Saturday 5 June 2021

When The Sun Comes Out So Do We

Just in time for the weekend the sun comes out and so do we!

We have been awash out pretty much for the most of May, not a sun ray or clear blue sky in sight! But roll in to June and the weather has been a beauty and not disappointed a bit.

Glorious sun, spring blooms blossoming and everyone including myself injecting a touch of colour to our wardrobes and happy faces and smiles all round!

With the weather heating up so has my life, to eating lighter and my dating life!

I’ve been a bit more adventurous in putting myself out there, for instance adding myself on to new black dating site. And if you are in the U.K. you can sign up to black dating too. 

I am all about fun and finding someone to do that with, after all I don’t want to be single forever so why not meet someone new to have fun and possibly love with, after all this is when we can finally go back out in to the open world and why not explore that with someone you’ve meet online.

You’ve put all the hard work in online, which I think is a great way to meet new people as during this lock down period you can truly get to know someone and then finally being able to meet, looking your best self due to the lush weather it makes it even more worth it, after all that time investing in getting to know someone online.

Another thing that has changed is my beauty game, wearing less makeup my skincare has taken a change, upped my SPF moisturiser and a lighter serum used, I’m good to go with just a pop of colour blush and a good mascara and a little hydrating lip balm.

With new seasons it is so important to make a few of these beauty changes, I couldn’t eat wearing heavy make up in the warmer weather, this can clog up your pores leading to have a breakout of spots. If you decide to wear foundation during this time I’d go for a CC cream as it’s lighter and more matte, but for those that may suffer from dry skin, I’d certainly recommend a BB cream as this is more hydrating. 

Now for the best part, I’ve discussed online dating, beauty now for food. As I’ve said before my eating habits have changed, gone are the curries and heavy soups, now I’m all about the tasty salads, which don’t have to be boring at all, the grilled chicken and veg plus all the fish, crab and prawns I can eat.

now the sun has come out, let me know what you got planned for the weekend! Don’t forget you can also tag me over on Instagram or by using the #LondonMumma tag to show me what you get up to or keep up to date on what’s new on the blog via Bloglovin!


Disclaimer: this is a paid collaborative post but all words are my own 

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