Last year I got back into reading this year in 2019 I am going to be growing my reading list bigger than ever.

Last year was all about fiction, this year my reading habit will change as I have changed, I'll be reading and sharing more interesting books such as biographies, self-help and I may go against the grain and share a romance, but it will have to be a damn good one!

I decided to m ease myself into it this year and I’ve started with two greats, a biography from a political great and strong woman and a new book by a famous actor, totally unplanned books being from two people that I truly admire but I am glad I started with these.

A woman like no other, a first in the history America’s First Lady of colour, a sassy and smart funny woman that is Michelle Obama. There has been so much excitement around this book Becoming and it is evident why a beautiful and inspiring first hand look into her life and the trials and tribulations of growing up in America and becoming one of the most powerful and admired woman all over the world.

Tom Hanks, an amazing actor and who knew a brilliant writer Uncommon Type: Some Stories is a collection of amazing stories that I’d be more than happy to read again and again, I just wish I had him on speed dial to read these stories to me. In the book, there are 17 well-written stories perfect for a commute to work or even a light night time read each story I devoured they are moving, humorous and utterly engaging and making you yearn for more, from Mr Hanks.

What books have you started reading this year? Have you read Michelle Obama or Tom Hanks book, what did you think?

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Lindsey  xx

This polenta with roasted mushrooms is an all-time favourite of mine in the winter. It’s warming, indulgent and ever so comforting, great for lunch or a weeknight dinner.

This dish I normally save for myself when I’m home alone, one because I hate to share and secondly, Leanora is not a fan of mushrooms, so more for me in my tummy, another bonus is, it takes no time at all to make after a long day at work no one wants to be in the kitchen slaving away.

January calls for something healthy, I have even decided to start growing my own vegetables and I’ve just purchased my first ever bag of seed potatoes, I’ll let you know how it goes! Whilst this dish is somewhat a little bit naughty with all the cheesy goodness in the polenta, the vegetables totally balance's out the healthy vs naughtiness ratio, well in my eyes anyway.

Chestnut mushrooms
Fresh thyme
Bullion (vegetable stock)

  1. Line a baking tray with some parchment paper and lay out your chopped mushrooms, add 4 cloves of garlic a few sprigs of thyme, season with salt and pepper, 3 tbsp of olive oil, enough to cover but not saturated the ingredients and toss gently and make sure all ingredients are coated and mixed together and place in on middle shelf of the oven at 180c
  2. Boil the kettle and grab a saucepan add 1 1/2 cups of boiling water to pan once bubbling add your bullion.
  3. Add into your pan the polenta and stir until all lumps are out. Stir in 150g of grated Parmesan and a small bun of butter to make extra creamy. Once it all comes together season if desired with pepper.
  4. Take out your roasted mushrooms and plate up on top of your polenta.
Bon appetite.

Super quick and easy to make. A truly indulgent dish which I like to have with a nice glass of red wine enjoyed on the sofa with a few candles burning and my fave podcast in the background. 

Let me know if you make this polenta with roasted mushroom dish and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

For more tasty recipe inspiration, look to our Pinterest, food board here!

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Lindsey xx

One of the things we love to do, is dine alfresco no matter the season, though it can be a little harder in the winter months, there are a few things that I to like buy, create and style for the colder months in
order for Leanora and I to enjoy a feast with friends and family outdoors under the night sky, whilst cooking up some s’mores by the fire all whilst nestled in a sheepskin throw.

Braving the chilly weather can be a bit daunting but there are some really cool pieces that will keep you warm and toasty for a wintery weekend or night and you don’t need items that will cost you a fortune.

For those that have a garden and looking for a winter warming serenity,  in order to achieve this a great place to start is with a firepit, chimney or a patio heater, plus its a great way to keep your guests out if you don't want them seeking refuge inside, especially after a party.

Super important, no one wants to stand all night, so seating is imperative, you can make your own out of crates to even buying some great outdoor furniture,  another great way to get creative is by getting blankets and making your very own hammock, or large cushions placed under a tree, got some large tree stumps use, them as additional seating and for even a more creative seating area you can use even a compost bag and just drape over a few throws.

Get all hygge outside! What better way to create a cosy corner, where people can chill, relax and have a good old chat with a glass in their hand, by throwing a whole load of cushions and blankets down on to some furniture or even under a tree. I doubt people will mind sitting on the floor as long as it is comfortable.

Light Up
Lighting is key, you want to bring the Arabian nights into your very own back garden, mix the lighting up with some solar powered fairy lights, candles, teas lights eve with lanterns dotted around the garden to give it a midsummers night dream feel. 

In need of further garden inspiration, look to our Pinterest, Winter Garden Board here.

Lindsey xx

*all pics sourced from Pinterest

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Who does not love a glass of delicious bubbles, it's the drink to celebrate with and this New Year's you'll find the perfect glass of bubbly in my hand from Pommery.

With the countdown on to New Year's, it's officially party season, this is the drink to see it in style, its indulgent, sexy and great shared with friends and family to toast in the New Year's.

The Pommery Brut Royal Champagne is light gold in colour, super delicate, light and refreshing in taste, yet packs a punch in taste and pairs easily with canap├ęs shared on the night or any occasion. 

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When you think of festivities or a girls night in, you think of Pommery! Pommery is not only just a bottle of festive indulgent champagne, but owned by the ultimate girl boss Jeanne Alexandrine Louise Melin, who took control and brought great ideas on the production line since 1860. I am all down for girl power and empowering women throughout the whole world, 2019 I will be seen and doing more of empowering us women, and shall be teaching my daughter to rely upon no man and take a stand and make her mark and pave her own way in life! Not that I'll be teaching her to drink god forbid, I mean she is only 4, but to stand on her own two feet, no matter the odds and be her own girl boss and take control, just like Jeanne and myself and all the mothers, non-mothers and women alike all over the world.

2019 I will be encouraging others, my daughter, myself  no matter what, to take new steps to be courageous, be brave and adventurous be it with our adult choices of beverages, to the paths and decisions we make in life, but before I do, I raise a toast, with a delicious glass of Pommery in hand and wish you all a happy New Year. 

How will you be toasting your New Year?

Lindsey xx

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