Tuesday 22 January 2019

Podcast To Listen To Whilst On The Commute

On route to work, dashing to pick up the kids from school or simply stuck in traffic, we all face these daily rituals. I spend most of this time when doing any of the following, over thinking or not at all, just wasting time reading posters, or over hearing someone's music blasting from their headphones, whilst stuck on a cramped tube wishing that A I had brought a book with me, or B I can't access the book in my bag, as I'm sandwiched between a million people.

Podcasts I've never really listened to, whilst I have heard lots about it, friends making one, people raving about them on the tv and even reading about the latest hit in a magazine, I've never really listened to any, that was until recently.

Since listening to these podcasts, I have to say my commute has never been better, I'm even gutted that I've made my destination and I can not wait to be back on the move to pick back up from where I left off, I have to confess I've even waited around the corner for a few minutes just to hear the last part of the episode. I did however get caught out by my mum the other day, she asked why I waited to come in to pick up Leanora, I had to tell her the truth, her Leanora talk to damn much and if I came in I would of missed the bloody end (maybe not my finest hour as a mother and daughter, but she did ask).

My Dad Wrote A Porno
It is exactly what it says, a funny, cringe worthy podcast and I love it, I can honestly can not get enough of it. I mean, imagine your dad comes to you and asks you to read his porno, you then take it with two of your besties and every week read a chapter of weird dad porn to millions of readers. I've never laughed or cried so hard in my life, it is so horrifyingly bad, yet so great and is totally addicitive and worth it's weight in pots and pan gold.

All things true and disturbing in crime. Currently at season 3 and I am still on the first, by the time you've read this, I would of certainly made my way through the first chilling season, of did he really do it and who do I think did it and who could really commit such a horroific crime against another human and why! A chilling listen about a true story of a young girl murdered, her ex sentenced, always professes his innoncence but stated he was guilty in court, facts and evidence not checked properly a friend who claims on assisting with the cover and knew this young girl was going to be murdered, his story always changing

Have you listened to the podcasts, what do you think? Currently on a hunt for something new and funny and interesting, would love to hear what you recommend on me listening to next in the comments below!

Lindsey xx

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