T'is the season of gift giving, it can be tricky to get someone something special, especially if you have kids and do not know what to get for there teacher this Christmas, but if you are stuck for ideas I defiantly recommend a lovely bunch of flowers from Flowers of Colombia, you can never go wrong with beautiful blooms.  

I am all about giving and putting money back in to society so that it thrives and by supporting and buying a beautiful bunch of blooms which last up to 4 weeks you do just that, by not only putting a smile on to your kids teachers faces, you are doing something for a community so that they are able to work and thrive.

Flowers of Columbia sourced from a beautiful fertile savannah above Colombia's capital city of Bogota, lies a vast 7,335 hectares and for every hectare, it provides 14 jobs and 65% of those jobs are given to women, to help them get out of poverty and provide for their family as well as bringing them into a community filled with social programs which is run by ASOCOLFLORES the trade association that represents all Colombian flower producers.

ASOCOLFLORES are big advocates of sustainable flowers to strengthen Colombia floriculture and generate well-being and inspiring experiences for all and has been doing so since 1973, now celebrating its 45th anniversary it is doing amazing work and has been able to generate 130,000 jobs, which enables them to export 228,00 tons and more than 10 million of beautiful boxed blooms each year. In addition to the great work that they do, Flowers of Columbia have also been able to decrease their energy consumption by 61% in 5 years. 

I was never one to think about the environment before, but with so much awareness of the impact that it can cause I am racing in to support it, by brightening up the teachers as well as my home. 

To see more from Flowers of Columbia and how it inspires our heart through music, check this #FlowerTributeTour video.

London Mumma

So I actually have an obsession with homeware, maybe borderline obsessive, but it's not a bad thing?! I can literally spend my weekends trailing from homeware to homeware store, then heading to IKEA to fuel up on meatballs and hot dogs, then head back to it.

You do not need to splurge, you don't even need a big budget to spend on key pieces, you just need to know where to go and know what you want to make your home look dreamy! Ever stuck for ideas I fuel up on Pinterest for some decor inspiration. 

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I like to take my time on getting the perfect items, for Pete's sake it took me 3 years to find my mirror for the living room, but the moment I saw it no matter how long it took I knew it was the one and Constance had to be mine.

I just discovered H&M new collection and I am in love, literally, I want everything and what is great not only does it look expensive, it is super affordable and I've found 10 firm favourites, which I'll be picking up to decorate my home?

I adore these, not only are they super cute and stylish, priced at £2.99 a vase your shelf will have never looked better. Great for putting dried little flowers in to decorate, perfect to stand alone also. 

I am a sucker for candles, I literally buy candles every day, so these new scented candles are perfect for me and those that love them 

Nothing completes a bedroom than with some fresh new bedding, and since I love spending time in bed, particularly on a Sunday this elegant bedding is perfect, to Netflix and chill. 
Now that I have found my one perfect mirror, I've gone a little mirror crazy, they are perfect for those that have homes with not much light and give it a more of bigger feel. 

Storage basket
If you are lover plants as much as I do, you know that you will need something to stylishly store it in and this woven collapsible basket is perfect, great for storing blankets and toys too, if you do have any plants.

Glass Dome
If you have pretty things you want to have put on display what better way then to have them shown as your pride an joy encased in this glass dome

Nothing screams comfort and style than a pair of slippers.

Find the perfect spot in your home to place this beautiful rug and make it the centre of attention in your desired room. 

With Autumn here, and the nights getting darker quicker, you are staying in a little bit more, so why not curl up on the sofa, with a good book and this blanket to keep you warm.

Glass Storage
We all have jewellery and watches and will need somewhere to store them, and these glass trays are ideal and cost £12.99.

So what do you think, what are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

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London Mumma

I am not really a dessert person, but every now and again I do like a sweet treat, I am currently eating one as I write about it! Nothing feels better than a little indulgence, especially one that has the warming taste of pumpkin, besides just look at these pumpkin spice rolls, they are the ultimate Autumnal treat.

