The cold snap is on its way back round, which potentially could bring round a bout of snow. We all love snow, but it can cause problems a lot of problems for those that work with travel delays as well as becoming considerably costly on your gas bill


Yes it may be cold outside, but it's warm inside the leisure centre, so head down to your local and practice your breaststroke. Swimming pools will be a lot less busy during the week, freeing up some space to help teach the kids to swim, we are taking some new gear from finis to help guide us and make me look like a pro.....I hope.

Science museum
Just because it's cold and the kids face a possibility of a few days off from school, does not mean learning should stop there, head down to the science museum as we have a few days of British Science week for some fun learning perfect for the whole family to get stuck in.

Easter Ready
With a visit from the Easter bunny not too far away, what not hop on into the kitchen and get making some delightful Easter treats with the kids.

Movie date
Pack up your treats and head off to the movies, a lot is coming out soon perfect to get everyone into the half term and Easter spirit and watch movies such as Peter Rabbit, which Leanora is super excited about watching along with a new family fantasy a wrinkle in time. 


London Mumma xx

2018, just you wait I am coming for you. This year is the year that Leanora and I intend on exploring a little further afield, especially as this is the year she starts big girl school (mum wailing).

Last year we did not get to have a year of fun in the sun, but this year baby I plan on making it happen and I am excited about it so much so. 

Not just to catch a little tan, a little glow to our skin, but it is great to learn new cultures, try new food and meet locals from all over the world, to learn and have fun whilst doing so with my best gal pal. 

I can never sit still and just relax, not whilst at home let alone on holiday, I am always looking to explore, hunting for adventure in every nook and cranny, to absorb the beautiful sites around me and that is exactly what we will be doing this 2018.

I created a little bucket list of where I would love for us to go and plan too, well permitting I can get some time off work and monies right duh, will probably have to get the family some freebies whilst travelling to help look after Milo too.

I have never been but, just for it's rich and vibrant decor, roam their splendid palaces and bustling markets.

I have been dying to go, each year I like to take Leanora away for her Birthday, we've been to Croatia and now I have our eyes set on Greece.

A little bit for it's gelato a little bit for its beauty and to climb the multicoloured Italian coastline. 

I wanna come spend some good quality time exploring good old England and nice little staycation as it were and I have always wanted to go to the Cotswolds, even for just a few days a little weekend getaway, rent a little cottage, explore the little villages and take in some good fresh country air, whilst roaming the wild fields and chasing butterflies. But for this, I do need to get my drivers licence I imagine I could catch a train, but the idea of loading up the souped up car, kids, cat, blankets and suitcase's with some packed lunch to snack whilst on the open road sounds like such fun and a great family adventure. Just need to get back on the driving situ and get my test all done, but I guess for now I'll just have to hire some bikes and ride around. 

Do you have any holidays planned, or created your travel buketlist?

London Mumma xx

Is there anything more chic, more relaxed than a classic look, a crisp white shirt and high waisted mom jeans is what I live for and is a staple look and a classic combo for Spring. 


A classic white shirt is a basic and must have piece to have in your wardrobe, from fitted, to loose, even a mans shirt, they are easy to wear and you have endless possibilities of styling a white shirt. A great tip, for something a bit more relaxed and cosy do not be afraid to go a size up or even two, great for draping when a little bigger, or even tying up at the front, to having it draped off your shoulder. Have to confess I love a worn shirt, nothing to pristine for me, especially as I am not a major fan of ironing. 

Every girl's best friend, a great pair of jeans. I am forever wearing jeans and it's important for me to find a great fit and style that suits my shape. Currently, I am forever living in high waisted jeans, one the hold my Mumma tum in, two they give you a great shape and lastly the make me look like I gotta butt, not a big Kim K butt, no bueno, not thank you, but a nice peachy one. 

My brand of the moment for a great pair of jeans is from Next, they have a massive selection and the fit and fabric are to die for, plus they have loads of different colours in one style also and when you wash them they do not lose their shape or colour. But however I am on the hunt for a new reliable brand of jeans, so if you know of any and have your faves, let a gal know in the comments below, please. 

See below for a line up of perfectly fitted white shirts, that are classic, feminine, masculine and a little bit sexy.


Some of my favourite pairs of jeans too. 

As always, don't forget to follow me for more fashion posts on Bloglovin and some inspo on Instagram too. 

London Mumma xx

The snow has finally broken, and I do I smell a hint of Spring in the air? Well being that I am sharing some Friday Favourites I am always hopeful as we have finally reached the weekend

This week has all been about comfort food, something nice warming and fun from our cauliflower cheese & pancetta soup and sharing slow cooker brisket beef tacos we have been loving and eating this week. 

Finally warm enough, well a tad to shed a few layers I'll be back this weekend in my comfort zone, in some off-duty athleisure to relax in not before our Sunday swimming ritual which I am super excited for as I have brand new mumma tum cover up in the form a high waisted bikini which I am loving.

Easter holidays fast approaching I am scouring Pinterest for Easter food inspiration to my Easter meringue delight, to a tasty lamb dish to something new an exciting to make with Leanora to share with family and friends, the possibilities are endless and you can follow us over on Pinterest to see what are Friday favourites are.

A great but tough week with work, but weekend is here which brings the delightful Mother's Day round which means time to be spoilt and fingers crossed showered with gifts, as well as partying it up with Big Fish Little Fish and spending some good quality Mumma and daughter time with Leanora, who has been cracking some brilliant one-liners and embarrassing ones too which I'll share more with you next week. I mean this kid, you couldn't make it up!

Happy Mothers Day and Happy Weekend.

London Mumma xx


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