This year, I really want to go all out with a proper spring clean, I do not mean a deep clean, but a whole home revamps, from changing the flooring and finally installing double glazed windows, to officially completing my garden. We have been living in our home for nearly three years now and whilst I want us to move to a bigger house, I've been thinking about investing where we are for a further few years 

Now we are family in the middle of March and Spring officials fast approaching there is no time like the present to start getting things organised in preparation for a home update, Pinterest has always been the perfect place for me to start, check out some items that I've been pining here!

One of the biggest things, you need to think about when updating your home is budget, budgeting is key you got to think about what you need, what it will cost, what you love and does it fit, do you need people to do the job for you, can you do it yourself to save you a little extra cash, plus step away from what you do not need or can not afford. A great way to start is with a list, a list is essential, well apart from your style.

Knowing your style and the look you are going for will help you not overspend, it will also help you think about how the room or whole home will look, therefore not leaving you with a miss matched creation at the end. Whilst thinking of what you want in terms of style and look can be somewhat tiresome enjoy it, that way you are guaranteed to have a great outcome and a stunning looking home. To achieve this, you can always get 2d room layouts that way you can actually place everything you want and know what would look good and what will fit where. 

Next week I have a few days booked off and I am going to make the most of it, I actually plan on starting with the bathroom, I want to re-seal the bath and re-grout the tiles and most likely paint the bathroom too to give it a little refresh. I've also been thinking about possibly putting artwork in there also, to give it a completely new feel and possibly a nice tall plant, which I will no doubt be purchasing from Ikea. It is all about mixing things up, not changing anything too drastic, well not in the bathroom anyways, but I want to give it a new uplift and new vibe this Spring. 

What you have to remember when redecorating if not wanting to make vast improvements, is paint is your friend, it is a great way to make the whole house or room feel new, uplifted even, paint does not have to cost a fortune either, you can grab an affordable tin from even your local supermarket, they always have offers on so keep your eyes peeled. 

Are you springing cleaning your home or maybe just one room? Let me know in the comments below on which room you would like to redesign!


Yeah, I, such a funny word, a little scary at times, but I’m ready to get back into it! A few years after Leanora was born I dated a few people, nothing serious, I then dated someone, when I was ready to get serious, but found that he was not serious or more to the point he wasn’t anything, be it serious about life or anything really, but as sweet and caring as he was, sweet  and caring doesn’t cut it really, not with me, whilst I want to meet a  sweet and caring person, I also want or like, someone that is ambitious and has a strong and funny personality, but whilst I have the notions of a weird science creation am I looking for someone that is not real or am I simply not ready to date and therefore my expectations are just too far fetched?!

Recently dipping my toe back into the dating game, I've been a bit brave and checked out some dating websites, downloaded a few apps and it took me ages to set up all my new profiles, it is about finding the right pic, then second guessing yourself if they are even the rights pics and do not even get me started on my profile, I mean where do you even begin, to get yourself out there, be it seen as funny, whilst wanting to be taken seriously and come over dare I say it, sexy, but not slutty! There is a fine line and I think I've found a perfect balance, all whilst staying true to myself. 

The question is where do you start, you hear of so many successes of people who have found the one, but with so many dating websites and apps, and I've tried most if not all from Tinder, Bumble and now Hinge it can be really tough. I did, however, end up connecting to one person, one, in particular, a guy that ended up being based in New York, I learnt my lesson real quick and just sticking to those in my demographic area instead of opening up my search worldwide, I'll be sticking to dating sites uk

I have only been on a very few amounts of dates, some have been fun, others a little bit more of a nightmare, what I have enjoyed most about it all is the build up the conversation and just putting myself out there again. To be truthful I did not think it possible, I became so wrapped up in becoming a good parent, homeowner, colleague and trying to get my business out there, I did not think I had time or felt it was even right to date, but I am making the time, because why would I not want to meet someone new. Whilst it can be hard it is about finding a balance as well as having a little something for you and your own wellbeing or simply just to have fun and let yourself go a little and it is all about being open to new people, new adventures, plus I think I am now ready to start going out more, I mean I can not live and hope I'll find the right one online, I'll be heading out there too, I mean not in bars, but i;ll be keeping my eye open you never know I could meet someone whilst feeling like I'm going to crumble in my next HIIT class, if I do, I pray they are quick enough and strong to catch me if I fall. 

