Hey guys, my name is Lindsey and I am a coffee addict! Phew I’m glad I got that off my chest!! For years, since I was probably 15 , I’ve been drinking coffee, from espressos, to chai lattes and milky office made coffees, years of drinking my fave cuppa has caused my teeth to stain and it’s never bothered me too much until recently and thought crap, do I really want yellowish teeth all my life, duh! Hello no! Especially as you see pearly whites swarmed of Instagram.

A true and funny story, my best friend, he refuses to date guys with teeth not as pearly white as his, he has even taken his partner to go have his teeth whitened haha! My kinda guy, I kid! But yes whilst I’ve not gone to the dentist to have them professionally done, I’ve found a more affordable way to achieve it, teeth whitening strips.

Want a killer smile of course you do, I certainly do, so when Pro Teeth Whitening reached out to trial their 14 day charcoal teeth whitening products I was ecstatic to give it a go and take my first step to achieve a glorious pair of pearly whites.

These peroxide free, charcoal activated teeth whitening strips have been developed to safely whiten your teeth, remove stains and bring back that radiant smile. I am always a little bit dubious about teeth whitening strips, I feel so they really work, the first few days I did not notice too much of a difference, but I was still guzzling coffee before and after each use, you have to leave them on for 30 minutes and goes without saying you shouldn’t eat or drink when in use. But I had to get strict I really wanted to see results, so I got smart, days after that I limited myself to one cup, one large cup of coffee in the morning to get my caffeine fix then applied the strips and followed the steps, no coffee for me after that and in honesty I did notice that they were getting a little lighter, not massive amounts but enough for me and even Leanora to notice, bless her! Well the strips are charcoal activated so when she saw me each morning, she did get a little freaked out saying why are my teeth all black and I look great-grandad with no teeth and are my real teeth stored in a glass haha! Bu always once removed she was pleased as punch.

My thoughts on the Pro Teeth Whitening strips, they are good, don’t know if you’d even achieve pearly whites with them, but if your strict with yourself as I had to be, you will notice a slight difference.

You can snap these whitening strips over at Amazon, they retail for £19.99 more affordable than others brands, plus you can get 10% off with code: WHITENING

Now I’m off to have my first cup of coffee and use my last strip, will I continue to use them? I think I just might!

Have you guys used teeth whitening strips before? Have you tried Pro Teeth Whitening or any other brands what have your results been like?


Disclaimer: I was sent these strips to review and all thoughts and opinions are my own

An utterly new charming restaurant has recently opened in my home town of clapham. Hungry as always and eaten in pretty much every restaurant in Clapham for lunch, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new restaurant nestled in the heart of Clapham Old Town, Megan’s.

I met up with a few friends for lunch, for a little catch up and we are all big foodies, so it was the natural choice to come here for lunch, that way we can all get something different and able to share the Mediterranean delights that Megan’s have to offer, well they didn’t know it, but I’m always thinking ahead, well belly first.

Limited to an hour, we didn’t bother with starters we got stuck in to mains straight away.

After a night out drinking and partying, I always will be naughtily found in a kebab shop, I mean who doesn’t love a good kebab, but the next day you can be left feeling very questionable. We’ll roll up to Megan’s and they too serve kebabs, ‘Posh Kebabs’ to be precise, so it would be rude not to order these.

2 lamb doners, served on the fluffiest of flat breads, with harissa hummus, pickles, feta and pistachio with the most mouth-wateringly delicious fall off the bone lamb shoulder was simply divine and melts in the mouth, was followed by a lot of ‘mmms’ and ‘aahhs’ and lot of eye rolls. If I could I would be more than happy to just eat a bowl a hefty one of this lamb shouler.

Beth went with the moorish chicken, served with peanut dukka, it was nice and light and fresh, but don’t be fooled it sure packs a punch in flavour, I did end up eating this with her or for her, however you like.

Now when I see halloumi fries on a menu, anything halloumi in fact, it would be rude not too order. They were crispy on the outside and salty and delicious on the inside, followed with a pot of normal fries of course.

A superb lunch spot, the decor is amazing and the staff are friendly. I know I will be back, to try there tasty cakes plus brunch menu.

Now time to walk off the lunch, always a good sign if you've left content and fancy a little snooze.

You can find Megan's at: 55-57 The Pavement, Clapham, London SW4 0JQ

Lindsey xx

We know it’s hard to find a balance with work and dating life, especially when you reach a certain age! Now, in my 30’s and my 40’s fast approaching my outlook on my career and dating life are far more different than that of my 20’s.

My 20’s were fun, I spent it running wild and free with one guy, until it no longer worked out, to heartbroken and angry to give others a try, I was content, to be free and single and that suited me just fine, fast forward a few years later I decide to focus on my career, my daughter and Milo I was not interested in settling down but building a good foundation around us, plus I love my independence.