With Autumn firmly here and the leaves turning beautiful shades of brown and red I am always searching for a little snack that is a little bit naughty and comforting, to enjoy no matter the time of day. 

This recipe is super easy and takes no time at all to make and whip up, similar to my pumpkin spice biscuits. With the kids half term fast approaching these would be great to make with them or for them and taken out for any of your days out planned, or if no kids, then they will totally score you brownie points with your colleagues at work.

Once your rolls are cooked, the house smells truly divine, like a little bakery nestled in your abode, plus these will have you feeling like a true domestic goddess, well to your kids and friends anyways, that is if you plan on sharing these. 

What is great about these pastry rolls, they are perfect for breakfast, or a treat throughout the day and can be eaten cold or warm, so great to pack in a lunch box and gobbled at your desk. 

These pastry rolls are rich but not overly sweet and the warm pumpkin spices, make you just want to curl up with a cuppa and leave you feeling super cosy.

2 pack of ready made puff pastry
50g of butter (room temperature)
50g muscavado sugar
2 tbsp of pumpkin spice mix (or cinnamon)
1 egg (beaten)

1. preheat your oven to 180°c  and grease your 8inch round 2tin lightly. 

2. Mix together your softened butter, sugar and spice mix until all comes together.

3. lightly dust your surface with flour then roll out your ready made puff pastry, then spread over your pumpkin spice filling all over the pastry leaving a 1cm gap at the edges.

4. Roll your puff pastry gently into a roll, then cut into sections about 2cm thick and place into your tin until filled, leave a little space between each as they will expand when cooking. 

5. Take the beaten egg and give them a light brush and place in the oven for 2-30 mins, or until golden brown on the top, then leave to cool for 15-20 minutes, if not devour immediately, great served hot with a cuppa.

A simple dish to share with loved ones, they know how you roll.

London Mumma

It's Fri-Yyay and for the London Mumma household, that means a night to Netflix and Chill! If you are planning on taking it easy and chilling at home this weekend or even have a sleepover, we have got some great movies and shows to kick back too. 

Friday's are great, as that is when the latest shows and movies get added on. We have been loving Netflix originals for a little while now and the recent few that we have been watching have not disappointed. 

So I suggest for a cosy night in grab some funfetti popcorn and some Chinese wings to chow down on, cosy blanket and relax.

13 Reasons
The girls in the office have been banging on about this show for ages, how amazing it was and how it highlighted mental health and felt since they have watched the show, that they or people they know have been able to speak more openly about what they are feeling. 

Angry Birds
Since going to Chessington, Leanora and myself cannot get enough of these funny little guys. A great fun filled movie about green piggies trying to steal the bird's eggs for the king to eat. A great family movie.

Travels With My Father
This brilliant documentary starring Jack Whitehall and his father is utterly hilarious. The first season starts with Jack's father accompanying Jack around Asia on Jack's gap year, but Jacks father an uptight hilarious foul mouth 70-year-old man, has a few choice words for Jack. This season sees the tables turned where Jack's father takes the reigns and Jack accompanies his father on a tour around Europe, expect freakish dolls, that become apart of the family, a lot of lol, and nudity.

Somewhere Between
Now if you are looking for an amazing nail-biting binge, then Somewhere Between is your show, it literally just came out this week and I watched it in mere hours, I even woke up last night at 11am to watch an episode, only to watch the whole series until 4:20am this morning, downside, I had to be up at 5:30 am. Clearly, that shows you it is that good a must watch this weekend.

Next Gen
This is our family movie tonight, an animation about a little girl, who has recently lost her father, growing up as a young teen with no friends can be tough, that is until she finds herself in a lab where she should not be and awakes a robot, who follows her home. About love and friendship and support and I can not wait to curl up and watch this later. 

What are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below. 

London Mumma

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