially one that is stylish, versatile and affordable and can be worn day or night and Mango's new season collection is perfect.

Mango is known for timeless pieces, that can be worn throughout the whole of the year, be it items on there own or beautiful pieces made for layering, to exquisite jewellery pieces that will stand the tale of time and be forever piece in your collection.

I've collated a few of new favourite pieces from the new collection. Let me know what you think and what are your faves? Enjoy. 








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