I try not to make any New Year resolutions as a few days in, I know I am already going to give it up, and that is why instead I like to put in to practice some tips to live by, tips that are more than manageable and certainly achievable. 

As parents we are more than capable of nudging our children in the right direction, so why is that I find that I struggle to put my own advise in to practice. This year, especially after the last two years we have all gone through in this pandemic, I've decided to pull up my big girl panties and set my self goals, targets, call it what you like but tips to help me through the new year and I certainly plan on adding to the list - Check out some I've listed below!

1. Put my phone down

Guilty as charged right here. I say to myself I’ll only be on it for 2 minutes, I’ve just got check my emails real quick, which turn into Instagram, TikTok, Leanoras crafty YouTube setup, LTK a little edit and tweak over on Lightroom and a sneak peak at the daily mail, before you know it, a good eight hours have passed and that’s me only at work and I've yet to check the emails. 

It’s so easy to get lost in to your phone and clock up hours, but I plan on restricting my time, jut simply dedicating a period and sticking to it, so I can be more present in the real world, spend more time with Leanora, even unpack and fix the radiator cover I brought a few weeks ago and put that up and free up some space in the hallway to even read my latest book by Lisa Jewell.

2. Let’s go do it

I am the worse, I can easily talk myself out of something. Take for instance the other day, well to be fair I was shattered and just worked a 6 day week and was out with Leanora and Mum the day before at the most amazing exhibition this year to date, (can you see me procrastinating ) which you can see on my Instagram and TiKTok . I woke up on the Sunday did the house work then realised we had tickets booked for ice skating and I was cream crackered (shattered) and I just hit a brick wall, now the thing is If we had gone, I knew we would of had an amazing time, but maybe laziness took over, kinda hoping it's tiredness, but these little thongs shouldn't prevent us from going out and having a blast, after all we've been locked up long enough due to COVID. So any opportunity to go out and have fun, lets go and do it, you won't regret it. 

3.Meal prep

I started this last year and become a bit of a nut at it. Every two weeks I sit down and think about what I or we want to eat, this is A great one to budget B helps you to reduce waste and I am all hear for that.

It can take a little time, but that is fine, this is what you and your family will be consuming over the next few weeks, plus its a major money saviour, I couldn't imagine going to the supermarket everyday and buying ingredients on a daily basis, plus its a great time saver on cooking, especially if you batch cook and put the extras in the freezer to eat another day. 

4. Take care of your body

I kind of let this go a bit, especially now back at work full time and picking up extra time in the office on a weekend, it is so easy to just take 30 minutes each day to help take care of your body, be it a little morning yoga or meditation, a quick HIIT on youtube to even simply consuming water. 

I invested time to find a few good people to follow on youtube to help me get fit, which is an added bonus on saving money and going to the gym and bought a few water bottles and a big brita filter to help with our daily water intake and adding a little healthier lifestyle will certainly get those endorphins going.

Have you got any tips that you find helps you, if so let me know in the comments below. 

Stay well, stay safe.

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If you ever want to step out of South London and head into the city for a bite to eat, I highly recommend my hidden secret which you will be able to find if  you jump on he Jubilee line and head down to Canary Wharf, for its latest eaterie Gallio.

Mum, Leanora and I were invited down to taste their delights on offer back when they first opened early December, but unsure times we decided to wait, now no signs of as lock down, we decided what better way to start the new year and head on over to Gallio.

Located on the top floor of Canada Square centre, there you will find a lovely warming Mediterranean restaurant serving all the good stuff. 

Pizza, check! flat breads check! various scrumptious dips check, sharing bowls and vibrant salads, check check check what more can us girls ask for.

There are a few staff on hand and every single one even down to the chef were super lovely and inviting, not just us but to all guests, they instantly made you feel at is.

With a great selection of food on the menu we were stuck on what to order but the staff were on hand and offered their suggestions, we went for a few small plates to share, olives, roasted garlic hummus and the grilled Moroccan chicken shish. These took a few moments to put together and brought out swiftly and honest to god lasted no time in front of us.

Whilst we awaited for freshly made pizzas we ordered the tears of the gods, no word of a lie the most delicious drinks I ever had, the 'black cheery cooler' highly recommended by the lovely waitress the moment I had a sip, my mouth exploded! In a good way, all of a sudden it felt like i could hear the gods singing and saying my name in delight, no drink ever has packed a punch like that, well until I tried the 'hibiscus and cucumber' to then i thought I was going to burst into tears, i have to say that was truly emotional heartwarming moment for me trying these drinks. 

Then came out the pizza, the margherita and the proper ham & mushroom, from the most amazing pizza oven right from the open plan kitchen. It only took a few minutes, all bubbled and crisped to sheer perfection ready for us to enjoy and devour and boy was it good. 

We also ordered a mix and match salad to go with our pizza, the roasted tender stem broccoli, quinoa tabbouleh (my fave) and the caesar salad. 

By this point you would of thought we were full, but the food is so fresh and light, I felt great normally I would of felt bloated and full but I felt great, I believe this is due to the freshness and great quality ingredients used and because of this we simply could not say no to a little desert, we shared the most decadent yet light lemon swirl cheesecake and 3 little piggies ended the meal with the three scoops gelato, which consisted of the amarena cherry & almond, pistachio and vanilla all beautifully made and refreshing. 

