Tuesday 26 February 2019

Hitting The Open Road

Nothing like packing up all the kids and hitting the open road for the weekend. Wither you are off further afield to Scotland or sticking around London for a getaway for a little r&r there are a few essentials I always make sure to pack and check.

Now L is older she is so much easier and fun to travel with, from playing eye spy, which in fairness she is still mastering, to playing checking off the checklist, of the items we need to even safety precautions of the vehicle it is great for us to bond but it teaches her to be responsible especially when travelling on the open road as London and Scotland to can have tricky traffic.

When it comes to the safety of my daughter and myself before heading out on a road trip I always get the car checked, the one thing I don’t want is to break down or end up in an accident. I remember when I was a kid and the whole family all my brothers and sisters cramped in my dad's car broke down due to the tyres being bald it was not nice especially as we were a long way off from our destination then had to wait a few hours for a recovery to bring us new ones. I mean can you believe my dads a mechanic and he is always talking about the importance of buying the right ones to carrying for them and making sure they are in good order and it’s always worth checking the tyre pressure and tread depth, plus keeping a spare in the boot always comes in handy and puncture repair kit. It is a well-known fact that bad tyres can make your vehicle prone to accidents. Your tyres have to be the perfect match and properly maintaining them is the key. For example, if your tyres are over or under inflated, they can make the vehicle lose its grip on the road. Another factor is that you should always choose your tyres depending on your driving behaviour and your own needs. For example, there are many variants available: summer, winter, budget and premium tyres. Each of the variations is designed to meet a certain need and you should always consult with an expert for a recommendation. Driving in local towns becomes more challenging especially when the tyres are not in optimum condition. Let's say you live in a local area like Glasgow (Byres Street, Ingram street or other areas), where roads can be busy depending on the rush hours. You don't want to travel and spend the time to look for an expert - so you can find an expert garage for Glasgow. It would save you time and money. One of the places for choosing tyres in Glasgow or surrounding places is from point S.

I always bring a small medical bag, you’ve got kids they are bound to fall over and get cuts and grazes, so an unlimited supply of antibacterial wipes and plasters always come in handy.

Sandwiches, water and snacks to are needed, no telling on what will happen especially if you are out in peak times and traffic is heavy plus it will keep the grumpy kid's happy no one wants to travel with a hangry passenger.


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