We’re well aware that I am back on the dating scene, whilst with this grey wet weather I’d rather be in my sweats, but thinking about it dashing in this rain to meet a date could be very fun and quite exciting and it’s feels like it could be off a scene from sex and the city, just not looking like wet mess.

If you want to start dating, get out there to meet that special someone or simply meet new people, you gotta work at it! I’m the type of person that I can easily put myself off and talk myself out of doing something, it’s a pet peeve of mine! Once out there and on route I feel stupid even thinking why did I talk myself out of it, not only do I get to go on a date and see if I have a connection with someone, I’m also out of the house not in sweats and kid free evening, so if it doesn’t work out I can leave the date early, grab some pasta and prawns a nice bottle of wine and scoff the lot on the sofa whilst watching a movie.

I have fallen in love with the area that I live all over again and I find that I am enjoying meeting my dates in and around the area, not only does it mean less travelling, I also get to spend more time getting to know that person, the added bonus is that I get to eat out in my area which is perfect as there is always something new popping up.

No matter where you live what’s better than dating in your area, there loads to do in your area and great sites too see and explore, such as Love Shropshire Singles to Love Devon Singles! Yes don’t worry there are some in London too. But imagine out in Devon Dating that beautiful scenery and idyllic beaches you can get to explore or have a picnic date on, but not only are these sites solely for Shropshire dating site you can meet friends too.

If you find that you’ve out grown the apps and dating sites, I can’t stress enough the treasure trove that is your area! You are absolutely guaranteed to meet people on a night out with work colleagues on a Friday night or on a brunch date with friends. Shaking up your normal routine is great way to get you out there mingling and meeting new people, to even taking up a new hobby in your area to joining your local gym and definitely say yes to social events and new opportunities how else are you going to meet someone be it for a relationship or someone that you can flirt and have drinks with.

A few weeks ago I went speed dating, yes that is still a thing, can you believe! It was the funniest of nights that i have had in a long time, unfortunately I did not meet anyone but I did have a great night with friends over a few cocktails and nibbles and toasting to new dating adventures.


Disclaimer: this is a paid collaborative post but all words are my own

Let’s talk storage! Before children even arrive, you’re inundated with stuff - whether it’s gifts from the baby shower or cute toys and clothes you’ve bought to prepare. I mean, I bought an insane amount - but you never know how much you’re going to need. Storage is absolutely key. 
My house is filled to the brim with LOL Dolls, teddy’s, Elsa dolls, books, race cars and even that dreaded Lego. Yep, not fun waking up in the middle of the night and stepping on one of those bad boys! But okay, I’ll admit it, my house would not be the same without all of these toys, they all have sentimental value, plus Leanora and I love creating scenes with them. From rescuing the damsel in distress, to swashbuckling pirates on a treasure hunt to Leanora’s favourite, her being the mumma and reading all her soft cuddly toy children a good book, then putting them to bed.

Alongside all the toys, there’s also our own family items and decorations around the home. It’s really important for us to incorporate some well thought out storage ideas without compromising on style. Who better to assist, than IKEA! They’re not all hot dogs and meatballs…
Storage is key for my home, it’s not a large home, so space has to be well balanced out. My favourite accessories are storage boxes and baskets. They’re perfect for storing toys, books, plants and everything in between. Not only do they look stylish around the home, they also add a great texture and design element too. Plus when tidying up, it’s the perfect storage solution to get rid of all the clutter. I have a few affordable stylish favourites - the BRANÄS and FLÅDIS from IKEA.

The FLÅDIS is a great multifunctional storage solution and can be dressed two ways:
  1. With the handles in to show your contents - perfect for the soft plush toys! 
  2. With the handles out to conceal your items  e.g. those pesky smaller toys or hanging plants.
They also have a similar one perfect for the kids room - the KRALLIG. It has a stylish light pink base. 

The BRANÄS is a hand woven rattan basket, which goes hand in hand with the stylish KALLAX storage unit which I picked up in the matt white. We also have the glossy version in our living room. Not only is it the perfect organisational storage unit, its neutral colour naturally integrates with our decor. 