Every bite sheer perfection. 

We waddles on out, all three content little piggies had a little stroll around Canary wharf, before headed back home for a little snooze. 

You will find Gallio at; Upper level 2, Cabot Place, Canary Wharf E14 4QT 

I can't recommend here enough!

Great for family eats, dates, lunch, work meetings, I honestly can't think of any occasion that it wouldn't suit!


It is super important to take care of yourself, easier said then done am I right! But with my birthday fast approaching, life changing, work load growing, kids getting older, cat needing to go to the vet and requiring an operation! I've found I have a lot on my plate and need to re-adjust the way that my current situation is set up, more importantly for me and my health to be a better version of me. and have a better balance in life 

It took me a while, a good while to think and then put into practice what I need doing and adjusting that way I make sure that I do things, as I can at time procrastinate way to much and in the end never get anything done, however with little tweaks here and there, here are 5 ways I've found  To Have A Healthy Work / Mum Life Balance.

Learning to breathe again

Every day make time for you, take a moment and time out even for 5 minutes to just sit there and breathe, relax your mind, with a little meditation to help clear and realign your head, it can literally do wonders for you

Plan your day

I am an organised feind, before I was pretty flexible about how my day went, but that could lead to issues, like forgetting its school jumper or harvest day, even having a dentist appointment, so now I map out each week and I outline what I have going on for the week and can always add to where necessary and I can tick it off as I go along, planning ahead is key to give you a more peaceful mind. 

Think of you

Sometimes we are expected to be superwomen and it's ok to not be, after all you are human and there is only one of you. There are some people who think if I do it all I will be fulfilled and happy and you know what I bet you're not, I was not.

I decided to take time out for me get me sorted and allow a little time for me to let my hair down, being it the smallest of things, reading a book, getting my nails done, to even letting my daughter stay at my mothers for the night, so I can go out and meet friends or even have a cheeky night in, with a glass of wine and Netflix and Chill whilst in the bath., it the little things you know!

Meal plan

Rush, rush rush, cook, cook, cook! This is all I did, when I got home from work and school pick up and I would literally throw a meal together, whilst it was good and tasty, it could been tastier. 

Every Thursday I take 10 minutes out and sit down and think about what we are going to eat and create a menu and shopping list, so come the weekend I can pick up all that I need and Sunday prep where necessary and normally the day of said dish that I'll be cooking I'll have some of the items out, such a spaghetti and onions, or tinned tomaotes for example, so when I'm home I grab the last necessary bits of the fridge or cupboards.  

Slow down and have fun 

With a busy job, homework it can get a lot and you can easily forget to have a little fun, that is why every weekend I always plan on doing something a little fun with Leanora, we recently went to the cinema and I forgot how nice it was to be in one, then grabbed a bite after, the following day went ice skating and I highly recommend booking in some fun quality family time

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It might just be my favourite season yet!!! Halloween! Not only because it's the spookiest time of the year, but half term is here, which means no school for Leanora and some time off from work for me. 

I am a planner, it is a simple as that I always like to know what I am doing and plan some fun activities in the half term. So I decided to share some not only fun activities to do, but days out and places to go an eat, in my 8 Things To Do With The Kids This Half Term.

We recently attended Neat Burger over in Central London, and all I can say is you must go. For kids it is perfect they have their own menu which is super affordable, plus it is a really decent amount of food that they get, even my little piggy couldn't finish it all. Neat Burger is full of flavour and I have to say one of my favourite Vegan burger spots. 

Can you believe this is the final year that you will be able to skate at the Natural history Museum, so get your skates on and getting booking this exhbition will be running from the 22nd October and closes its doors on the 16th January 2022. 

My all time favourite 90's film has to be Hocus Pocus, and this Halooween, Vue cinemas are showing this across London, so grab some popcorn and get booking and settle in to watch this spooky movie. 

Halloween upon us and looking for a fright and something spooky to do, London Dungeons is perfect for an afternoon of fun and fright to get you in to the spooktacular Halloween mood. 

Get your coats and scarves on, and lets head out on an adventure and hunt for the Gruffalo. Kew Gardens this half term  have fun surprises installed for you all as you go on a magical adventure through the deep dark wood. You’ll meet familiar beloved characters from author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler’s book, including Fox, Owl, Snake, the Gruffalo, the Gruffalo’s Child and of course, the Big Bad Mouse.

Just because the kids are off school doesn't mean you can not learn whilst at home. Lets get scienced up and learning, there are loads of great science kits you can buy on Amazon and I've linked some of our favourites here. 

I am a big kid at hear and I've always been a little particular when it comes too colouring in and staying in the lines in paramount! When not being that weirdo mum, Leanora and I love to do a three colour challenge where you close your eyes and pick on ly 3 colours and you have to colour in with just those colours or creat your own masterpiece with just those. needing a little spooktacular inspiration The Everymom has some free downloadable's. 

Before Leanora I was never much of an Halloween person, dressing upa ll that jazz was not for me, but send me into the stationary store Rymans  I am guaranteed to come out in my weight of paints, pens, pencils you absolutely name it! We will be making these super egg carton halloween characters and its a great way of decoration and crafting together with the kids. 

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