Recently I woke up in the middle of the night crying, me crying can you bloody believe it, not bawling, but a little tears! I’m far for the emotional type, but I thought of a guy who I loved, I mean truly loved, like the moment I saw him lost for words love, but that too due to cultural differences it was not destined to happen. it got me thinking and speaking to my bestie for a bit of support, he turned and said to me Lind’s, you’ve got beautiful daughter, career on the up, you give your time to everything but you and in fairness he was not wrong, but can it be done, I mean, be a single parent who works full time, who spends her weekends ferrying her kid from activity to party, to laundry and homework and everything in between can I dare wonder if I could actually have a home, work life and dare I say it dating balance?

Read on to find out how I and you can find that perfect equilibrium between work and dating.

Make the time
We all have busy life’s, and busy days but who says that you don’t have the time! Forget making excuses and shoulda, coulda, woulda’s, make the time for you and what you want to do.

Stay present
Yes we are ambitious and it’s super easy to get swept up in your own thoughts of what should, could of been done, but be it at work or on a date stay present in the here and now.

Evaluate priorities
We all have them, but the first should be you, I’m not saying to neglect anyone or anything but put things into perspective and priories what is important right now for you and what and who is around you, how else, will you be able to achieve those goals.

Set boundaries
There is a time and a place for everything and everyone. Nothing wrong with keeping work and personal life separate, no one has to combine the two or even share the two, remember it’s your playing field.

Have fun
So easy to forget to do, I’m all serious in my 30’s, but serious is not fun, well not all the time, so live a little and step out of our comfort zone and simply enjoy it! A great way to have fun for those older or  over 50s dating sites, can be a lot of fun, check out

Don’t negotiate
Rule number one, your a boss, a girl boss, I know what I want and I work hard for it, so no more negotiating on my time and spending it with someone that simply is not worth it!

Ditch the rules
We’ve all heard the rules, but are there really any dating rules that work? I think not! I’m old and mature enough now to know what I want and what works for me! Instead of over thinking it connect with the person meaningfully you will get a better result.

Have a set time
It’s easy to get carried away at work, you want to leave with a clear inbox and before you know it it’s midnight! A great way to have a set time and stick to it, is by making a to-do list, prioritise what’s important, what you need to get done and work your hardest to stick to it.

You need your own life
Yes we’re are ambitious, career and family minded, but in order to enjoy those things and have a healthy balance of everything, it’s super important to have your own life, meet up with friends, giggle, gossip, shop and simply catch up, to going out and meeting up with that someone and even doing something just for, be it a hot bath to going to the gym and getting in on a class. You have to remember to have your own life you only get one after all so make the most of it.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance, let me know in the comments below!


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post!

I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was in utter shock, totally unplanned in all honesty I thought me and my then flatmate just had a bad bottle of wine the night before, but no, it was much more than that, that was the day my life changed.

8 months later, the love of my life was born, an easy labour, well depending on what side of the bed you look at it, I did have my mother in a headlock, kicked the poor midwife in the face whilst I probably looked like Regan from the exorcist, quite frankly I thought I was a treat ha!

With my wolf baby in my arms (she was very hairy - kinda guess from all the acid reflux) I felt right there and then my life had only just begun.

Every parent all over the world has them! A brilliant shortcut to make your life easier, a lot less stressful and by goddamit to have something for yourself.

Hiding treats like a pro
Now, I must confess I’m not a chocolate fan, I prefer chewy sweets like Haribo, but on the odd occasion I fancy a sweet treat from time to time, I can’t keep anything for myself in the open, as sure enough Leanora and Milo (cat) will find it and scoff the lot! I learnt my lesson last year with my Ferrero Rochers. So I found the perfect way to stash my loot! Kale crisp bags! Leanora won’t go anywhere near these beauties which is great for me as anytime I fancy a little treat, I am guaranteed to have one.

Artistic Mess
Honestly, I can’t stand it, whilst I’m more than happy to have L paint in the house, it never ends up on the paper, more like the walls, tv and even the cat! So for a little less cleaning in my life and a lot more money saved in the form of white paint for my walls, I get Leanora in the garden and paint out there, so any mess she makes won’t be in the house and what ends up on the floor will be washed away when it next rains, plus an added bonus I’m able to the gardening and keep an eye on her at the same time.

Snack time
We all can agree too much snacking is bad for you especially when it is the unhealthy kind, but don’t beat yourself up about it, be kind to yourself. Rather than have L kick off in public wanting something to snack on, I always make sure to have a bag of snacks in my Ikea freezer bags. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind her having a chocolate here and there but a great shortcut I find that works for me and Leanora is making something at home, say our cheese and chive scones together or even having a bag of carrots or cucumbers and what is better, I find she will be more inclined to eat more healthy treats if she helps prepare it alongside me.

I recently read a post by another blogger Lucy post called the Fucket List a really great read, on cutting shortcuts and just owning and embracing all things that come with being a parent. 

How are you winging it in parent life, do you have any great shortcuts or hacks even? Let me know in the comments below!


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

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