How are you finding dating, have you meet someone online or in a work out class? I'd love to hear your dating tips in the comments below. 


Today I wanted to share with you a new beauty brand that I've added to my collection. I am always looking for something new I am a believer of trying new things to keep my skin guessing and refreshed. I feel at my best when my skin is looking and feeling right, every Sunday I like to start with an at home mini pamper session to prepare me back for whatever madness the week has installed for me. 

I may not keep up with a regular sleep pattern, work out routine and dare I say it a healthy eating habit, I've eaten one too many crips and indulged in far too many sweets these past few weeks, but one thing for sure, no matter what is that my skincare regime will always be on top form and comes first. 

Löwengrip, a leading Nordic beauty brand that has now become available here in the UK, they got in touch a few months ago and were kind enough to send me a few pieces that I had chosen. They are 100% cruelty-free brand, they know what women want and need and here to empower us with great skin and only use the best and most effective ingredients and I love that they take a whole holistic approach in product formulation. 

To get my skin back on track I've only been using Löwengrip to wash my face, I have very sensitive skin and a love for all exfoliators, some which can cause havoc and tear my skin leaving it a little raw, but I've been using the Purify My Skin - Facial Scrub religiously and my skin has never looked so brighter, it is suitable for all ages which are great, however you should only use it twice a week, but I like to go for 3 to help just even out my skin's tone and give it a deep clean. 

My dark circles and skin has looked a little tired, due to stress, work and life, it really has got me down a little bit and what I've learned in my 30 years,  if I was to have firm, plump glowing skin I have to take of it simple really, so at night I like to unwind with a few candles and after my face has been removed from all makeup and face fully cleansed I like to apply a good amount of the Sleep Sensation - Hydrating Mask. I wake up and my, when washed off my skin, feels firm, like it has a new lease of life, I feel so much better its brighter I feel more confident and not wanting to apply a heavy amount of makeup, but that said what has worked for me may not work for you, but it is about trying new things, find out what works for your skin and making you feel empowered enough to not want to reach for makeup but go out into your day with your head held high with great skin.

Whilst everyone has a different budget, this range from Löwengrip is affordable for all and great for those like me who have very sensitive skin. Below you can see the what I am using as well as some others from Löwengrip.

Löwengrip Beauty Faves

Lindsey xx

This post has affiliate links, I was sent the products from Löwengrip not in exchange for a post, all thoughts are my own

If you are looking for an excuse to eat a burger, I’ve got it for you! This Quorn burger is true heaven, there is nothing I love more than chowing down on a mammoth burger, be it for lunch, dinner at a family get together fresh from the bbq or my favourite one after a night out, they have never have tasted so good and these will change in the traditionalist meat burger lover.

A few weeks back I entered on Mumsnet a Quorns Brilliant Burger product trial and it was so good that I just had to share.

I’ve never had Quorn before in any of its forms so as I saw the application to trial these it was a no brainer and what better way for me and Leanora to ease into the Quorn life, with the Quorn brilliant burgers, especially as we are trying to consume a little less meat.

Sometimes you just need something a little naughty, but these Quorn burgers don’t make you feel like that, for me they still taste just as good, no even better than those from your local burger joint and a little more healthier and a lot more tastier. Serve with some seriously good sweet potato dukkah fries and boom life is complete!

Whilst the Quorn patties maybe a little on the small side for me, they are perfect for the kids and just double up and pile on your favourite toppings for you.


1 pack of Quorn brilliant burgers 
Pack of sesame buns
1 red onion sliced
Burger sauce (or ketchup)


1. remove burger from packaging and brush lightly with oil and place under the grill for 10 minutes, after the first 5 turn the burgers over and also place burger buns under the grill to toast or in a toaster for 2 minutes

2. take the bottom half of your burger pun and lightly spread a thin layer or burger sauce, top with your lettuce, burger, sliced on onion a squirt of more burger sauce another layer of lettuce and take the top half of your burger bun and spread another thin layer of your chosen burger sauce, then place on top.

3. if you want to devour a larger burger after your second layer of lettuce repeat the steps in point 2.

Lindsey xx
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