Another great storage solution is the STUK - a moveable storage case that can easily fit in a wardrobe or under the bed. It also slots nicely under the sofa too! We’re using STUK storage cases to store lots of different things:
  1. Books! The cases help to keep them all in one place.
  2. Summer clothes (hopefully not for too long!)
  3. Bed linen - the cases are perfect for this as they’re dust proof!

Sometimes you simply just do not have the room, but if there ever was a time to perfect your storage, it’s now! IKEA have some great storage solutions for your home to suit all your families daily needs.

Disclaimer: This was a paid collaboration with IKEAUK

When the weather is a dreary as this, all I want to do is snuggle up with Leanora on the sofa, with a good book a warming cup of moon milk and a feel good family movie, with a little extra help of sealing the mood than with a warming scented candle.

I’m a comfort kinda gal, L too, give us the all the slow cooked steak Pies and a hot cuppa of coco with a beautiful scent wafting through the house and we are golden, for us it’s the simple pleasures the little things that we cherish most and a good candle ticks all the right boxes for us both. Even when we get home, shoes and coats are taken off, the first thing she says is mummy candle time haha!

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I’m introducing are new favourite candle which we’ve bought in bulk at Marks & Spencer restore candle in Amber when I first opened this, the scent was intoxicatingly good and could not simply be left in store, it’s rich in scent and fuelled with my favourite which is geranium.

The restore candle once lit, radiates and instantly makes the whole house warm, and even once put out it’s calming scent still lingers through. I find that when this candle is burning I feel calm and at ease, perfect to wind down with after a long day.

If you are looking to make a change of scent or need a little extra comfort on the cold winter nights, I can not recommend this Marks & Spencer Restore candle enough. 

Have you purchased the Restore candle or any others from the Marks & Spencer Collection, or what are your favourite candles right now? I would love to hear in the comments below.


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You see, it’s half term and this week we’ve been out and about all week, off to the cinema, stomping around London sightseeing and exploring our hometown and whilst doing so we’ve built up quite an appetite, so with four bellies rumbling we decide to head to Manuka Kitchen, the independent award winning restaurant located in the heart of Fulham. 

Looking for something cosy and intimate, be it with the kids or friends to even date night, then Manuka Kitchen is the perfect Aladdin’s hidden cave just for you.

The restaurant is big supporters of their locally sourced suppliers, with values that match their own and I love to support businesses that supports their locals too.

But let’s get down to the good stuff, it’s been a windy wet week so let’s dive right in to Manuka Kitchen as I can not wait to show you what this independent award winning restaurant has to serve up.

When eating out with kids, especially in a new place it can be hard to know what they would like, you want them to have a nourishing dish.

Getting settled at the table and having the kids wash there hands, we ordered a selection of hot drinks, my favourite The beetroot latte, hot chocolate for the girls and goldyn mylk, for the other mumma.Whilst perusing and drooling over the healthy seasonal menu, what do we spot but blueberry pancakes Leanora’s favourite, if she could have her way and eat them everyday she certainly would. I mean just look at how fluffy they are, I was a little sneaky and pinched a bit of Leanoras, after all sharing is caring!

Home-cured salmon royal.

Perfectly cooked, super fresh, the eggs are poached to pure perfection, honestly the best royal I’ve had.

Crunchy pot, a nice light and refreshing granola and Greek yoghurt pot with a. Sprinkling of pomegranate.

To share between us the Garden Scrambled Egg, it was so good I could have eaten that also all to myself.

What I love about local bistros like Manuka Kitchen is that it’s seasonal products on offer, items on the menu that you would happily eat anytime of the day, what’s even more of a delight the menu changes monthly, but glad some of our favourites will always be on there, it’s a delightful intimate setting that will keep you guessing and wishing for the updated menu the following month.

If you are looking for good quality food and a great dining experience, or a healthy stack of pancakes loaded with warming maple syrup and fresh blueberries to keep you fueled, then Manuka Kitchen is where you need to be.

Guys, if you have been here what have been your favourite dishes? If you’ve not what are you waiting for let me know in the comments below your thoughts or your recent gem of a find.

You can find Manuka Kitchen at; 510 Fulham Road, London SW6 5NJ or to make a reservation call 02077367588


Disclaimer: this post was a paid collaboration, but all words are my own
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