Autumn is one of my favourite seasons of all time, and with a new exciting season, comes new exciting beauty products. So when science met Bio-Extracts a cruelty-free, vegan brand, which you tailor to suit you and your skin's needs, I just had to give it a go. 

I am all about keeping my skin happy and healthy, I do have a tendency to snack at times on naughty sugary things, which if I've overindulged can cause my skin to break out, plus it does not help with the autumnal chilly air on my skin, then subjecting it to the daily transport on the tubes either, with the stuff air causing my skin to clog, it is nice to know that there is a brand that can help maintain healthy skin, especially from a cruelty-free brand.

Now I have to say, I am no scientist, but am super intrigued to learn more about bio-extracts, it is a formulation, a tailor-made if you like, solution to suit your skin's needs. Bio-Extracts knows that no two person skin is the same, we all have different needs and different targeted areas, for me for instance, living a busy parenting and work life, I feel that my skin needs, a good boost and what better way to boost my skin than by a healthy glow for my tired skin and brightening booster, to make me look more awake and tackle those dark red patches, plus for good measure to help protect my skin from the days impurities, than with the anti-oxidant booster

Bio-Extracts have a range of creams, each formulated with there Multi-Lamellar System, which works in the same way as our skin in a structural layered way. The cream mimics the layering. somewhat like a patch to protect our skin like a barrier. I choose their light cream, for my sensitive skin and I have to say I have tried it on its own and it is incredibly hydrating and calming. 

The neat thing about Bio-Extracts is that it has loads of serums for those issues you are looking to tackle, and what I love is that when layering with a booster, my skin gets that extra protection, that most wouldn't have and works great day or night, and it smells heavenly too, plus I am grateful for the extra hydration, my skin feels quenched, like I've drunk a gallon of water in one go,  as well as helping tackle the issues that my skin has with the lack of dullness, redness, and protection from the days dirt and grime.

Have you tried Bio-Extracts and their boosters, what do you think?

London Mumma xx

When you are a single parent, the most important thing that you can do, to be the best single parent that you can be is to keep hold of your identity and personality.

It took me 3 1/2 years to realise that I had lost both my individuality and personality, I mean how did this happen, how did I, the fun-loving party girl, allow herself to become lost and lose this much. Well, simply, parenting took over, everything and everyone myself included took a back seat and parenting for obvious reasons became my driving force.

Being a single parent can be bloody tough, all that you face on your own, from running back and forth on school pickups, making sure your child is happy and healthy, provided for, cared for, you read all the books, buy all the books, that extra pressure as much as you love it, can cost you and that is what it did, it cost me my individuality and personality.

When faced with being a single parent, you can not move without making sure your child's needs and wants come first, gone are the good old days you can pop to the shop, be it for the smallest of things. Take for instance, at home yesterday cooking dinner and realised I had no onions and needed them, I had to wait for 1 hour before Leanora woke just so that we can pop up the road, that little quality time with you and only you do not come round as often as it once did.

So to reclaim me and my power I had to put myself in check, put aside the nighttime nappies, take some time off from the pre-school run and work my feet out of those Mumma essential trainers and let down my hair and rope in some family and friends to help Mumma get her groove back. Now it took me sometime, I was having loads of excuses, I mean I have loads of jobs, after being a parent, so when I do get some free time, I really like to spend it with Leanora on days out, or at home getting the every growing mountain pile of washing done.

Be A Little Bit Selfish
Now, this sounds harsh, but in order to get you back, you gotta be selfish, you put your kids and they will always be 100% your priority, but how can you give them the best you, if you are not recharged, so get  the other parent, family or friends members to give you a night off and be selfish to your babes, for a night out or in!

Get Out With Friends
the best way to find you, is by heading out guys, what better way to feel free and a little like your old self, by meeting up with friends, be it dinner or drinks or both, your head might be a little sore the next day, but your mind will feel great.

Slow Down Rents
Guys, just take it easy, forever running around and mind working overtime, will do you no favours, get organised and do not sweat the small stuff.

Get A Hobby
Be it exercise, which is great, not just for your body, but mind and soul too, plus it is a great way, especially if you take up a class and meet new people! New people, means new friends to connect with.

Are you a single parent, how do you maintain your individuality?

So..We have kinda gone a little bit Unicorn and Pony mad in the London Mumma household, not my own doing, but toddler related. Whilst I love the magical creatures and real-life ponies too, Leanora has been going crazy over it. Whilst before I never thought I would be for it, I am totally indulging her every magical whim......Well, how else am I going to get my glasses back!

There is no real reason for this post, but I love these pictures so much, I just could not resist sharing, plus we had a blast this weekend, partying it up with BFLF we just had to share it with you. 

I think as parents and being a single parent I just want to capture every single moment of my little Cha-chi, so when she is older I can show all the pictures, which she will undoubtedly think is totally shaming, but I rule the roost..........hmmmm! So she has to endure it and strike a pose. 

With Halloween not too far off, the stores are awash with fab kids Halloween inspired clothing, from Leanoras unicorn jumper dress from good old M&S to sleepwear from LIDL (my new fave store). I mean have you seen the new range of clothing H&M has to offer for kids, us big kids too. For those who are not the dressing up type i.e ME there are wearable clothing and accessories out there too.

We had a little tastier of dressing up on Saturday gone, we got down and party liked rock stars at Big Fish Little Fish, a good time family rave. One thing I miss about pre-Mumma days was just to get up and go out and shake my money maker like there was no tomorrow, and then probably stumble in tomorrow! But gone are those crazy single days, it is a new story now, which takes me weeks of military precision of getting a babysitter, reconfirming, then having to get the grandparents in or sister down from Notts, which can all be a pain in the arse, but I guess that comes with parenting. But not one to miss out on a party and one that is not just catered to adults, but most importantly the kids, it makes for a great family day out, where you get to meet other parents just like you, and with loads to do from face painting, disco raving, to various arts and crafts, you are spoilt with loads of things to keep everyone happy and entertained, plus they have a bar, so if ordering a glass of your choice, no one frowns upon it, whilst living it up with the kids. Big Fish, Little Fish is something that I would honestly encourage any family or 80's babies, with babies to go and get your party on!

A massive thank you to Big Fish Little Fish, for having us and looking forward to the spooktacular events coming up.

Stuck on ideas on what to get the kids to wear this Halloween, check out my shoppable real for inspo or check out my Pinterest page.

I am still deciding on what to wear this Halloween, do you have any ideas?

London Mumma xx


Whop whop, my arms are wide open and I am running towards the weekend, with the wind in my hair and toddler over my shoulder, and we are racing towards the last hurdle before we can get down and have some fun, some much-needed fun after a long week. But before we kick off the weekend, keep scrolling lovelies as I am sharing these weeks Friday Favourites. Here we go...

This week, the cold has truly set in and I've fallen in love all over again, thanks to my dad, who has for the past 4 weeks gifted me with Butternut Squash, god knows why your guess is as good as mine. But with a mountain pile of squash at home, I gotta cook it up and I've been making my super tasty and warming butternut squash soup, and something every so tasty, which is currently top secret until next week, so why not warm up your cockles this weekend with this great recipe.

Super excited about the Erdem x H&M collaboration, hitting the stores in November just in time for my birthday, I am totally coveting the whole dark floral collection and lace dresses and looking to treat my self to a few gorgeous items. 

Well, Halloween is fast approaching and I am going Pinterest crazy and getting loads of inspiration for our decorations and I am loving these sequined pumpkins from Sugar and Cloth.

Well, that's it, that our Friday Favourites for the week. Let me know what has been your favorites.

Happy weekend everyone!!

London Mumma xx
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